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    looking after my pets and animals in general,using the internet,collecting special teddy bears,cartoons,in the night garden,balamory,and something special. i also love going to sensory rooms and have a ton of sensory equipment myself.

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  1. trekster,you are awesome-thankyou! i will go through the information tonight as ive got to go sort out two bunnies,a 400l tank of fish and a naughty special needs support cat who needs medication syringing down him. thankyou again!
  2. hi alexa1994,i will help you in any way i can and its great to see a family member actively seeking support for their niece,the internet is great in that aspect. i hope i do not offend you but aspergers or any other form of autism are not categorised as a disease as you are born with it and it is a different neurotype as opposed to something that develops and gets worse progressively, aspergers syndrome is also known as high functioning autism and ASD is now moving towards being called ASC [autism spectrum condition] gradually as 'condition' better describes us than a medical disorder. i recommend reading the book 'neurotribes' which gives a healthy outlook on the spectrum,as opposed to seeing us as dead weights on society.
  3. ive compiled an autism dictionary before but the community has widely moved on since then. i think a autism dictionary is a great idea very helpful especially for people new to communities or NTs.
  4. i am trans ftm and i didnt understand what i was until 30,after having years of being taught about gender differences between people by specialist teachers in my twenties, i came to a realisation that my whole life had been male-up until that realisation i saw male and female as the same thing, to me i see all humans as the same thanks to my unique mind and my visual perception, i was even outwardly male as a young toddler. so i came out as trans at 30 but no one wants to help me. at my last care home,i was on the waiting list to see a gender identity clinic and the manager of that home at the time was extreme christian and was very against me being trans, she hid all the letters i recieved about the GIC and i got took off the waiting list. in my new care facility,where i have a newer GP to,he refused outright to agree to suport a top operation [removal of boobs] and for testosterone because i have learning disability as well as moderate classic autism and also mental health issues [bipolar,psychosis,extreme anxiety],i was on the waiting list yet again-waiting a year,got sent a letter that was supposed to be filed in by staff as i couldnt understand it-nor can i write,it basicaly got put in a drawer in the office and never came out again so once again,i am taken off the waiting list and i am so fed up i want gender councilling,ive never had any councilling of any kind im a frigging mess. no one will even help me legally change my name,support staff pass it on to the next staff on shift,then the next staff and so forth nothing gets sorted no one cares but to me being biologically female is a huge part of why i have mental health issues.
  5. ferret,can i ask how did you get your ferret avatar in place? i was trying for ages to get one in place and it gave some errors. im not usually this useless with foruming. is that your ferret by the way? he is super gorgeous. i got to hold one at the national pet show in manchester a couple of years ago,i was wheelchair bound and he just cuddled up on me,i would love a ferret,my dads uncle hunted with ferrets when he was alive,im not to much a fan of that idea though. ive just checked to get the error,it says i have to have 0.1mb to get an avatar,thats impossible isnt it? [[[[edit[[[ awesome,ive just found out how to do it,i found a few small images of mine on my old laptop which my dad uses so ive used one of myself with one of my chickens that i bred myself,she is called temple [after temple grandin].
  6. thankyou for posting ferret,i will stick with you guys, im on aspiescentral which is quite quiet i prefer these smaller communities anyway. ive used the NAS forum i think, or it could have been the mencap forum,whichever one it was-i was followed there by a bully who used my old blog to fake learning disability and severe autism,his bullying created such an overwhelming powerful result in me that i was sectioned for extreme challenging behavior 5 years ago and i still see the individual now trying to garner sympathy using mine and other peoples writings;word for word as his own experience,my old residential home wouldnt get the police involved as they felt itd make their service look bad to potential parents coming to visit. sorry i should not have waffled on about something else, i am very manic at the moment and suffering badly with flashbacks to the bullying. i shall give mr shadow extra chin rubs for you,its his favourite spot or behind the ears on his head, or if you would like i can give him some aldi chicken/cheese treats for you, he loves them obsessively.
  7. hi everyone, i am 33 and from manchester,UK. i have been waiting to get on this site for ages,but i thought it had been abandoned as it wasnt working and nothing was visibly been seen to be done [of course that doesnt mean theres nothing going on in the background]. im a ftm transgender,im under the category of 'LFA' and for the past few years stabilised at moderate classic autism with mild learning [USA=intellectual] disability,i also have extreme anxiety and psychotic bipolar disorder and i am an autism and LD/ID activist. i also am an athlete for the special olympics and my other hobbies include animals,i have a special needs cat who is also my support cat for my challenging behavior,my anxiety and my epilepsy as well as my mood,i have a 400 litre tank of tropical fish and two bunnies,i love animals more than anything i do not recognise human beings like i do animals, to me humans are all the same shape and meaning so i treat everyone the same whereas animals are all quite unique,i have grown up with seeing humans as part of the background,zoning out into my own world continuously unless dragged out of it by an NT but in the reality i see humans as a merged part of the background, they dont mean anything to me,theyre just generic. i have other issues like severe spinal nerve damage that were crushed while being put through over twenty hours of continuous highly rough restraint from a load of well meaning police before being sectioned into a learning disability hospital where i suffered from a lot more rough restraint from staff who were absolute scumbags. i now have my own apartment in a supported living facility with constant care day and night and i attend a professional art studio every week for people with learning disability and i do ceramics and i draw/paint etc at home, i do special olympics training every week but an option is coming up soon to do it twice a week which im all for, and the rest of my life is a horrible blurr,i dont even see it. i like music,i like chillout and classical music but also like metal such as dream theater,kill switch engage and throwdown. i know everyone says this but i really do hope i have not bored anyone as i have a thing where i waffle on alot as my mind cant filter itself,i am not one of those people who leaves a intro post i will stick to the forum. thankyou very much. PS.i would love it very much if any one could check out my blog,i would also love to swap blog roll links with others who blog about autism and related conditions,i would just love to have some blogging friends thankyou my link is: https://autieemlyn.wordpress.com/
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