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  1. County are looking to place my son in a mainsteam secondary in Crawley that has an ASD unit attached. I have no experience of these units. Heard lots of good things and lots of horror stories. If anyone lives in the Crawley area, could your pm me?? Many thanks Sxxxx
  2. Hello, I am in the same boat as you atm, except I am waiting for statement to be finalised before I move. I have spoken to the authority I will be moving to. They have told me that they will not look at son's placement until my solicitor confirms completion date. When that happens, the authority will take the existing statement and review within 6 weeks. I believe that if I am not happy with the reviewed statement, I can ask to re-assessment. Hope that helps xx
  3. sandyn

    Statement advice

    Many thanks for your replies. I think that I will be going down the route of applying myself. Its always fight fight fight
  4. Hi, my son is 10 and has Aspergers and ADHD. He is very capable academically but socially is having lots of problems at school. The school agree that he needs to be statemented but are dragging their heels as they feel the LEA will turn him down because he is so academically able. However, someone told me that the school needs to apply for a Statement based on behaviour. Is this different from a normal statement? I am very concerned because my son will not be able to cope in mainstream secondary without a great deal of support.
  5. Melatonin is a chemical produced by the brain in humans. It gets our bodies relaxed and ready for sleep. Incidently melatonin is also found in milk - which is why it is a good bedtime drink. I wouldn't call it a drug and it certainly doesn't mess up your brain.
  6. Just a thought, would you son use a mouthwash? There are a few flavours (although mostly mint). That might be better than nothing at all?
  7. sandyn

    TV at bedtime

    my son used to listen to a cd called mozart for babies. He was about your daughters age. It had 2 cds, one bedtime and one playtime. The bedtime music is all of Mozarts calming music. My son used to fall asleep listening to this.
  8. Hi. We are the only county in the world where melatonin isn't available over the counter, Melatonin is a natural hormone that everyones body produces. It basically gets us ready for sleep. Most children who have ADHD / ASD don't produce enough melatonin, therefore they have lots of problems settling down to bed. Dont worry too much about the warnings. Paracetamol has warnings just like every other medicine. Its fine.... Enjoy your US holiday. We are going on Friday cant wait!!!!
  9. sandyn

    Ball or no ball?

    Never had a dyson but our Henry does the job and has done for years
  10. My son was always hyperactive as a child (according to my family) - I had no idea. I was an only child with little experien.ce of children. My little bundle of joy passed all his milestones. He spoke very early -knew all his colours and letters by 2 years old. To me he was no different from any other child. He joined preschool - they didn't mention any problems (apart from the time at Christmas - he emptied the Christmas post box and put the christmas cards in the nappy bin!!!!) R joined mainstream reception. No problems-except that he would not write. His reading age was that of an 7 year old. He went into Year 1 - his teacher was the SENCO. She called me in within 3weeks. He thought he had dyspraxia and "very poor social skillls" - I had no ideal that R was different from anyone else - until then. In year 2 got a dx of ADHD and HFA and Dxyspraxia. R went on Equasysm - very successfuly - for about a year. Then tried him on Concerta. It was HORRENDOUS. My darling son had tics that you would not believe. Crying his head of because he could not stop shouting his head off!!! Stopped those meds and tried Strattera, and thats where we are now. Strattera is causing so many many problems.My son is not coping at school. Refusing to do work. Lashing out at chairs , computers - your name it, I have spoken to his paed today and I am going to take him off his meds on Monday. I am seeing the clinical pchsc tomorrow. I really dont know what to do, because my son is on the gifted and talented register at school, but if they cant cope with his behaviour? What choice do I have but to send him to a special school???
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