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  1. Hi Mutts, i've seen a lot of the dc animated movies, apart from the green lantern ones and short movies The batman ones are my favorite what about you? have you seen any?
  2. You're right there, originally the author wrote it as a fanfiction between bella and edward but they banned it from the site because it was too inappropriate, so she turned it into a novel with new characters. And what a mistake it was to turn it into a novel
  3. I think it's really positive that you've been on bike rides with your son in the past, as it shows you're a great father. Remember that your son loves you and wants you in his life, and it's clear to me that you love him too. I've noticed that you like wrestling, perhaps you could meet up with some friends and watch some tournaments of it on TV, sometimes it is a good way of coping. Also, because you like Liverpool FC you could buy tickets to go and see them, or you could be creative and think of your ultimate football team (which players you would have if you were their manager ect.). Because you like tattoos you could design some on Liverpool FC and wrestling. It can be hard talking to people you don't know, but there is online help too. You could talk to a Councillor anonymously over the internet and get professional help that way, also there will be group sessions where you are that offer support. This means you won't be alone talking to just one person, and everyone there will be understanding and willing to offer advice and share their own stories. There may be people on this site who go to group sessions near you, so help is never far away. As for your pending diagnosis, there are people who care- it just depends who you speak to. In the past i've found some doctors and medical experts to be more helpful than others, it will be different for everyone. Try and search around on the internet and you could find the help you need. Talking to anyone (even family and friends) can be scary. I've found that writing things down is a good way to get things off your chest, you could write a diary (doesn't have to be big) about your feelings, when your mood changes and what triggers negative emotions. Other than that, if things get really bad imagine that you are in your favorite place, where nothing bad is near you and you are safe doing the things you love. People have different ways of coping, and you know yourself better than anyone else does so take some time out for yourself and think of how you can cope with this. Give credit to yourself; you've brought a healthy, beautiful baby boy into the world- and having your own child to love and protect is one of the most precious things in the world =)
  4. I'm very worried for you, you sound really down- but you know that there are people here who you can talk to. Running away is a common reaction to difficult situations, i can tell you don't feel comfortable at home because it makes you think about bad things, i've been down and had thoughts like that too. I've even wanted to run away, like you did. There are different things that make each of us feel better in times like this, what makes you feel better? Maybe a good movie or song, or you could go to a friends house and chill out, something that may not necessarily take the pain away but could help relax you a little =) As with what your ex said, try not to take it to heart, she's probably feeling very upset and confused- it will take her a while to calm down. Have you considered talking to a Councillor? Their services are confidential and you can talk about anything you like (from my own experience they are good at helping people deal with emotions). Obviously you don't have to, but if you want i could search for some near your area. Believe it or not, you're handling this very well. You went to your mum when you thought you couldn't cope, you're talking to me about your problems (which is very brave) and most people wouldn't even have the strength to do these things. My father told me that whenever he felt low, he thought about his children- you could try thinking about your son, because he is clearly precious to you and it could help you find a purpose to life when there doesn't seem to be one. Keep talking to me and other people, and let your emotions out- everyone on this site is here for you
  5. Don't give up, everyone makes mistakes and you sound like a genuine person. Keep trying to contact her, go to great lengths to try and see her, then maybe she'll finally allow you to talk to her. I'm sorry i can't help you out more, it's just i've never been in your situation- all i can say is that though you may not see it now, however this turns out it will be a learning experience that will hopefully stop you from doing this in the future =) Talk to me as much as you like, remember that you are not alone and there are plenty of people who've had similar experiences to yours before.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that, do you know anyone that she's close with? Maybe they could talk to her on your behalf and try to convince her to listen to you
  7. God families are annoying! I don't feel like i fit in with mine at all, they don't bother to talk to me about the things i like, so most of the time i'm left out of the conversation. I completely understand why you're angry, i would be- tell them that you are an adult and it's not fair how they're treating you, everybody has a right to walk their dog and live a life of independence and don't let your mum tell you any different.
  8. Hi Sean, i can only imagine how difficult this must be for you and your ex. Talking about cheating is a hard thing to do so your very brave talking about it here, i believe you were vulnerable at the time you cheated and the attention you were given by this other person made you feel important, i know because whenever i'm given attention (even by a stranger) i feel happy. Try to talk to your ex about how you feel, but don't overwhelm her. Show her that you care through your son, look after him and show to him and your ex that you are a responsible and mature person. Your ex will be going through a lot of emotions at the moment, perhaps all she wants right now is a good friend and i think you can be that person. If you support and comfort each other, things will start to get better. Hope that helps
  9. Isn't it annoying when there's nothing good on TV? Good thing DVD players were invented =P

    1. Echo
    2. Aura Todd

      Aura Todd

      Yeah we pay our license fee and they still show rubbish. Ripper street is good viwing at the moment :)

  10. Hi Echo, i love Buffy! Buffy vs Dracula is one of my favorite episodes =D I watch X-Files and Heroes too, and i really like Marvel (i can't wait for Thor 2 to come out). I've heard of the other ones but i never really got round to watching them, Batman's my favorite too, he has the best villains ever! I've heard a rumor that there is a new Justice League film coming out
  11. Wow, you're so lucky! i wish i could've been there =D
  12. Hi JeanneA, i love drawing, listening to music and writing stories- and i love watching superhero movies! Hey Trekster, i've written a story about my own superhero and her adventures in the DC universe =) Superman is awesome! I've seen the new film as well and it's great, i would recommend watching some DC Animated Original Movies, there are a few superman films i think you'll like. There's one about supergirl's origin, and one about where lex luthor frames superman for murder, i really enjoyed them
  13. Hey guys, i'm Ellen (you could've probably guessed from my username) and i'm 17 years old. Funny thing is i joined a few weeks back and forgot to even introduce myself, it seems i have a 5 second memory By the way, if anyone wants to talk to me about Batman and DC comics then feel free, i adore them!
  14. It must be hard for you, If she's moving you could still keep in contact with her (by facebook or something) but it sounds like you've formed a great friendship with her and that she's a very understanding person =) It can be difficult figuring out if other girls are attracted to you in that way, i know from experience because i'm bisexual, but as with straight relationships, it takes a while find the right person
  15. Great list Aeolienne, you have good taste!
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