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  1. Lucas you say: I have some questions can your Mum trust you respective to your irrational impulses?, if your were to hurt your mother badly would you plead guilty with diminish responsability? beside all this beleive me when somebody wants to kill, wether the prospect victime is stronger or not there are plenty ways this can be done the main deterrent is a morale one or being afraid of the consequences, but really parents who can no longer cope and are mentally sane and able to make a decision can leave the child to social services for fostering or adoption. My point on this which may be difficult to understand for you is that the care from your parents whatever imperfect, is a blessing or may be in your case as it seems that it is not you should request your mother not to care for you anymore.You can't have it both way if you need the care you should give some credit to the carer if the carer is somehow abusing you you then (if your mental state is sound and I beleive it is) request a legal action to change carer or to become fully independant. The other point is that my heart goes to little Ryan who did not have the choice in the matter, but the point is that his mother had lost her sanity and felt that murder and suicide was the only way for her. I know for myself that if i was not able to cope anymore and able to make a sane decision i would request the SS to foster my son as cruel as it seems it is better than making his life a misery or taking his life away. But really in the heart of a mother (and of fathers sometimes) the love for our own children do allow us to cope with most of the difficulties and the love of our children for us allow them to cope with our short coming. Another question Luccas very personal one do you think your mother loves you.? and yourself do you love your mother? Take care. <'> <'> <'> Malika.
  2. Hi to all, <'> Kathryn I agree with you Just posted a comment I couldn't do it yesterday as I felt so sad ... Autism or not I love my son to bit and the only thing I wish is for him to feel happy and able to cope for this some understanding from the big wild world is needed. Take care all. Malika.
  3. HectorsHouse..... <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> For what I have experienced is that there are far too many professionals out there who seem to think that we are tricking them in order to get some help. There is a culture of disbeleive and it is only when people are breaking up that something is done but sometimes it is just too late. To all. <'> <'> <'> Malika.
  4. What a nice article thanks Zeman!!!! This however was not a surprised I have read a lot about autism on French websites and what is coming out is that most of children with autism do not go to school at all.... and their parents educate them at home the best they can. Malika.
  5. <'> <'> <'> To all. This is such a tragedy and i think we can all understand how this poor mother felt. all my heart goes to her and the little boy his big smile is just like my son big smile, I have bought the Dailymail today (first time in my life) as they had made the head line with his picture. While in their newspaper they explain that Ryan suffered from fragile X and autism on their internet link they do mention only fragile X ...but if anybody wishes to do so there is the possibility to make a comment at the end... This is the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770 I have put two links as well from the independant one about Ryan and his mother the other is a research which link stress with depression.... why is it that I am not surprised???? http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_brit...ticle358350.ece http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/health_me...ticle358354.ece I hope that all from this group are well and safe. <'> How many more tragedy before getting some form of credibility???. Malika.
  6. Hi Phas, not too sure if this could be helpful as thyere were not realy any chance to develope some form of partnership with PP. My experience of PP is the following last year after puting pressure on the school to get more support for my son without much result I had been advice to ring the PP which I did a young lady ask me quite few details on the phone my son name, my address, his school, his age and if I had a DX and from who, she then told me that she was just taking details and they would call back to give me an appointment. I was call back the day after and the persone at the phone gave her name ask me briefly why I had been calling them, then told me that my son according to the school was coping well and I should accept and follow what ever the school had decided to do for him. I was not given any opportunity to meet anybody or to show the report from the medical team and it was obvious that they had contacted the school (behind my back) and given credit to their side of the story without even bothering to meet me. That was the end of it. I never contacted them again instead i contacted the IPSEA. Good luck Malika.
  7. Amazing ... (Baddad is this enough??? )
  8. Malika


    Hi Darky <'> I would say if you have tried just about everything else then may be Prozac will be the help your daughter needs you are obviously well aware so you can spot negative signals and get in touch with the consultant. There are positive article about Prozac and negative one but at the end every circumstances are unique the main thing is to be aware and keep an eye on her I hope the treatment will work with her and this will give you and her a better quality life. Take care. Malika.
  9. Malika


    Sorry too tired forgot this one http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A930151
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