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  1. I have Aspergers syndrome, and my older brother does. We both have problems controlling our temper. I shout very loudly when I lose my temper, I usually play some music to try to calm myself down. Sorry to hear that your family have had a stressful year, that is probably why it has been more frequent, I lost someone close a few years ago, and the stress made me lose my temper a lot more than usual.
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    Reading stories like this make me wonder where the hell these teachers get trained! I am not suprised though, I had similar problems when I went to school (I left a year and a half ago) My mum wrote in a letter, and my PE teacher then asked what exactly my reason for not being able to do PE was in front of everyone in my class! I then told her I did not want to discuss it in front of everyone, and then she asked why!!! I really hope that it gets sorted out, and that your son gets all the help and understanding he needs <'> sweety
  3. Hello everyone, I am 17 and was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome when I was 14. I knew that I had aspergers when I was 12 because I did a bit of self-diagnoses. I also have hearing difficulties, epilepsy, M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) and other medical problems. I have two brothers who are also on the autistic spectrum, so I know a lot about the condition. I went to a mainstream school which I HATED!!! I was refused a statement of special educational needs TWICE!!! and my school was very unhelpful, so I bunked off a lot. I was refused DLA TWICE!! but I now recieve it! My whole life my mum had to fight to get any help for me and my two brothers on the autistic spectrum. I have a very good memory. I remember things that happened before I was even one! I also remember dates and times very well. My communication is still quite bad, I am trying to improve it. I have no facial expression most of the time, I look quite sad a lot, and people think that I am unapprochable. I have very strange phobias. I am very repetitive, I like to sit at the same place wherever I go. I am now at college on a course for people with special needs and I am enjoying it. The teachers are much more helpful than the ones from school. I look foward to talking to some of you.
  4. I think that your son should definately be given some leeway here. These teachers at schools are so annoying, they make me so angry. Most of them are so unsympathetic towards Autism/Aspergers syndrome, it's unbelievable! It is a disability, and therefore in some cases there should be times when there is a bit of leeway! I doubt they would give children with Downs' syndrome or cerebal palsy a detention for forgetting a book or whatever!!
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