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    I don't know, what your situation is. The NAS have a welfare rights officer, we are expecting a phone call from him this coming tuesday. I don't know if thats of any use to you.
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    Hello every one, for the last seven years. Our DLA award as been high on the carers componet. And low on the Mobility componet. Our new award came as a huge shock. Nothing as really changed, but yet they've dropped us down to the lowest level on both of them. I can't believe it, if theirs any one of you out their thats been in a similar situation. Could you please help me. With how to present a stroung appeal. T
  3. Its their loss, you've got such a special life in your care. There are upsets, stresses and strains in all our lives. But I count myself very lucky to have a wonderful daughter in my life. Shes enriched it beyond belief. SOD HUM. Thats my daily therapy. I fling the curtains open, and yell it at the big neuro typical world. Has your child grows up you'll realize that your child isn't missing out on much mixing with these types of people.
  4. I don't know if were aloud to do this, I live in the North West of England. I have lived with with Aspergers Syndrome for the all of my 53 years. The problem being, I'm undiagnosed. I would like a diagnosis please. Are there any of you out there, Who can come up with names and clinics in the North West that can provide this service. Many Thanks, Martyn
  5. Thompson's, Yes, she'll come back from the bus station in a perky mood. If he looks in her direction, smiles, or even just says hello or goodbye to her. She knows what he drinks, what type of motor bike he has. She even goes on the internet to a site that as information about the bus company he works for. Hoping to see if there are photographs of him. The medication your on, do you use it in conjunction with what you've been talking about?. I know its very personal but did you willing want to take it. I'm just thinking, that if this was recommended to my daughter and she said no. I don't know where we'd go from there. I do hope I'm making sense. Thank you
  6. I'm sorry for taking so long getting back to you all. I'm preoccupied these days, thank you so much for your constructive comments. I have this gut feeling about my daughters rage. I think its the early rumblings of a Aspies trying her hardest to live a neuro typical existence in a neurological world. My ultimate fear is, that my daughter in the next few years is going to sucome. To the realization that she will fail. God knows whats going to happen when that day comes.
  7. Our Daughter at the moment is a real worry to my wife and I. shes coming up to 18. Yes shes at a age where we can't tell her any thing. If theres a slight incling. She bombards us with swear words, becomes physically abusive. And starts throwing objects around the room. I thought those days were coming to a end. Shes never had a boyfriend,but a few months ago she so a new bus driver. And took a instant liking to him. From that moment every day since . My wife in particular spends on average 4 hours a day sitting in the bus station with her. The reason being she wants to catch a glimpse of him. RRR youmay say, how cute shes got a crush. But its beginning to drive us nut now. Theres no future between them. He hasn't egged her on, we've tried talking to her about her crush, trying to convince her theres no future. But to no aveil. Shes going down this road, of wanting to follow HIM around. We just don't know what to do, to break the cycle.
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    Hello everyone, just popped in to say hello. And just say to those who are finding it hard. Stay stroung. Right i'm off, I just felt the need to get it off my chest
  9. Dr ******* at the Autistic centre at Hallam University in Sheffield. As the serious view that people in these age groups should be diagnosed. You will have to be persistent at trying to contact him. But in a period of time he will respond to you. Hopefully this coming february I will receive a diagnosis from him. I am aged 53 Name and contact details of professional removed by moderator in line with forum rules. Sorry Martyn, can you send the details to Beccy via pm? - K
  10. Are you a member to a local Autistic support group. If you are, I'd pick up the phone and have a natter to them. The weather also at this time of year can also make you feel down.
  11. Sorry the latter part of the message should have read. Cannot cope as a neuro typical.
  12. We have a 17 year old daughter who over the last year'. has been presenting with worrying behavior. She as told ourselves in volatile sexual narratives. That she wants no support, no help in any shape or form. From this period of time on wards. When things are at the worst she screams, smashes plates, mugs and cups. Chairs get thrown across the room. Whats the most worrying thing for me. Hannah will incorporate what I would call emotional blackmail in to this. For example she will threaten to thump walls if she doesn't get her own way. And yes she as carried those threats out on three or four occasions . Ending up with swollen and blackened knuckles. We have seen our GP and I can't repeat what he had to say. We have to go in to Hannah's college next week. Hannah has become fretful extremely upset, over the last couple months she skipped quite a few days off college. She says that her lecturer makes her feel like a vegetable and its becoming unbearable. After gaining a insight into whats going on. For me the lecturers are doing nothing wrong. What appears to clouding Hannah's judgment is empathy. It didn't play a big part in her life this time last year. But now its causing all kinds of grief, why?. One last thing, I think Hannah is a neuro typical - Asper. I sometimes worry myself sick thinking about whats going to happen to her when she realizes she can cope as a neuro typical. Thank You Martyn
  13. It's made me more aware about relationships, it's brought me closer to my daughter. After the after shock of diagnose . It brought me closer to my daughter. I love to spend time with her talking about girly things .The trouble is i'm a 52 year old bloke. But she shares everthing with me, her feelings about boys and so on. I totally love those moments. She's a very special lass, God gifted me and my wife with her. I'm sat her typing this down with tears in my eyes, thinking what sort of a future she as. How I hate the Autism though. How it's interferred in my daughters life. The social isolation she suffers through no fault of her own. The difficulties that have inpaired her enjoyment of life. I wish I could lay my hands on her and draw the ###### Autism out of her. I feel rage, Deep upset, despair. anxiety. fatigue. disbelief. Sorry to to make it sound like a shopping list. But the things that keep me going are a deep love for my daughter. and drive and determination not to let the ###### system grind me into the ground. How Do You Feel?
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