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  1. at school always found languages of french and german so damn challenging/difficult annoying subject to learn i tried SO HARD but couldn't grasp understand any of it in the end i used get so frustrated end up acting out attention wise as struggling so bad much and get send out the class room for interupting and disruptive others! XKLX
  2. i have been waking up early hours struggling get back proper sleep rest relax give my head break everything keeps going round i feel so tired worn out fed up with myself and sleep patterns is anyway my doctor if told him situation would prescribe melatonin (i'm 21) 22 soon?! got do something driving me mad crazy? XKLX
  3. doesn't feel like christmas not in christmas mood/spirit had alot gone on this yr with our family in and hosp ( Dad & uncle) dad pneumonia n uncle parathyriods disease uncle back in hosp due 2 having PD symptoms dyhedration he got surgeo coming down hopefully havin surgery b4 xmas comes we got 80 family friend really poorly in hosp atm think lost xmas spirit even though helped parents bring down xmas decs from the loft don't feel excited or like it xmas at all! XKLX
  4. panic attacks are scary frightening and do make feel 'out of control' strange weird! more try stop it worst it becomes with me if try slow breathing down or heart beat so annoying! XKLX
  5. i used suffer with them ( panic attacks) bad in my early teens feel sweaty dizzy disorientated confused shaky heart beating too fast i now am experiencing them back again of a night time as i worry about things in my head and so toss and turn of a night due to this so my sleep is disturbed! gr! so can empathise with your son not nice to experience at all really! i been on anti-depressant worked well with anxiety aswell seemed to take real 'edge' off it to be honest! XKLX
  6. kathryn - i apologise if came across rude or insulting! XKLX
  7. YOU NEED make steps yourself! can expect everyone else to do running around for you! stop making pathetic excuses for EVERYTHING everyone has suggested!!! and stop blaming EVERYONE ELSE! you NEED take adult responsibility it may be scary anxious at times but have try make steps to overcome it! XKLX
  8. gut cruncher - people like you make me SO ANNOYED ANGRY!!! every post is about you JUST seem to whinge moan about EVERYTHING and DON'T seem to want ANYONE OR ANYTHING! sounds like you want world to come to you and you just sit and wait for it fall into the lap sounds like you hostile angry bitter over EVERYTHING too and when someone suggests something you push it back to them and say tried it! so everyone running out of ideas as falling on deaf ears sounds like you DON'T really want any real help /support! sounds like you give up and just want sympathy pity and that get you no where yes you CAN work when you have AS and yes a WORKPLACE does accept AS i'm a PROOF of this statement it CAN work if you WANT IT TOO and seems like you DON'T want it that bad to go out and get it! the world ain't going to wrap you up in cotton wool or change work or anything just for you! i started off volunteering now work part time so CAN be done with hard work/effort/determation something seems you're lacking or low on it! XKLX
  9. i think one person on here described her sister and how it affected her and i could so personally relate to what was written in the post it was like it was written specifically about me i have dyspraxia so don't know if it is JUST this or something more to it than that! but feel both co-morbids conditions 'fit' me well as struggle with understanding maths concepts of any kind trying get my head around figures leaves me head spinning around literally gives me major headache leads to frustration and confusion figures have no meaning to me at all! i struggle to grasp anything maths wise! maybe this is why! could i have both together? what is possibility /chance? i give you an example the other day i thought my brother had more savings than me he had £1,000 and i had £1500 and i said to my parents he had more than me in savings my mum said to my dad she doesn't understand money is mind field and know this is an issue /difficulty working it out in anyway with both conditions is there any free online test that isn't PDF format where can see if i actually have dyscalculia? no-one ever mentioned this to me! i used to dread /fear coming home with maths homework to do just get in such state panic and because my dad is red hot at maths he can calculate sums numbers in his head he couldn't see understand why i just couldn't grasp it i try make him get it but so hard! i used end up resulting in tears or anger my dad used have to explain it in practical way of showing me with an object visual interuption of what he meant but even then sometimes didn't get it! i also feel i could have SPD ( sensory Processing disorder)
  10. what about ESA? if you mean do i get it no i don't get this benefit! XKLX
  11. my parents don't get either benefits incapicity or income support so doesn't affect us as a family! XKLX
  12. doing 13 hrs one wk and other wk 9 hrs so all UNDER 16 hrs! i ALWAYS make sure i'm ALWAYS UNDER 16 HRS my dad even added it up to make sure i was right! XKLX
  13. boss can be overtime aswell as normal contract hours so i'm pleased chuffed! some extra hours! great! and break up from work on 19th december XKLX
  14. some autistics do find intimacy too much physically due to sensory issues can make it 'painful' could this be the cause? XKLX
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