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Issues with stuff playing

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I'm not sure if this is a forum issue or if it's a problem with my browser or with my version of flash - but I cannot play any videos/clips - and have a puzzle piece on a grey background for every single one that has been posted here.


I of course have reloaded my browser and that hasn't made a difference.


I have also checked for updates for my browser and for flash and both are fine (in that sense anyway)...


So I wondered - is it just me? Or is this a forum issue?


I've just checked Youtube and stuff plays there fine.... so is it the forum?


Anyway, just wanted to bring this to whoever's attention as it's one of those glitchy annoying things :lol:

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I checked my system for Java and it had mysteriously disappeared!!!


So I've reinstalled it - but it hasn't solved the problem...


And I've checked on my pc and that works fine....


Really frustrating because I've made no changes to my netbook at all, every check I've made says it's working fine, youtube works fine, I can access other websites that have similar content to this forum and they work fine too!!!


Also I have made no changes to my forum settings and everything (on the netbook) says it is updated and working..... obviously not....


So does anyone know of anything obvious I may have missed?


Or does anyone know of more complicated things I may not have thought of?

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I have my system restore set up through my virus software, the last system restore point before that is from a scan almost a month ago and I have done lots of stuff (unrelated to the internet) in that time that I don't want to have to do again...


My next thought is that there could be a conflicting program somewhere... I'll have to look into it... I've had that problem before with something completely different, but I guess it's possible :rolleyes:


And I guess if that isn't it, I can remove my browser and set everything up again from scratch - which will be so annoying....

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Thanks for your help Special Talent - I had a windows update last night and that seems to have solved the problem...


The fact that I checked windows update a couple of times is besides the point - I obviously had to wait 3 days for it :lol:





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