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  1. No progress for me so far, it gets me annoyed! But then again, other times the independent idyll is just fine.
  2. I am still, quite frankly, connected to Thomas. Possibly in a more nostalgic way. I found that the concept of 'fantasy worlds' that looked incredibly real which formed a strong basis to Thomas was important to me. It matched all of the little towns and cities I was creating at the time, on paper or with lego, bringing them into a visual format.
  3. Hello, You mentioned Sheffield as a location. I am very confident that there are social groups for individuals with autism within the city. You could also try arranging an appointment with the Autism Centre at Sheffield Hallam University who may be able to pinpoint you in the right direction. Hope this helps. Chris
  4. Don't worry about time, mine has taken 5 years! Writing a reflection of own experiences is not supposed to be an easy task Best wishes. Chris
  5. theres a santa going down main road!

  6. "none of the houses are suitable for todays lifestyles" what happened to make do or to make houses bigger, adjoin? #emptyhomes

  7. Not everyday that you follow a car with a mattress on the roof, especially on the A1!

  8. Great evening in Newark with the #RTPI East Midlands Young Planners, presentation on the Lincoln Townscape Assessment followed by pub!

  9. Tremendous two days at the RTPI Young Planners Conference in Birmingham.

  10. liking the new vision express advert with the dog chewing the glasses!

  11. Saw Grayson Perry's new exhibition "The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman" at the British Museum yesterday on the way to RTPI lecture, 5 stars

  12. Weekend.....including a trip back to the wonderful steel city #Sheffield

  13. BBC News - UK house prices treading water, says Nationwide http://t.co/xUY8eiLM

  14. would really like to fly the flag with @British_Airways at some point, in the meanttime their excellent tv advert will do...

  15. Delighted to be starting as a Graduate Planner with RPS Group next month.

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