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  1. hi all as you know ive been trying to have the twins diagnosed as i think they might have autism in november we went to a clinic arranged by cahms they did 3 test on each twin the 1st was the eye test where they had 30 pair of eyes and had to tell what each one was the 2ns test was 3 peices of text which they read to them and asked them to answer questions on this the 3rd piece was 3 pictures which they had to describe what was in each picture this took 45 mins for each twin the specialist meet us last week and said these 3 tests where the core criteria to discovering if they had autism they passed all tests so they dont have it when i suggested that how come they still have osbessions and timekeeping issues plus rigid routines he suggested speech and language theraphy eh! i dont get that he said they may have a congnitive ability as twin 1 likes things described better in pictues as he understands it better and twin 2 has to touch an feel everything including his food as we know a lot of his senses are in his fingers they are still behind at school and will never achieve the grade they are supposed to for a year 6 i think its grade 4 but am not sure would welcome advice on this please where do i go from here all adivce would be greatfully appreciated luv karin
  2. so sorry to hear of phasmids passing i know he will be sorely missed on this forum he was a great help to all on here my condolences go to his wife and family karin
  3. carolj that was absolutley beautiful what you wrote about your son and i agree with you i am exactly as you described yourself as what is normal and what is not but having read this i will try everyday to let my twins be who they really are instead of what society expects them to be
  4. hi all ive popped in now and again but am back online now well after all the tragedy i had last year the council finally housed us in a 3 bedroomed masionette in november its not brilliant but it will do so coming up to xmas i invited my mum over from spain as i didnt want her to spend her first xmas alone we had a quiet xmas an new year i felt we needed it after everything that happened to us last year (my dad dying an my brother dying in the space of 8 months) in between the move the twins had to go to a clinic near us with camhs they were each given a test to do with eye recongnition 4 peices of text were read to them and they had to decide the story and then 3 pictures where presented to them they were told to explain what was going on in the picture the results were they are not on the asd spectrum and they dont feel any need to pursue this any further me an hubby both have an appointment to see the specialist in feb what do you think i should do go or not? is it worth it im just fed up banging my head against a brick wall an getting nowhere what is the point after 3 tests they have already made their mind up about the twins have i been wrong all these years about them? please give me advice i so desperatley need it yours karin
  5. karin


    amanda word will never express what you are going through i send my condolences to you and your family at this very difficult time and take care of each other
  6. hi pippin just read your news im sending you my condolences on the loss of your mum its never easy take care of yourself an all your family hope all goes well sending you lots of these <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'>
  7. hi allfirst chance ihave had to be online in ages and am doing this at my local library well the situation with the house is this in august this year my brother died he was only 46 he had a heart problem brought on by his diabetes what a shock it was for us all he was my big brother and my only brother i miss him every day and probably will till the day i die me my mum an hubby went to scotland for his funeral he was very well liked as there was 600 people there obviously the house move was put on hold to allow us time to grieve,but to make matters worse to this horrible year we have had a little boy who attends school with my twins died he was friends with both of them so in grief myself i had to try an comfort them as best i could its not been easy and to put the icing on this horrible year they cancelled the twins's first appointment for their assessment i was so angry i rang the specialist up to complain they duly sent an appointment for them they both to attend next month the house is moving on and hopefully by the end of novemeber i shall have moved out ive provisionally been given a 3 bedroom maisonette when all repairs are done to it ive not told anybody not even my kids for fear of something going wrong but heres hoping we can end this year on a high note hope i dont sound to maudlin its just been a very difficult year for me and one im not likley to forget in a hurry but all keep smilin hope to be backonline within the next month so can catch up with you all luv karin
  8. hi all just to let you know this is my last day on the forum my internet is due to be switched off tomorrow i am still hanging in the balance concerning a house have been to local paper an am just about to phone them back was 3rd in line for a 3 bed masionette in a certain area but have been told all 3 are under repair yet a friend of mines daughter has been given a 3 bed masionette in another area which is still under repair it makes me sick there are houses all over the area i have picked empty yet they expect me to go to homeless accomodation they cant even temporarily house me in an empty house i know of one which has been empty for 3 years they havent went near it to repair it oh but if i get my moving date it will give me more points what goods that if they cant give me a house in the area i want which is half of the town i want sorry not to be able to let you know how i get on but hopefully will be online soon with a new address an tell you how it all went take care everyone karin
  9. thanks everyone for your replies some answers for you i have not contacted shelter i have been on their website an got some information off of it which has pointed me in some directions i.e.citizen advice,my mum will help out with a deposit for us trouble is getting private housing is getting impossible no offence to anyone on this site but we have an influx of eastern europeans in our area who have taken up most of the private housing out of 30 calls i have made 1 is available an it might be ready in 4 weeks which takes me to my next answer yes it looks like we may have to split up as a family to share with other family never mind onwards an upwards ho hum karin
  10. well we had our meeting yesterday with homeless officer and head of council what a waste of timne when the head of council decided to turn up 15mins late she had been swimming an had obviously forgotten great council workers we have sorry just fizzing as far as im concerned the council could not give a rats toss what happens to us when we mentioned 2 maisionettes in town which were empty they said oh yes your 3rd on the list if there had been 3 empty would we have been fourth then the head of council suggests a private rent a guy she knows he has one near us but will not be ready for 4 weeks plus he asking too much money as it only a 3 bedroomed house we dont think we will qualify for much rent as oldest son is working and just had our adjustement for this house an they taking of quite a lot a month as he works dont know where to turn to next 3 weeks an we will be totally homeless at my wits end with worry i could take a house other end of town but full of alkies an junkies not a snob but dont want my kids brought up in that environment an once you get there you cant get out as know one wants to move there hence the low uptake of housing in these areas any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated karin
  11. thanks wilson but im afraid in my area if you choose to go with housing associations you loose your place on the housing register an are taken off it as far as their concerned you are housed so they dont worry bout you any more an anyway im not a snob or anything but our housing associations are either full of junkies or alkies they tend to put them all in the same area thanks anyway all adivce greatly received just a quick update on my situation i made such a hoo hah this morning to the chief execs secretary hubby an i have a meeting next tuesday with the head of council (whom ive met before) and the homeless officer not expecting miracles but at least i will get my questions answered instead of being mumbled to every time i ask something keep smilin luv karin
  12. hi everyone thanks for all your replies and encouraging help loulou i filled a housing form in over a year ago we have just been sent a renewal form asking us if we still want a house although they just sent us a letter last week about our meeting with the homeless officer doh im sorry to say this but in a recent national poll our council came out as one of the worst in britain for housing needs in the 90's they dont know how many houses they actually own as my mum received a letter from her solicitor last week to say there would be a 2-3 week delay in selling her house because when he sent the deeds to the land registry they phoned back to say our council still owned the land although mum an dad have owned the house for 27 years an shes not the first person its happened too he has had 8 in the last 2 weeks and a total of 15 in the last month what chance have we of getting a house if they dont know who owns what ho hum,but i didnt phone head of council today went to welfare rights who couldnt see me till next week full all this week she gave me a new list of private landlords an also a number to phone about a new project called accomodation who may help us fingers crossed oh and i also got the twins specialist to write them a letter to say they were on the autistic spectrum disorder (they are both going for tests in september to see how far along the spectrum they are so not actually diagnosed yet)when i enquired bout this to the homeless officer she said she didnt know if she had received the letter as she hadnt got our file with her although it was her department who phoned us up to come an fill a homeless form in ho hum never mind keep smilin luv karin
  13. hi everyone sorry i havent replied to you all nothing has happened since i last posted im still here in the same situation although tomorrow im going to phone the chief executive of the council he is my last hope to help me get a house if not its the papers for me nothing else for it our local mp is useless he doesnt even live in the same town as us and only cares about things that get his photo in the paper keep smilin luv karin
  14. i know a lot of you know me on this site although i dont come on very often but im at the end of my tether as you all know in jan this year my father died in spain my mum came home in june to sell the house we live in she sold it in 2 weeks which is good for her but not so good for us we have been to housing a dozen or so times to be told there is no house for us and we should private rent as we have 4 sons me hubby an a dog and both of us dont work no one is interested in taking us (bad risk or something i think) although dhss will pay our rent to the landlord anyway bout 2 weeks ago i went up on a saturday as our council have a one stop shop whereby councillors have surgeries well it just happened to be the leader of the council who was there that day with another councillor expained everything to her an also put in a complaint that a 60year old couple were given a 4 bedroomed house in our area which i thought wasnt fair,last week we received a phone call from housing to have a meeting with homeless officer an all they could offer us was homeless accomodation which is a horrible place you have to share bathroom,kitchen and living room with other people an they charge you 100.00 per week to store your furniture i refused it an asked why people coming into our town could not have this instead of all the houses she said find private rent when i mentioned a house down road from us which had been empty for 7 months all i got was theres something wrong with it,its been excuse after excuse an im sick of it,i have also got my twins's football manager involved in it he's a social worker well he rung me yesterday to say it was looking hopefull i was to go up every day to see them but when i rung them this afternoon i was again told whats the point coming every day theres nothing we can do for you get private rent im going round an round in circles an to top it all we only have 3 weeks at the most in this house please help me im out of my mind with worry thinking we will all end up in the street karin
  15. jen rose i once was watching the news when the guy who owns mocrosoft (cant remember his name at the mom) and looked at his fingers they tended to curl in at an odd shape and then i realised my twins fingers do the same sort of thing probably nothing to do with why they photographed your fingers but just thought id mention it i was interested in the protein in the blood thing as i myself carry too much protein in my body and had a lot of it in my urine when i was pregnant with the twins wonder if i passed it on to them just another thought i have had dealings with cambridge i sent away for the cast test for the twins and this came back as high i e-mail one of their research assistants who has helped me from time to time would love to go there and see it although its only for adults glad you enjoyed your time there keep smilin luv karin
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