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Ds update for those who remember us ;)

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Well not much has happened really....... :huh:


As some know we moved to Devon in December, and we couldn't get Ds into school

due to his level of LD and reports that were sent back from his mainstream school in Guildford. :(


So i thought i would give HomeEd a try- that lasted about a month, i had a visit from the

inclusions officer who advised me that schooling would be better for Ds - due to his lack of social skills! :blink:


That was in Feb! :wacko:


My DS is NOT in School!!!! :angry:

He will NOT be going school until at least Sept!! :angry:


9 Months of nothing! :tearful:

I saw the inclusions officer two weeks ago and she was so shocked that Ds was

not receiving any education!


Ds has been seen by educational phy!

A Ped consultant!


and thats about it.


they are sorting out his assessment for statement!


what happens when the 26 week deadline is up?

im sure its 24 weeks this week.... who do i kick off too?

how much impact will it have - its not as though he can goto school as they are all shut now!

and half the people dealing with Ds' case are on holidays.............

and hey i know i worked for adults in social services, and saw how and when the childrens school

department took time off (a lot)!!!! :angry:



Well not much o an update really, but the fact my son has lost a lot of his education

is so disapointing! :crying:


rant over


thank you

and good day :peace:

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sorry to hear about your son's situation it disgusting how long you being put on hold for answers ,help and support to be sorted this can only happen when statement in place which taking too long i be annoyed ,angry frustrated at education system if that was me! they have failed your son! is they not emergency education system for SEN/ASD etc? will your son be able to catch up when he goes back? or will 'miss' all work that 'already been done'


hope gets moving soon for your sake!


there no where that take him for now? as surely it against the law to have 'nothing' in place for him?

has professionals who working with your son at the moment suggested any other ideas /plans? could you not have meeting with education board and professionals he/you presently working with see if can sped up any for him??? how is he dealing/coping with having no routine /structure nothing there??? you asked for any advice from specialists like NAS rang them,emailed them???


take care

good luck


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Hi Farfalla,


This is extremely frustrating for you!


Check those timescales. When did the statutory assessment process begin? If you're in your 24th week you should have had a proposed statement by now.


It would be a good idea to ring your named person at the LA and ask how the statutory assessment is progressing and whether they are still waiting for any more reports. Keep bugging them.


K x



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Just a note for anyone moving to a new area. Do what we did, once you have decided what school you want , don't say anything to them about learning difficulties etc until after they have offered you a place.


I don't know if it made any difference but I didn't want to take the chance.

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Hi Far,


Good to see you on here, but sorry to hear you have not made much progress.


Trouble with these people is that they seem to need constant chasing, It was not until I got our MP involved did our area finally sit up and take notice. Your son has a legal right to an education and they need to provide it and one that is able to meet his needs.


As kathryn says, I think I would give them a ring to see how things are going and hopefully that will prompt them into some sort action. I am quite sure your son won't be starting school in September, well if they are anything like our LEA, Connor did his assessment in the July and we thought he'd start in September but they did get themselves in gear until the November !!!


Good luck Hun, you know where to find me if you need anything.


Clare x x x

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Do you have a school in mind that you want named as the placement?

Do you want a mainstream or SEN placement, or a SEN placement within a mainstream school - or whatever different schooling options your LEA has (check and see what is available, because there are different ones).


I was sort of in a similar position at the end of year 2, ie. I wanted to move my son to a school that was mixed mainstream and SEN. The Proposed Statement had not been issued and I knew all the SEN places in that school were full. So I applied for a mainstream place at that same school and my son was allocated a place. At the time I did that because I did not know whether the LEA would agree to a Statement, and I suspected that even if they did they would not have any SEN places for him and therefore he would not be placed there. My suspicions did come true and the LEA refused a SEN placement because there weren't any. However I had the mainstream placement. So I checked about Disability Discrimination and they told me that the LEA/school could not withdraw the mainstream place they had offered me on the grounds of his disability (an ASD), as that would be discrimination. I also spoke with the school SENCO and she said that eventhough he would be starting that school in September as a mainstream only pupil he was infact coming with a Statement and Statements are legally binding. So eventhough he did not have an SEN place, in effect he did. We did go to tribunal as well to secure the SEN placement because the LEA were insisting that I provide transport to and from school because he was still 'mainstream'.

Anyway, the above info might be useful.

I have read on other posts that when a child is not in school that it is still the LEAs responsibility to education them and therefore he should be receiving schooling at home. I'm not sure how many hours a day that should be, but the impression I got was that it was equivalent to the time spent in school.

Have you spoken with NAS/ISPEA or ACE about this? Find out what your next course of action should be. The LEA have had plenty of time to sort out a placement and should have provided schooling at home if nothing could be found in the interim.

Hope you find something soon.

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Hi all


thanks for the replies -

to answer some questions........ (i will try and remember them ha) :whistle:


Niam went into a mainstream school when he advanced to senior 2 septembers ago, and

didnt fair well, we carried on and on with them but it made him so depressed and withdrawn -

which in a way was a good thing we moved away......... i looked at mainstream when we moved here,

but after a lot o thought, did i want my child to go through all that trauma again of starting

a new school, trying (with great difficulty) to make friends.... trying to answer his questions of why i put him there, and his pleas of help - every night he came home from school...........


my answer was NO! It killed me watching him before i wasnt putting my child through that again :angry:!


so its been a long process!


I have rang and rang.......... every week................. being told they are waiting for reports from this body and that one!

what can i do or say......... except quoting the timescales!

i have everything written down........ every call, person and outcome!


Here are my timescales...........


Jan 22nd - assessment being considered (6 week deadline) 5th March


Feb 20th - letter to comfirm proposed assessment to go ahead (on track -very good) :D


14th May - assessment to be completed (Not yet) :wacko:


28th May - proposed draft of statement or letter in leui........ (Nothing Nadda) :blink:


23rd July - 26 weeks up over and out! :ph34r:


i rang again today - and the information is all collected and ready for a draft statement to be proposed and sent out to me, it in in the tray of his officer........ and i should get the draft this weekend or early next week!!!! :hypno:


Unfortunately there isnt one person to shout and rant at, due to the factor about 5 or 6 people have to compile the information that goes towards the final statement................ So i sit and wait.


we have put forward a school for Niam(well the Ed PHY told us it was the one he thought would benefir niam best, but we arent 100% sure of this, so i have more research to do!!), which is a hospital school, dealing with children who find it difficult to cope with mainstream and assist them and anaylise them before placing them in a school!!!!!!!!!!


Niam wants to goto school, no he doesnt like the hussle and bussle of mainstream but he wants to see people other then me and my hubby! So maybe next week i will have some answers, and prob more questions if i dont understand the draft statemtent!


thanks for reading andlistening guys xx :wine:



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