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A-S warrior

Member title meanings, if and how to change them.

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16/7/14 - I'm still alive and doing very well! And although things ended on a sour note nearly two years ago now my memories of this forum are fond ones. This truly was a place of light during a time of intense darkness, and I'd like to thank all of those who provided words of wisdom and comfort to me, just when I needed it.


The conversations between LancsLad, darkshine and I, are ones that I'll never forget. Each PM and each kind post in their own unique way helped cultivate the man I have become today. Without this forum, during the early days of 2012, I don't know if I would have coped with my circumstances as well as I did.


I'm editing here, as I'm technically banned from the forum and this is my only form of communication. I just wanted to bury the hatchet and apologise for how things ended prior to my departure. I should have known that I would not have copped moderating THIS forum - I capitalise the word 'this' to add emphasis to the fact that it felt as if I was policing friends and family. I didn't feel right, and it sent me into quite the spin. This doesn't excuse my actions, but please know that during this time, my mindset was far from a healthy one.


I post daily on another ASD forum under the name 'Ben' - I shan't name the forum, out of respect for you guys, but if you happen to bump into me, then you know who I am. I'm pleased to say that the help and support I received on this forum, has given me the motive to help others in the same way. It's become somewhat of subconscious passion of mine. Whether I'm right or I'm wrong, my words always come from the heart.


I'm sorry to deface an old thread, but to be honest, this never really got a huge response anyway.


Hope you're all doing well.


Take care.



A question that's asked a lot is, what does my member title mean? well:

0-9 is Norfolk Broads
10-49 is Salisbury Hill
50-99 is Scafell Pike
100-249 is Snowdon
250-499 is Ben Nevis
500-999 is Mt Blanc
1000-2499 is Kilimanjaro
2500-4999 is Mt McKinley
5000-9999 is K2
10000+ is Everest

A question I get asked very frequently is how do I change my title like you do warrior? well

Go to your profile,
Click edit my profile,
scroll down, and you should find a box called member title,
Type into that box what you want your member title to be,
Then save.

Your new member title will now show.

Anymore questions regarding this, then post below.



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You are a moderator though and you've been on longer than most so you have the privilege (if that's what you can call it, LOL!) to change your member title to whatever you want. The rest of us are stuck with mountains because the forum software does not allow us to change that attribute.


But what if a member isn't a mountain person? What if they'd prefer their title to indicate skyscrapers and towers (world's tallest skyscrapers) or different city sizes (world's largest cities), etc? It seems a little silly to make that attribute static? Couldn't they offer a choice of different scales - e.g. give a member an option of incrementing it by mountain size, city size, skyscraper size, lake size or star size??

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Hi! I have just tried to change my member title to Highland Main Line in accordance with the instructions provided but it will not allow me to overtype. I see that this thread was last updated in January; has there been any further progress?


I should clarify I have nothing whatsoever against the Norfolk Broads; it sounds like a lovely tranquil place and I have a good penpal in King's Lynn but that is my only connection to that area and I am passionate about my identity as a Highlander! (Hard won; I only managed to move up here last year after 17 years in Edinburgh; another lovely place but my heart had craved being here for a quarter of a century with all the intensity of autism amplified devotion.) However now that I know what the member title means and that it is not a technical error, I am happy to wait along with everyone else until it can be changed.


It did however also cause a certain degree of anxiety to see it on my profile when I had only just registered as it made me wonder why something I am doing from my home computer in Aviemore had brought up that title; it made thoughts of security and hacking issues flit across my mind and I feel that is also worth bearing in mind as other members may get a fright as similar thoughts occur to them before they have the chance to come across this explanatory thread, well signposted though it is.


All the best!



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Oh I see! Because the Norfolk Broads are very flat! Hahahahaha! LOL!


I must say, it's very confusing at first. Especially when you don't realize the context is mountains... :-)


By the way, as far as I can see, there is no "member title" box on the "editing my profile" page. Judging by the previous post, maybe they took this away because it didn't work.


I think perhaps the default titles are a bit too confusing actually, and should probably be changed. I kept thinking the person I was talking to lived in Norfolk! Until I noticed what mine said, that is....

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