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  1. the twist is that eugene got himself 50 thousand nicker, he had to go to the diary room and answer yes or no to splitting the prize money. Makosi was gonna go im so glad she didnt. Eugene thought he was gonna be evicted so he said yep to the money yayyyyy.
  2. whoo i know! Johnny is fab, except when hes playing willy wonka and then he's just plain weird looking lol
  3. oh no, surely they could have refunded the money its not as if they lost out having to hire equipment. aww what a shame
  4. there is a story in the paper about Makosi being an actress. apparently she signed up for this agency which promises to get u work a s extras or on reality tv shows. Dont know what will come of it though
  5. Lord, the mind boggles dosent it. The police dont offer the bullies a cell for the night but they as k you to try and solve yr sons problems. I think they are talking to the wrong families here!!!!! what hope is there?
  6. I know what u mean about meds, but melatonin allows u to wake naturally anyway. It dosent knock u out like sleeping pills do, but allows u to go to sleep naturally.
  7. yayy im so pleased he chose the cash, at least if he dosent win he goes away with something. Makosi would have done it in a heartbeat. i thought about him not knowing the other half of the tale, but hopefully he will be out by the time he finds out anyway. go eugene!!!!!!!!! Im so pleased craig is out, so pleased.
  8. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hes out. Kinga next tonite please lol
  9. wow u got in quickly i was just gonna type that lol. Never mind anthony eugene will get some peace, wish theyd let Kinga out tonite too, then theyd have a nice quiet time.
  10. I got mine from Biovea too, it came in a few days, shrink wrapped in a bubble envelope. It cost 9.99 for 30 3mg tablets. I have had insomnia for 6 years now, and after an initial first night which was sleepless i had a good nights sleep last night. Ive tried everything, hypnosis tpaes, valerian, lavender, baths before bed u name it ive done it!!! This seems to work - good luck with it
  11. oh yes i quite agree. We are a minority in the social service side of things and in education to. lets be heard!
  12. this thread made me think. My grandad died many years ago, but now i think of it when i was a child he would be sitting reading the newspaper when i visited their house, and he wouldnt even aknowledge that we were there, and as we went out he would shove a sixpence in our hands, but not say a word. He never played with us or talked to us really, and my mom says she dosent remember him ever playing or taking a part in the family at all. He just worked and went out drinking at night. He was a loner with no friends and would often work away from the family, and liked to spend time on his own. Not easy with 12 kids in a three bed terraced house!!!!!. Wonder if he was an aspie too, it is supposed to run in families isnt it. i suppose in those days (THE 60'S), he would just be classed as odd or eccentric.
  13. I slept for 4 hrs last night which is a marathon for me. perhaps youre right about resistance, cos i was scared to use it, and i think i was dertermined for it not to work on the first night. heres hoping it works for good now. wonder if any of u know if you just go back to a normal pattern of sleeping if u stop using it?
  14. wow i must have missed that bblb, oh wish i had seen it. when was it on?
  15. ooh i cant wait for tonites eviction, it has to be craig. he said today do you think bb will hire me a suit for friday. It has to be armani or prada, who does he think he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eugene is passing the time in the pool bless him. It is obsession at its worst now, I have a eugene poster and eugene background on the pc. both from his website lol
  16. I have the tag problem too, my son hates tags on anything so i have to cut them out, they really irritate him.
  17. Ive just been watching big brothers big mouth, and a bookie came on saying eugne was 8/11 to win, whatever that means!!!! yayyy good news or what!
  18. amen to that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. i do agree with you, but it will never be. humans are meant to treat each other differntly unjust as it is.
  20. no carole, i dont know what the others had to do, Makosi said she wasnt going to do it but she must have if they passed the test. She is such a drama queen, remember the dog challenge when she cried all the way through it lol
  21. I have tried valerian, i too hate the taste. They worked at first but dont help at all now. I feel for yr son i know how it feels not to sleep. I am on automatic pilot most of the time. thanks for yr help though
  22. oh lo, yes i mean 3 lolol see no sleep is bad for you!
  23. ooh i dont, but i wonder if hospital staff are clued up about AS probably not, they only concern themselves with the physical not the mental as you say. I hope yr dad gets the care he needs and that someone has a better reply than this lol
  24. god im still smiling now, Eugene had to pretend he'd been hypnotised and he was a chicken. He was fabulous!! He even walked into the glass doors trying to get out into the garden, he was just so over the top, I loved it. Bless him, he carried it off really well. notice they never showed Craigs performance!
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