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  1. I'm Sorry = Manners is my interpertaion My mum always went on about manners when i was growing up, i always use the terms, please, thankyou, sorry even when i don't need too. If someone i know has had some bad news, i feel uncomfortable saying I'm sorry yet if a stranger bumps into me I'm the one who say's sorry. I use this term when i encounter a situation i'm unsure about and dont want any friction.
  2. Three times this week dd has had nose bleeds. As A parent i am not that concerned, untill today i feel uncomfortable about the situation. I know my dd is very repetative in her actions. She has had her third nose bleed this week and told me this evening she does'nt like recorder lesson, and sat there hitting her nose untill it blead, so she would be sent out. So i'm thinking well monitor the situation, too see if it happens again before i can approach teachers. Honestly i'm nackered, there's only so much i can do to help her overcome diffculties she has at school and home.
  3. Following a recent meeting with the educational psychologist maybe i should be look at things from a different presptive. Despite my dd attainment levels from the last two SATS tests remained the same of 1c for writing 1a for reading, 1a for numeracy and also science, the Ed Psy has pointed out that ongoing teacher assessments show dd is infact on levels 2b for reading , numeracy and science and 1b for writing Some children preform better in class than on exam tests which doesn't give a true reflextion of their progress. Its hard to look into the IEP reviews as they just say " TO CONTINUE" ON HER INTERVENTION PROGRAMMES. Basically the Ed Psy Findings are she has immuratities and lacks organizational skills which affects her learning. DD needs structure in the classroom and will give recommendations to the school for dd to start intervention programmes Seal (Emotional and self regulation skills) Rapid Writing Social Speaking poor pencil grip School have just removed dd from Social Speaking PROGRAMME so the Ed Psy SAID she will put her back on it and school To continue also with rapid reading programme, narrative therapy programmes already in place. Ed Psy said in nice terms just continue doing a great job being the parent and let school deal with there side. (ha ha ) I showed her the peice of paper saying she has MLD ed Psy SAID no she hasn't and the senco should never of put this, in future deal with the class teacher if you have concerns or phone me. Ed Psy SAID HER MAIN CONCERN was dd writing skills and feels its down to organization/ processing. So which do i go by teacher assessments or sats ?? I looked at her books and do notice progress but this is often when she recieves additional support and when left unaided i can't see any progress.
  4. When dd wasa discharged by pead at 5 i did get her under a nother one and still is, they told us it's nothing to do with them, as she has educational diffculties but will support us with open appoinments and feel they dont need to see her unless we request. Got a message from Ed PS on answerphone she did recieve my file and was fully aware of MLD even though she acted suprised when i quered this to her the other day, and still i get asked what my concerns are ?? Just so confusing.
  5. This involves Education, Health and Medical Proffessionals. My dd was dischrged by pead when she was 5 as the school said she had no diffculties where infact she had academic / emotional diffculties and i had concerns with her development A the same time the SLT discharged her saying her speech and language problems were normal and would outgrow them dispite detailed letters from my self explaining concerns. DD was removed from all intervention programmes in yr 1 as i made a complaint to LEA about our concerns not being listen too in school. When dd was 7 i got referral to slt her diffculties were still contining to be persisant it was noted by slt on assessment that low score on pragmatic and segmatic was because she was tired and discharged. I have a letter stating noting was wrong with our dd from school The school were stuggling with dd progress in all subjects during yr 2 and continued to inform external professionals nothing was wrong. Pead sided with schools comments and said we had high expectations. DD left keystage 1 on level 1 Junior School started IEP intervention programmes after a yr no improvement attainment levels haven't changed. Yr 4 again got a referral to SLT team the school as usual we have no concerns, she is making good progress so dd discharged A week later Senco sends us IEP profile stating she has MODERATE LD ??? Intervention programmes only cover a fraction of her diffculties and i had to prove that she hasn't progessed in her writing and been on level 1c since yr 2. Mananged to get a referral to Ed PSY she assesed dd without our knowledge or consent as the school didn't inform us. She was instructed by school to assess on writing only and the school told her they have no concerns. Ed Psy NOT aware Senco has said dd has MLD and was shocked. Pead now tells us to come to terms that our dd has MLD ?? But on what assessment how do we know she has just because a Senco says so. Why in 4 yrs under pead didn't they come up with this - i thought they deal with development The list is endless as no-one will answer our questions.
  6. I applied in yr 2 for stat assess, got turned down due to the fact primary school didn't send any detailed information, they were still saying nothing was wrong with her. And two yrs on they still say the same, they wont talk to us we had meetings with the head since she gone to the junior school and they just fob us of. Im seriously thinking about seeking legal advice and seeing what there thought is. I can't believe everyong has just messed up including external professionals, Pead said we need to come to terms with the fact our dd has MLD but my thought is, how do they know she has this just because the Senco says who has just taken up this position and has no experience of SEN.
  7. She is in yr 4, i hand delivered all my dd notes in October and just spoke to her assisant who cant recall a folder being passed onto her. This would make sense as the ed psy asked what my concerns were this am...?? and sounded suprised when i mentioned mld!! Even though i have sent a very indepth file, feedback from school is very inaccurate, i have a funny feeling the Senco didn't send the referral form of changes insisted by us and sent the orginal one saying they have no real concerns. Anyhow the plot thickens and i wish it would stop. Hubby is very annoyed if the ed psy has assessed dd without the knowledge that Senco has already labelled MLD and didn't notify her, and said he wont be going to a meeting to discuss our concerns as we done this for the last 4 yrs and nothing happens he wants the written report . I have no proof of hand delieving the file in October as the assissant refused to countersign saying they dont do that. Now i wish i paid for recorded delievery. I love to be a fly on the wall, things can't get any worse
  8. This always happens i spoke too soon, managed to get hold of Ed Psy Found out the school should of informed us about last Monday as they were aware of her visit. Ed Psy said she worked with dd covering literacy and thought she did very well with her input there are areas which maybe she can see our concerns so a meeting is now booked for March with Senco. Again i was told you have alot of concerns where the school feel she is progressing and asked what my concerns were. I explained that over the years we were told over and over again nothing was wrong only to recieve her IEP in November saying she has MLD, no explantion from Senco and i haven't come across Senco's diagnosing LD as its usually Ed Psy she briefly changed the subject and said well you now from the referral letter that dd was only referred to me for different stragies in Literacy. Told her if some one took time to communcate and explain then i wouldn't feel so annoyed so she will listen to our views in March. Basically she was very pleased with dd last Monday and said she was very communicative towards her, she visits children alot lower than our dd in NC even though our dd is still on level 1c in all subjects
  9. Haven't been on for a while, may need some other parents expriences in answers. DD is now 9 after a 4 year battle she was referred to Ed Psy in December for adivce on her writing skills, prior to this i spoke to Ed Psy who explained when she observes dd in class she will decide if further imput/assessments would be needed and her next visit would be April this YR. School was unwilling to send any information about my dd needs, so i sent a huge folder , covering everything that has happened from present date to when she was in reception yr and descriptions all the diffculties we have had over the years of not being listened too and this has lead to our dd falling further behind and now is on alot of intervention programmes which only started last year which dont seem to be working (my thought) However, last Monday dd came home and said that she was took out of class, a lady asked her some questions, got dd to do phonics and read a dozen pages from her reading book. The lady said she visits children in different schools to help with there learning. I spoke to a member of Staff who was unsure and said it was probably a student teacher, when i questioned Ed Psy I was informed, No she is not due untill April. On my answer machine 2 days ago, i have been left a message from Ed Psy who worked with my dd last Monday and wants to have a chat with me. I haven't been able to get hold of her yet so i will try not to jump the gun. Is this an assessment ??? Phonic's and Reading didn't even do any Numeracy or Writing Confused why she gone back into school in such a short period?? And Im starting to worry that she think's im slightly wierd with all my paperwork esp if dd is fine. i do have a senco who labelled my dd with MLD in November last year. Do Ed Psy normally phone parents?? Any experiences much welcomed, thanks
  10. Erin is being assessed by ed psy next week in school for observation and may follow up with tests/assessments in the new year. SLT team keep saying she has no diffculties she has seen 3 different ones. I will talk to Robyns Senco tomorrow they have done no assessments she is on School Action+ as she recieves intervention from her SLT team for Speech and Language delay and processing information, last i heard they were going to discharge her as the school can mangage without their input and they told me i shouldn't assume Robyn is the same as her sister but this was before i knew Erin has MLD interesting both dd's have the same diffculties with Speech and Language/comperhension which i know that it does affect learning and social communication
  11. My younger dd is 5 and attends a different school ,she is under SLT and on Sc+ i can't decide if it would be benefical to inform her school senco that her older sister has Moderate Learning Diffculties. I dont want them to think i'm looking for labels to pin on my dd's, so i just can't decide what to do.
  12. Nope no tests were done, yet again. Basically this is what were told..... We the parents need to come to terms with the fact our dd has LD, she may never be "average" like her peers. dd Will need support throught out schooling years and adviced us when the time comes for Secondary School to find a school with a good Senco, one that we will get on with. The pead team cant do anything for us apart from give us support as our dd has Educational diffculties and they deal with health but will be an advocate between us and the school. I asked if there was an underlying cause ?? Pead replied there no point doing medical tests she could fit anything and wouldn't be helpful. The pead isnt happy with what the school have done and with holding information and will write to them. Pead told us after all the years you have fought you may of crack it by a referral to Ed Psy and for not giving up. Pead said its a shame your dd doesn't have behavioural problems in class she would of got more support and said she is a very shy child. Hi Shaz she was referred to a pead when she was 4 as i was concerned with her development. Yep Erin been on level 1c -1a now for 2.5yrs e.g yr 2- yr 4
  13. DD got appointment tomorrow, hubby has spoken on phone today to ask them what will happen on appointment tomorrow. All we were told is that they will do some tests and see what advice or support is needed. They can't do a lag test DD is nearly 9 and been under pead since she was 4yrs old. Hubby believes nothing postive will come of this appointment tomorrow and will do as little as possible, so it doesn't help what are peadtricans suppose to do ??? Any advice welcome. Just too add about a month ago school assessed and reported she has Moderate Learning Diffculties
  14. Sorry what i meant is... Her stat maths level was -2c so she is 1c-1a for yr 4 (we dont know which one as she didnt reach expected level of 2c for her year.) Headteacher gave senco another child's level of 2b and only relieased after she sent it by talking to class teacher and looking at her stat results.
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