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  1. That is one im unable to do is script conversations in my head my behaviour comes out as it as im quite literal and will say it how it is. I got into trouble at school for correcting the teacher on her spelling because i told her it was not right. I still have trouble expressing and communicating I have trouble understanding emotions, and reading them. We have learned im using words that people say to me, but not understanding them. I have special interests mainly on Dolphins. I have difficulty starting a conversation and is often quiet person around people socially people even think im 16 when im older than that.
  2. I am not transphobic i am actually friends with the trans community and have friends within the trans community. But i believe that whether we are female/or male i dont think the symptoms are any different for sex. They say male has separate to female, but im afemale but so alike towards male but we are all different so i am not for one who believes that females are different to males.
  3. What kind of aids are you referring to? PECS AAC Communication Passports Makaton? There is various communication aids. For me i use my AAC when i loose my communication, I am waiting to get some help to makea communication passport with the speech therapist, as i am having trouble expressing myself to people and them not understanding me. I found PECS benefical to me at special school, actually i am speaking now if it wasnt for my special school. I also found that flashcards helps me to
  4. Been in Supported Living myself and most llikely be going back to one again, well these type of accomodations only last 3 years, can be longer as the council make it difficult to get your own place, which is to get you to be as independent as you can they are preparing you for the world to live alone. Manage bills, support you to cook, anything you have difficulty with they will support you. Some of these accomodations will be Monday-Sunday and few hours a day, but some are 6 hours a week. For me that it be 6 hours of support if i go back into one and most likely need my home help in to help me manage my day to day things that i cant manage IE the cleaning.
  5. Get a bus pass its not about severity. Its just fitting into one category. I fit under the learning disability category
  6. Hi Georgia. I am diagnosed as having Mid Functioning Autism, which means i am in the middle of the spectrum. I was diagnosed at age 14 but i also have various other conditions, when i read my friend books the author 'Paul Isaacs' I completely relate to his experiences and the way life was/is for him we are so much alike. There was a lot of stuff that came up because of him i did not realise until i first met him and i glad we did.
  7. Iam not allowed to change my utility they havent give me permission from landlord to even change my meter to not a prepayment. I am on disabled careline for any issues arise with my electric also that i get winter warm scheme and governmnt money towards electric every year that im entitled to
  8. I am on a contract, cant even change my phone company because of my bad credit rating score but then on pay as u go i be spending more money than what my contract is
  9. Not my experience. I get in quickly but mine was about scam messages coming through my phone and charging me
  10. I think what Aeolinne is looking for is a paid work, not voluntary based. She says is not entitled to means tested benefits, but moving to Glasgow would be too much with money situation. But is looking for paid work is that what you are saying Aeolinne
  11. Yeah some of it sounds that way but its possible to have Both.
  12. I am unsure with what it says in there but im not qualified to know but if u think u are go to GP and ask for referral to someone who specialised in autism and ask for 2nd opinion
  13. Are you eligible for a concessionary bus pass? Do any of the following apply to you? Please only select one option, choosing the one most relevant to you. You should only tick the option if it’s permanent or has lasted, or will last, 12 months or more. Are you blind or partially sighted? YesNo Are you profoundly or severely deaf? YesNo Are you unable to speak? YesNo Do you not have arms or have lost the use of both arms? YesNo Do you have a learning disability? YesNo Has your driving licence been revoked or refused on medical grounds (apart from because of conditions related to drug and alcohol misuse)? YesNo Is your walking ability permanently and substantially impaired? YesNo Are you a member/veteran of the armed services who’s been seriously injured in service? YesNo Are you none of the above? YesNo
  14. How i describe it for me is when one problem, becomes another and it builds up and because my emotions are quite heightened they suddenly explode as my brain is not processing the information because of the sensory stimuli. Like for example i have had to deal with a phone company and he could not understand me, and it was like a vicious circle and my brain is spinning around and around trying to process what is happening and then him not understanding me and then i explode into meltdown as my brain does not handle heightened emotions/environment.
  15. I have mine on the basis of learnng disability registered with council with proof. Not on basis of DLA. Some also can get on basis of mental health
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