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  1. The cabins are all detached, privacy isn't an issue. And it's not the sort of place frequented by noisy families playing loud music, screaming kids etc. We rarely saw anyone apart from staff, to be honest. It's a very,very popular place and booking needs to be done well in advance. You can specify what cabin you want, if you want a more secluded one. I will try and dig some pictures out for you. Yes it is pricey, we had to save up to afford it, I wish we could go again this year. It's definitely worth the expense, and if you venture out of the site, Looe isn't far away. It's a beautiful harbour town and the locally produced food is out of this world.
  2. its run by forest holidays, it's at deerpark, liskeard, in cornwall. If you want quiet time away from the world I can highly recommend it.
  3. Other people- NTs. Things they say/things they do. That pretty much covers all of my hang ups. (Based on years of experience)
  4. Thanks. It really has answered a lot of questions. All these years I wasn't doing anything wrong, it's just the way I'm wired up!
  5. Playing the piano. It's very therapeutic. Probably the only time I've felt completely relaxed and anxiety free as an adult, was a fabulous holiday I went on last year. Just my wife and I, one of those places that has a small complex of log cabins in the middle of a forest. Hot tub outside on the balcony, log burner inside the cabin, and no noise apart from the brook bubbling past outside. It was so off the beaten track there was not even a phone signal. You could have fresh bread delivered in the morning then go for a stroll in the forest, it was the most amazing chill out time I have ever experienced..like turning down a mental rheostat in your head.
  6. Is it ok to resurrect an old thread? I have always been very musical. I have perfect pitch and whilst I really struggle to read music I can play pretty well by ear. I play guitar, organ,piano, accordion, brass, ukulele. I can get a tune out of most instruments. I always wanted to play in a band but my social anxiety and not knowing anyone else who played put paid to that. My other Aspie fixation is cars. For some reason I have memorised ridiculously specific bits of information about classic cars, I also like working on them, I'm restoring an old '70s car at the moment. I'm a very fast reader. I will get though a 500 page novel in 2 days, fitting in reading between work and sleep.
  7. I work as an HGV driver on artics. I had such a miserable time of it in school that college was never on the agenda much to my parents dismay. I just never seemed to fit in anywhere and find dealing with people very very difficult. A Job where I am alone for the whole day, know exactly what's expected of me and just get left to get on with it fits the bill nicely. I don't have a problem with my own company.
  8. Hi, I'm a 41 year old man, I just got my diagnosis. I suppose I've known for a long time that i was "different" but they didn't really test for aspergers when I was a kid. I try and lead as "normal" a life as I can...but what is normal? Don't ask me
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