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  1. Life with ASD is like: being trapped on a Borg cube, in a luminous t-shirt, with the plans for a radical trans -warp hyperspace drive in your head, & finding that the Borg don't want to assimilate you!
  2. I like walking by a river on a summer's evening.
  3. I was a bit hasty when I clicked the "post" button. I feel a bit guilty that I got a quick & easy diagnosis, the hardest part was actually getting an appointment with the GP, after that things whizzed along pretty quickly. I would like to do anything I can to help others who are struggling to get things moving.
  4. Looking through post on many topics, there seems to be far too many of us struggling to get a diagnosis. Is there a petition or pressure group or something like that to advance the cause?
  5. Your picture is brilliant. If you ever do another one I would love to see it. How about doing one with ... music, fast cars, simple things .... Good luck with the therapist
  6. Hi All My name is Tony I was diagnosed a month ago. Everything that has happened to me over the years (or not happened) now makes sense. It would be really nice to connect with people who see the world in the same sort of way that I do.
  7. I can get to York. Has anyone considered doing a treasure hunt. You can get one for York off the internet. takes about an hour & a half to wander round York answering a few questions. Apologies if this is a silly idea, but it would be something to do.
  8. Hi Dave I was diagnosed a month ago & my feelings were exactly the same as yours. The really great thing is looking on this forum & finding out that I'm not alone.
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