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  1. Hi Delyth I was wondering if you were still about on the forum; good to hear from you. Small beginnings ... only three of us at the group's first meeting last Thursday but definitely worth attending. Meetings will be monthly on the last Thursday of the month, starting from January. Greetings from our group to yours! Billabong
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    hi newbie

    Hi Rachel Welcome to the forum! I don't have children so can't honestly empathise with you there, however I know how isolated life can be. It's not really like that on the forum, honestly! I'm sure there will be plenty of advice, support and encouragement coming. Hang on in there, gal! All the best and <'> from Billabong
  3. Thanks Kathryn! It's good to be back, especially with news of a partners' group (this evening). MBF, I've just PM'd you but forgot to say that I'll be happy to share ideas on setting up a group and to offer encouragement. Billabong
  4. Welcome news for partners living in the north-east of the UK. NAS North-East is setting up a support group for partners of people diagnosed as being on the AS spectrum or who feel their partner is on the AS spectrum. The first meeting will take place in Durham at a venue close to the station this Thursday evening 11/11/10 at 18:30. The NAS contact is Deborah Garland, deborah.garland@nas.org.uk
  5. D'oh! You're taking me literally!!! Happy Christmas - and hey, looks like it will still be white up here Billabong
  6. Just heard a bit of the intro to this which mentioned something about Hans Asperger being on the programme today. It's on now.
  7. I toggle between the two, depending on who I'm talking to (bit like putting on the posh accent without realising it). I'd go with the hard G - but then again, it could be that Herr (or Herr Doktor) Asperger inherited his name from some distant French relative, in which case it would be with a soft G and the name would be pronounced something like Aspairjair. Oh dear, don't you think it's time I went and stuck my head in a bucket of cold snow? Billabong
  8. Ooh yummy! But aren't you meant to cook mince pies? Sorry, couldn't resist that.
  9. Hi NobbyNobbs What was the outcome of your GP's finding out more about Melatonin? I have a suspicion that most GPs will be reticent to prescribe it. It sounds too good to be true - like most products which are meant to work wonders. Has anyone tried magnesium spray? It didn't make any difference at all, although it did smell quite nice (fine if you like the smell of aromatherapy oils). So much for the placebo effect; perhaps it works for some people. DH said that it looked like one of those bottles of cooking oil sprays. Now there's a thought ... I wonder if cooking oil would have worked? Eeeh, I'll try anything if it might help, ha ha not. Isn't there a plug that you can, um, un-plug at night to stop brain going whirr, whirr, whirr? Hey, it's nearly Christmas! More snow forecast tonight for this part of the world! Have a good one, Billabong
  10. Hello Special Talent Thought it was really good - you come across as a lovely person, if I may say so, and Alex reminds me of my nephew. As an NT person, think it helped to give me more of an insight into AS/autism and I can also identify with some of what was said. That party would have terrified me, it was my idea of a nightmare! Billabong
  11. Hello Hairspray Queen and welcome to the forum I can't claim to be young (but who said I have to behave my age?) but can certainly identify with much of what you write. Do feel free to PM me any time. It's great to realise you're not alone and, NT or AS, there's support 'out there'. All the best Billabong PS love the name!
  12. I've always had a penchant for 'etiolated'. Strange, that, given I also like the word 'billabong'. Other words wot I like include: ebullition perfunctory machination nebulous CHOCOLATE Words I don't like: penchant (not when it's spoken) gyroscopic THERE IS NO CHOCOLATE LEFT
  13. billabong


    No, no, no, the words are "I'm gonna wash that hair right out of my man" and yes, they would be the ideal words for advertising depilatory cream for the extra-hairy man. And wasn't there a song by the Plaiters? Sorry, I can't find a 'cheesy' joke icon. Billabong
  14. billabong


    Hi Louise Welcome! My partner is AS (but not diagnosed). Hope you find this a helpful, friendly place. Billabong
  15. I'm with you there on the neck and shoulder tension - especially after I've made a social effort with people I don't know really well. It's a great way of measuring how comfortable I feel with people, ha ha. Tensing and relaxing muscles by muscle group from head downwards (progressive relaxation, think it's called) sometimes works really well, even better if I combine it with relaxed breathing - breath in slowly for 3 counts, hold for 3 counts, breath out slowly for 3 counts, repeat for as long as you want (remember to breath out or else you get the wrong kind of relaxed!). I've found a facial treatment including facial massage is really good for relaxing - but not very often otherwise the effect on finances is very unrelaxing. No good at all if you don't like being touched though. Other things that sometimes work: writing down what's bugging me, cutting back on doing things if I'm too busy, gardening, going for a brisk walk or slow jog, going somewhere away from people and having a good shout and roar, crying, watching a film or programme that makes me laugh.
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