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  1. Thanks for asking that Tilly, will I need an extra remote remote for the games. Gardenia
  2. Gardenia


    Very interesting remarks thanks to all who replied. Gardenia
  3. Just thought I would ask this as it has cropped up in another thread. Does anyone find it offensive to say that their child is autistic. My other child has diabetes and I don't think anyone has ever corrected me when I say he needs his insulin he is diabetic, whereas I have been reprimanded in the past to be told your child is not autistic he has autism. Is it political correctness going too far. Gardenia
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    Does anyone ever think that there will be a 'cure' for autism in the future. Gardenia
  5. I also love this particular book and I bought copies of it for the in-laws and my parents. It was much easier for me to tell them to read it and tell the family that I often feel like the way the parents in the book feel rather than try to explain my feelings and emotions without getting upset. I also took some ideas and strategies that the author used for her son, one which was a huge success in our household was having two identical purses, one having notes in and the other having a few coins in to show tha we did not have enough money for a particular item. Lovely book, which I often refer to sometimes for ideas, other times for hope and on some occasions just to know that there was someone who also felt like me and got through it. Gardenia
  6. Thats exactly what I thought. My gripe is with the headline and not the mother. I don't want to be judgemental about the mothers lifestyle these were her feelings and sentiments, having not read the book yet the mother may well have wrote a lot of the positive, rewarding times bringing up a child with SEN. Regards Gardenia
  7. I too did not like the headline of the article, but I thought the article was a very honest account of the way the mother felt and how she coped - and I think he is much loved and she wanted the best for her boy. I don't think its ever taken lightly to give ones child meds - in fact she initially refused the meds and didn't give them to him until he was 9. Some words seem to offend others whereas they don't seem to bother others. e.g. whilst I was growing up at home my father would raise the roof if we ever called anyone stupid and my mother wouldn't let us say a child was wicked. I think the word monster has offended a lot of people - although quite often I feel like I have two monsters and one of those is NT. Maybe the mother used that word because of the monstrous acts that her son is capable of doing. In an ideal world it would be amazing if we all had the patiences of Job and understood our children and empathised but sometimes I as a parent cannot be strong and rational 24/7 and break down. I think we just have to read many of the posts on this forum to know how challenging, heartbreaking etc. it is living with a child with ASD and behavioural issues. Regards Gardenia
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    OMG OMG!!

    Lovely, Lovely news
  9. Do I Shout Too Much YEEEEESSSSS
  10. Have to admit to not knowing who that Samuel Johnson was Had to do a quick Google. Baddad you are well read Gardenia
  11. Fiorelli that was a very fair comment, which showed both sides of the coin, but i do think we have all been guilty of discussing people and their children without their knowledge e.g. my son came home from school at the beginning of the year with a letter about this forum and that a child, staff and school had all been discussed without any of the aforementioned's knowledge or permission. I know the post which Tilly had removed has been openly discussed on another forum and it was interesting to read others views - some were all for the celebrity to announce that his son had an ASD and promote public awareness whilst a lot of people thought we should give his family the privacy which they were in their right to have. I too don't like to think that me and mine are being discussed but that is the nature of people and I hold my hands up to doing the self same thing. Gardenia
  12. This thread reminds me of a one I started awhile back about my boy handflapping and me stopping him. It got very heated so I would like to support Baddads comment about agreeing to differ rather than to take offence. I for one try to make my boy conform, but I know my lad and his understanding and the best way to approach him so it doesn't feel like a negative. Like Lya I too have offered a different more acceptable stim, he would often lick things so I gave him chewing gum, and my boy wearing his headphones on a bus whilst playing his gameboy is the norm for most boys his age, so if there is an alternative I try to use it. Gardenia
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    T.V. Programmes

    My boy hates the news too. Says there are too many bad things going on and is terrified that they will happen to him. Gardenia
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