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  1. Hi Yes some gp's do prescribe..although mine won't Which is a pain in the bum! having to go to the hospital to get the prescription every month. Hi loulou Glad to hear your son is settling down a little bit
  2. Thanks very much everyone I do see what you are saying Cat and yes it does make total sense! Jack did belong to Suffolk Carers, but he just didn't want to go to the clubs they have, which is such a shame. He's quite shy with people he dosen't know very well, although he does have a large circle of friends...the problem has always been though, that i have my hands full with my other children, and Jack dosen't like bringing his friends home for an evening!....it's like a vicious cycle if you see what i mean!!
  3. I'm feeling quite helpless at the moment... I have four children - two who have autism, Hary is 9 and attends an SSC in a mainstream school, and Devin 14 who goes to high school. I have two more children Jack is 12 and a little girl who is 2. I'm having (and this has been going on for years now) problems with my 3 boys. It seems that my two boys with autism, have really big problems with Jack - and vice versa. Jack is quite an intelligent lad, and he does understand (as much as a 12 year old can) the problems that his brothers have. The thing is they are always exchanging nasty comments and a lot of fighting goes on. Jack can be quite nasty to his brothers. He always seems to look down his nose at then, and constantly calls them names. The other two boys gang up on him a lot because of this. The problems that Jack has are overflowing into his school. He is now in his first year at High School, and from the reports i am getting from school, he appears to be mimicking his brothers behaviour at school - lack of listening and following instructions, also he is being very cheeky in school, and answers his teachers back a lot. Does anyone else have problems with other children who are 'normal' and their siblings It's really tough. I am quite a laid back mother in the sense that i won't jump down my children's throats at the slightest thing, but as any parent i do have my limits and breaking point! Something happened last week that i would never tell anyone else outside of the home, because they just wouldn't understand..... Jack had been ribbing his brothers all evening. Eventually i sent him to bed as a fight was going to break out, and i don't like name calling, and particulary hate the word 'stupid' The boys were very wound up so i kept them up late, Harry's melatonin wasn't kicking in, because he was so angry. Eventually they calmed down and i sent them to bed. All hell broke loose I had to go upstairs several times to calm them down - Jack is in a different bedroom, and i could hear him muttering nasty comments to his brothers still. I had to go downstairs for a little while as my two year old was not sleeping (she sleeps on the sofa until her brothers are asleep) Then Jack called me and came downstairs. He was soaking wet. Harry had filled up an empty drinks bottle with wee and had poured it over Jack He had to shower and all of his bed covers where drenched. I spoke to both Devin and Harry firmly...it turns out Devin was telling Harry about the time that he had wee'd on a mattress and Harry had got it into his head to pour wee over Jack. Devin has a milder version of autism, and i expected more from him. He said that he couldn't tell me what was going on as he was laughing too much, and that Jack had thrown toys into their bedroom so he didn't want to say anything anyway I just feel like when all of my children are together it's like world war. All the children when they are on there own are brilliant - even if it's just two of the boys it's good - but all 3 boys together it feels like one big battle to settle them. I just can't split myself anymore than what i do. My partner finds it very differcult to cope with - he was bought up in a very strict way, and finds it all too much. He is also doing a college course and a lot of the time he is trying to study. He is away on a course this week and i am dreading the boys coming home from school, because you never know what will happen next! Jack did have a volunteer support worker come out to him one a week, to do activities with him (he didn't like it that much because the volunteer wasn't his choice! but it did mean he got a break from his brothers!) but that ended because of funding. It is getting a little easier because Jack is old enough to go out with his friends, but the problems seem to have arisen again because of winter everyone is stuck indoors. Anyway I've well and truly had one big rant!, and in fact i am feeling a little better for off loading my problems! Thanks for listening, and please tell me i am not alone!
  4. <'> How awful for both you and your son <'> I agree with what bramblebrae has said. <'> <'>
  5. One of my son's has been taking Melatonin for a couple of years. We have had to increase his dose when he has had periods of increased stress. We find it works with regards to getting him off to sleep, but he is a very light sleeper, and unfortunately it dosen't keep him asleep! Quite often we will hear him rouse, and he goes downstairs and turns the telly on in the middle of the night! We wouldn't be without it though, as it gives us a break from him in the evening....everyone needs a bit of 'time out' now and again!!
  6. Thanks for everyones help. I wrote a letter to his teacher, and she phoned me this afternoon. We had a good chat, and we have both decided to keep the detention as it is, but instead of a punishment the detention is being turned into a positive! Her and Devin are going to make a planner - similar to his log book, but to be used solely for the purpose of reminding him what he needs to take to school - So I'm pleased with the outcome, at least i have made mine and Devin's voice heard, and hopefully her understanding of autism will improve, with a little bit of help in the right direction! She is also going to review Devin's notes and have a word with SENCO to see if anything more can be done. So hopefully things are getting more on track! Elanor, i hope you too can have a positive outcome on the detention front. I really feel for your son, he must be so frustrated.
  7. Thanks for the response everyone. I've only just logged on and realised that i didn't enable email notification of replies !! I've had a bit of a fighting battle with his High School since he started there. I have in the past complained about this (and other things), but like a similar experience to barefoot, i was told that they didn't want to make a special case and not give him a detention. With regards to SENCO, we had a meeting about this and various other things and they couldn't really offer that much advice, because Devin didn't want to go to the Study Centre for extra help - he just wants to 'fit in' and because of previous bullying he didn't want added fuel to the fire from his peers. I'm certainly not going to let this one lie though, and will contact the teacher (who is in fact his form tutor, and is well aware of his problems) I've never been happy with the school. In year 8 he was suspended from school for setting off a fire alarm. He didn't actually set the fire alarm off (although he was present when someone else did it) but he wasn't listened too, and neither was i! One thing Devin dosen't do is lie...but i think a lot of teachers have a lack of understanding about autism, and how hard it is for a child with autism to lie!!! I also tried to get Devin a Statement of Special Needs, but both the school and LEA didn't think he needed one....i think this is a shame because my 8 year old has a statement, and we are a whole lot happier with the way Harry is treated at school. Anyway I've gone off the beaten track a little!!! Thanks for everyones response. I will google The Disability Rights Commision code of practice for schools. I'm embarrassed to say i didn't know this existed! ange x
  8. Hi My son is 14 years old, and has autism. He attends a mainstream school. I received a letter today from school to notify me that Devin has a detention for 'losing his punctuality and attendance form' He has a detention next week, for 30 minutes. Devin has had these letters previously, and i feel a bit annoyed. Devin has always struggled with time keeping, and organisation skills, which i put down to his diagnosis? I just think he should be given a bit of leeway, as they are aware he does try hard, but can't get his head around being organised. My 8 year old (also ASD) also has the same problems. I was just looking for a bit of advice. Should i tackle the school, or should Devin be expected to take the punishment? I just feel it's not right. He has a differculty and is being punished for it!! Thanks
  9. Hi! I recieved my FF forms friday, and I've just started filling them out this evening. I've got two lots to fill out, as I'm applying for two of my sons. I'll have to fill the rest of the forms out tomorrow, as I'm tired and want to put as much info down as possible zzzzzzzz!! Reading some of your replies has helped me, as i was kind of stuck as to what to request. A computer would be great for my boys. We already have a trampoline that i won!!! but a climbing frame and bike would be great too! Thanks for a totally great site with lots of helpful info
  10. ange

    born early

    Hi Kirstie I too had a stillbirth <'> at 42 1/2 weeks My first who has autism was born at 42 weeks, then i had tobias who died, then all my other 3 children were born at 38 weeks, and out of those 3 another has autism. So I'm not sure if DOB has anything to do with it.
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    hi beth thanks for letting me know about this site I've never visited a forum solely to do with autism. It's great! i already feel at home!!
  12. ange


    hi there everybody!! I'm ange from ipswich. I have four children. Anna is 1, harry 7, jack 10 and devin 13. Harry has autism and learning differculties, and is in a mainstream school in an SSC class. He was diagnosed when he was about 4 years old....and boy what a relief that was!!! Devin also has autism, although on the lower end of the spectrum, he attends mainsteam school, which he finds quite differcult at times. He was diagnosed when he was 10. He probably would have slipped through the net, had it not been for me recognising the traits, after Harry had his diagnosis. They both were diagnosed through the DISCO assessment. Welcome to the wonderful world of ange!!! look forward to reading the forum and having a natter!!
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    hi there My son has been taking Melatonin for about a two years now. Before he was prescribed this it took ages to get him off to sleep. Now he goes off to sleep quite easily. A couple of times we have run out, and it's been a nightmare!! It dosen't keep him asleep all night, but it certainly works at getting him off to sleep. My local doctors surgery refuse to prescribe it for him, so i have to get it direct from the hospital. The consultant isn't really that keen on continuing to prescribe, she keeps getting us to wean him off...but then all the problems start up again. We went for 2 weeks without it once, and got hardly any shut eye!! We'd be lost without Melatonin. My son dosen't understand when he is tired, or just dosen't get tired. BUT when he takes his Melatonin his behaviour really improves.....cause everyone including him needs to sleep!!!
  14. hi! I'm a NT female with 2 ASD sons and 2 NT children
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