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    I have been told 11 weeks at the moment!
  2. Hi Witsend - I was being thick - off course DS will have a statement - most special schools only take statemented children. I think you have less of a problem. The parts of the COP that cover admisssion to maintained schools for children with statements is covered at 1:36 & 8:80 onwards. Hope this helps HelenL
  3. Hi Witsend - does your DS have a statement - this could make all the difference!. Regards HelenL
  4. I was amazed at Sigourney Weavers uncanny resemblance to Roz Blackburn. Sigourney Weaver spent time with her learning how to portray an adult woman with Autism and having seen Roz in real life and on video, she got it down pretty well. I thought that the parents were protrayed very well and loved the young girl who played the daughters character. HelenL
  5. Hi VS - we had this problem down south of the courses not being close enough. Contact NAS and ask them to put you in touch with the HELP! training office that is closest to you. I did this for our area and as a result, we have had lots of HELP! courses and more on the way - trouble is, there is never enough spaces for the parents that want to attend. If NAS know that there is a need for these courses in your area, then provided there was enough signing up, I am sure they would run them more locally to you. Hope this helps HelenL
  6. Pheobe, The statement is legally binding on all parties!!! It is not for the school to be deciding what your child will and will not get. Get help from IPSEA. Perhaps the school don't want to meet your child's needs and are hoping you will choose somewhere else! HelenL
  7. If you look at 7:16 it makes it a little clearer. There are different points of view, but I feel that the main thrust of the parental representation should be if they decide to statutory assessment. I was always suspicious that they would use the parents represenation at the request stage to show the school what the parent wants and try and encourage the school to put this in place without the security of a statement and so avoid statutory assessment and then a statement - but hey I am an old cynic. Helen L
  8. helenl53

    Helen Help!!!!

    Sorry Lisa - I have never understood this - I have just looked at the link Phasmid put up and I am still none the wiser! HelenL
  9. Hi Lisa Bullet point 72 of the SEN Toolkit - Section 7 - 'Writing a Statement of Special Educational Need' There is a link up top to the sen toolkit. Hope this helps HelenL
  10. Hi J's Mum The schools and local authorities are trained in how to deflect confrontational parents but they are not used to dealing with parents who approach things in a calm and controlled manner and by routes such as the appeals process. SMT2 was very good in the hearing and stuck to the main issues that pointed to the illegality of what they had done. They did try and bring in family dynamics and there were a few underhand cheap shots at her, but she ignored those and stuck to the facts and at the end of the day, the panel were there to decide on whether or not the exclusion was justified - that was all - they were not there to decide on whether or not they would believe the '###### mother' tag that the school were trying to pin on her. That was irelevant to the procedings. She had prepared very well for it and deflected attempts to find out what her case was for the Tribunal! How sneaky was that - using the appeal to try and information gather! She was a star and remained impassive and dealt only with the facts of the issue that we were there to deal with. Well done SMT2. HelenL
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    sorry to be cynical - but it may have been the SENCO who answered the phone:lol: (with apologies to those SENCOs who actually know about AS!) HelenL
  12. There is very limited redress at appeal. They can order the child to be re-instated Suggest that the staff undertake training The can order the school to apologise. There is no financial compensation. For the child, a note is made on the record that at appeal, the exclusion was overturned. They could do it again and this is why parents should appeal fixed term and permanent exclusions when they are given as a result of behaviour that is attributable to the childs disability. It would be a matter of record and I am sure that under scrutiny, knuckles would get rapped. The more parents appeal, the less likely they are to keep dishing these illegal exclusions out. HelenL
  13. But Darky was a bit greedy - she got two children statemented! She always has to have more - Love HelenL
  14. Deedee Never mind the funding band - the Local Authority has a legal duty to specify and quantify statements!!!!! Contact IPSEA as a matter of urgency. HelenL
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