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  1. I am English and not British. The Scots also say they are Scottish, the Welsh well Welsh. But Many speak English. I don't like this patronising subject!
  2. Ok, there must have been reasons for you not talking which might not necessarily be down to your Autism. I was talked over by my sister, therefore I hardly spoke till I was 3, yet I have Aspergers.
  3. Having language delay would mean HFA diagnosis, but no language delay leads to Aspergers diagnosis.
  4. Do not download from unsafe sources, your pc will be infected with backdoor viruses.. just get the CD from your uncle, or rish the pc being ruined.
  5. It's free, and you can be referred to CLASS,they consider anyone, from anywhere. A formal diagnosis will change your life for the better,believe me. I read the words..Diagnosis...Asperger Syndrome, it made me realise why I am am the way I am, you need written confirmation if you have it or not..go for it!!!
  6. Hi, i was also referred to CLASS,but my GP referred me immediately and I was 45. How did you get on? Thanks.
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