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  1. Hi Hev....great to 'see' you again! Sorry to hear about Nicks' Mum <'> Great news about Steve, hope he enjoys it in Sept x
  2. Wow thanks Mumble and Cat. I wasn't really expecting anyone else to have made or suspected a connection. Mumble, I agree that its very easy and tempting to point a finger at a possible cause, primarily to have something to 'blame' for difficulties and believe me I have questioned my motives many times! She did have difficulties as a young child but nothing that really made her stand out from her peers. She went through puberty at the age of 7 so a lot of her behaviours at that age were hormone related! It was really only after her accident that she changed so completely and that was the time that she was referred to CAMHS because she was having awful mental problems. Hence my questioning of a possible connection. I think every parent of a child with a disability goes through the finger pointing stage! Cat your story touches so many of my thoughts as well and I hope that you find some answers either way <'> Thank you again both of you for sharing your stories with me. I guess we will never know for definite what triggered the AS, or accentuated it but it's very interesting to hear other peoples' perspectives >:<
  3. I read somewhere, a while ago, about the possibility of head injuries causing/triggering AS. Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences of this happening? The reason I ask is that my DD started to have noticeable difficulties following an accident at school where she was knocked unconcious briefly. Afterwards she started to suffer from full blown panic attacks, hallucinations/hearing voices, pronounced social phobias, food issues etc. She did have some of these prior to the injury but not to the same extent by a long way (she was 13 when she had the accident). I have brought the subject up at CAMHS and the GP and her EIT nurse and they all said that it may have had some influence and it might be an idea for her to be sent for a brain scan but this has never happened. She had another accident at the weekend and again was briefly unconcious (literally a few seconds, no more) and she has changed again having none of her usual hyperactivity. I'm going to have to take her to the GP as she isn't well although she didn't bang her head this time, she did give it a good shake as she fell and was concussed afterwards. Anyway I was digressing there! Just interested to hear if anyone else had any thoughts on a connection.
  4. Mumble, my Mother-in-law was called up for jury service a couple of years ago and felt she couldn't cope with it at all. She discussed it with the docs and they wrote her a letter explaining that it would cause her undue stress and anxiety. She was then excused from jury service with no more questions asked. I believe that the Citizens Advice Bureau can also help you, possibly by phoning the help lines for you. Hope the hospital stay goes well for you <'> <'> <'>
  5. loobylou2


    <'> <'> <'> You're better off out of it hun. At least you don't have to go back now <'> <'> <'>
  6. Thanks Bid, guess I'd best wait and see what the gynae says before I start panicking! Froglegs, hormone replacement isn't necessary if they leave the ovaries, only if they take them out as well. My skin looks ancient any way cos I'm so knackered with having to get up and 'sorted out' several times a night! Lol Libido isn't a problem at the mo as there's no chance any way ;-) Thanks everyone for speaking up and telling me your stories, will let you know how I get on <'> <'> <'>
  7. Thanks everyone Will have a looksee at that forum Paula, thank you. Frogslegs, had been told about the miscarriage part, so can't see the point in having the ablation if a) you musn't get preg and it might not work anyway! Have heard from another friend that she had had it and it hadn't worked for her either.I just can't face months and months of non-stop heavy bleeding any more....just want it over and done with really but flippin' scared at the same time!
  8. Thanks Bid....worried cos my local hospital do it under a local anaesthetic....and the thought of injections in there doesn't do a lot for me tbh! My periods are really heavy and won't stop for months......Bled from Sept-Dec last year then nothing til May this year and still going Have tried loads of meds and Mirena coil but nothing worked so an op is the next step
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