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PIP appeal

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Got turned down for PIP for son then got turned down again at mandatory reconsideration phase so decided to appeal to tribunal.

Got turned down - now waiting for date.

Both the initial form and rejection seemed to focus a lot on the physical aspects more than anything which is why it got turned down. What am I doing wrong?

BTW son has now finally got a formal diagnosis. Will this help? Or is it too late for that now?

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It all depends on which assessor you get on the day to be honest. Evidence from as many different sources regarding how your son's affected.

If he has coordination difficulties emphasise those as well.

Hope he gets his PIP on appeal.

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Of course it was DLA not PIP because he was under 16...


Wow its been a long road. Two years after initial claim the triubunal has OKed it.

The tribunal agreed to pay DLA for three years from December 2017 to December 2020. Trouble is son turned 16 in October 2019 just gone. Wasn't aware that you could get past your 16th birthday and that it changed to PIP?

Well anyway, DWP have paid the backdated money (YAY!!!!) to October 2019 but thats it. No mention of anything past his birthday. What do  I need to do?

Will they pay DLA until December 2020? I was hoping they would until we sorted out PIP claim....

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Sorry no one's replied to your post.

After or around December 2020 your son should get an invite to claim for pip as his dla will be running out. He will be expected to ring up and apply over the phone (unless his autism prevents him from using the phone and he's classed as severely autistic and you're down with dwp as managing his affairs).

The NAS has some online guides which can help you with pip.


Hope this helps.

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