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    Colour Change

    Oh wow i can do it
  2. <'> <'> Dont beat yourself up over it we all have days like that and if your son is anything like mine they will get up in the morning and have forgotten anything from the night before. <'> <'> jayne xx
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    Name: Jayne Age: 38 Conditions: 6 year old son has PDD-NOS (ASD), i have eczema and asthma Hobbies: computers and foruming, reading, at mo exercise as need to lose weight LOL Favourite Foods: Cauliflower cheese, cheese on toast, cheese obviously, crisps and fresh cream cakes Yum Yum Favourite Colour: purple Worst food: liver, kidney, broccoli Pets: Max our 5 year old minature schnauzer, and 6 koi carp fish called Harry, Ron, Herimine, the train, red ranger, blue ranger. (my son named them after his obsessions Harry Potter and the SPD power rangers LOL TV Programmes: Big brother, X factor, eastenders, tiny tearaways, news Website: i havent got one This is a great idea Ruby
  4. I can only speak for myself and the school that my son is in as i have heard the authorities arent that clued up around here. We live in Bedfordshire, in a small village and my son goes to a small village school (57 kids in whole school) and they have been brilliant, they are so clued up, the reception teacher who is also Senco is great and brought it to our attention that he might be autistic and now that he is in class 1 is teacher now has a son who has Aspergers so the support is second to none. Every seminar i go to they pay to go aswell (school funds) and actually listen to the parents point of view. My son has 15 mins one to one reading daily, 1.5 hours on a Monday for lanuage understanding and 2 hours on a Wednesday for motor-coordination and he hasnt got a statement they decided thats what he needed. Brill huh Jayne xx
  5. jayjay


    I dont know about bus ratios but in the classroom if the kids go on a school trip for reception class which is 5 years old its 1 adult to every 3 kids and in the other classes its 1 adult to every 5 kids and that is in a mainstream school but they do give exception to my son and he is in a group as small as the 5 year olds (he is 6 years old) dont know if that helps. jayne xx
  6. jayjay

    My poor son

    my poor son has Scarlet Fever, he woke up this morning with bright red patchy cheeks and he had a rough night so took him to doctors instead of school this morning and he says its Scarlet Fever which shocked me cos i thought he was going to say Slap Cheek syndrome anyway i had all last week of work cos it was the school holidays and now i have upset them cos i cant go in . jayne xx
  7. I took my son to see this on Saturday and he absolutely loved it and he also roared with laughter bless him I agree with you whole heartly Emum that it is well worth watching jayne xx
  8. Our son, who is 6 years old to an extent is the opposite as he gets quite obsessional about foods for instance for the last 2 months he wants constantly chocolate ice cream in a cone (at least 4 a day more if he could get it) fab lollies, chocolate mini yoghurts, aero choc bars,and cups of tea the condition is that he has to have breakfast (coco pops only no milk) and lunch and dinner of my choice within reason (he doesnt like any gravys or sauces on dinners) but when it comes to going to the toilet he forgets all the time i have to remember him constantly and he can go all day with no drink and no toilet unless i tell him to have a drink and go to the toilet he would forget both jayne xx
  9. thank you to everyone who replied it makes alot more sense when its explained to you. Lucas a very good point about people not knowing what other people are thinking or daydreaming about, i never thought about it like that. jayne xx
  10. Our son tends to look at us for about 3 seconds then looks anywhere but at you, we havent forced the issue and the school dont seem to have a problem with this so we have let him be, also going off thread Oracle what you said about your sons with the MP3 player and the DS our son is exactly the same he carries his gameboy everywhere with him and if we go to relatives houses he is allowed to take his playstation which i have to say he is also taking too Portugal in 4 weeks when we go it calms him down just knowing that he has them with him and if he wants to play with them and chill out we let him. jayne xx
  11. jayjay


    Oh wow thats sounds like good news, i will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you. jayne xx
  12. I wonder if anyone can help me our son who has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS all of a sudden seems to have imagination, he has never shown signs or understood things that he cant seebut in the last few weeks this has changed. There is a show on telly called Upside Down show and on this show you have to press a pretend remote control (these are the instructions from the presenters) and the presenters pretend to pull a rope and pretend to fall over nothing that can be seen, the whole show is based on pretending and it has our son in fits of laughter over there antics which is lovely but got me thinking, as i have heard so many times that kids on the spectrum dont have imagination. Just wondered if anyone had any views on this. Thanks Jayne xx
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