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  1. im new to this forum and see youve had problems similar to me with my boy whos 12 . wondered how the outcome is for you , i know its a long time since you posted but hope you get this and reply.

  2. Hi all of you i cant believe what im reading here ! My 12 year old has been doing this since feb , lots of people are bending over backwards to get him sorted out .had probs all his life and its my opinion that he has high functioning aspergers the only obvious signs are extreem angry outbursts usualy resulting in something being smashed low self esteem and poor confidence , inability to make and keep friends does not go out due to severe anxiety. the other common symptons do not appear to be present . i will dispare if this is still going on at 16 , hes 12 now and refused to go to school since feb. any advise ppls as im at the beginging , is there anything you would have done differently ?
  3. Hi Maggie Im having terrible problems with my 12 yr old son at mo , would love to know how you got the diagnosis ive been refused a assessment by camhs as they dont agree with my fears , i think my son has aspergers Mr D
  4. Hi Seeto im a new member too . ive joined as im at my wittsend with my son . all his life i have had to deal with his anger issues too many to name here and now though i will put full history on soon as i get a spare moment .the quick version is that i just know he has always been odd the anger comes from nowhere and we have walked on eggshells all his life . we are currently on our second time around with camhs system and the usual clappy happy counsellors who fail to listen hear or believe a word i say as my son dont behave the same in their sessions ( well he wouldnt would he , its only an hour ) He started high school last september and struggled from the start he just didnt have the maturity or organization or any confidence to make the transision , hence since feb this year he has flatly refused to attend . As i say i will put history up later but the bottom line is after my doing tons of research online i do believe he has high functioning aspergers syndrome . his biggest stuggles are lacks ability to make friends , no confidence , gets extreemly angry for no reason other than hes just that way out, desstructive in the home smashes our home up , never goes out has acute anxiety which comes out as anger . other than this he doesnt realy display the other typical symptoms . im a good mum hes had a good upbringing and my 17 year old is fine ( so if i was such a bad parent surely she would be the same ) As i said were going through camhs at mo but they will not assess for aspergers as they say they dont think its that . i have offered to pay but our local autisticgroup have told me not to as nhs and education will not accept a private diagnosis yet young minds told me camhs are reluctant to assess borderlines due to lack of funding . im at a loss as to know what to do next , but wondered if you recognise any of my sons symptoms in yourself when you were 12 ? Mr D
  5. Hi everyone, new to the forum but already ive read some very interesting posts.Looking for help and answers for my 12 year old son whome I have always had problems with. I believe he has aspergers but after nearly two years going through the camhs process and them refusing to see what I see is driving me to dispare. Just saying hi today as its late but will post more details tomorrow mr D
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