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  1. <'> To all that vaguely remember me... and those who dont. Its been about 2 years (maybe 3) since ive been here but in that time DS has finally been diagnosed with ASD and finally been statemented...waited soooo long for that, i actually cried when it came through...anyway.. hello hello to everyone. its good to be back.
  2. mel

    The Screaming Thread

    GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! cough cough, that hurt my virtual throat. oooooooh my, thats much better. went for DS dx yesterday and got a semi dx instead. She hasnt decided wether ASD or HFA, she forgot to finish scoring him!!! i had to cancel my cashcard last tuesday and i am still waiting for them to send me another...i live miles away from the bank and have no money for the darn bus AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  3. S started babbling and singing at 3, We finally toilet trained him at 5-6 but he still wont use the loo at night. Although he is talking now at 7, his speech is still very immature and so is his comprehension of what we say.
  4. i really hope they do back you up. im having trouble with DS school at the moment cos they insist he is just a naughty boy. Good luck, and her angel wings may come out but eventually that little halo will slip lol.
  5. Helen, i dont know if this will help or not but when i first started going to cahms for DS dx he would behave like an absolute angel....typical! i think they thought i was neurotic. anyway, i got sick of them looking at me like i was a loon so i started secretly recording DS behaviour on my digi-cam to show them. I dont have my official dx yet but they have unofficialy told me it is definately ASD.
  6. mel

    **Sad news**

    Mrs P, im so sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my condolences, phas helped me and others many times on the forum and he will be missed. so sorry. xxxmelxxx
  7. My daughter and her schoolfriends all say i look like ozzy osbourne in fact....now i come to think of it....my mates say i look like ozzy too.... oh dear, time for a makeover i think
  8. mel


    awww Bard... I agree with you. My main annoyance is that the government thinks that teachers do a better job of raising our children than we do. they give teachers far too much responsibility and expect them to cure the nations ills...The best teacher in the world cant make up for lousy parenting. However, I am beginning to feel that the right of teachers to deal with children is overruling parental rights. I dont expect it to be your business (your as in teacher, not personally lol) I dont want it to be... overall i am responsible for my child. Its about time the goverment realised this.
  9. mel

    now what do i do??

    ty ty for your advice, i have given IPSEA a ring and im waiting for them to call me back. this morning the senco slipped up, apparently they have had his IEP review without even inviting me. (DS was off school the other week cos he had an operation) they claimed that they thought i would be too busy to attend!! She also implied that there were more deserving children than DS who needed their time more. I said "can i have that in writing please" she backpedalled swiftly lol. There is a flat spot in the middle of my head where i have been bashing it against the wall lol. i swear im gonna burst a blood vessel if this carries on.
  10. yes to all. i have learnt now tho. when on the phone i inform them that the conversation is being taped. when called to the school or meetings i take a witness and a dictophone. im afraid i lie and tell them that all the above is necessary because im partially deaf. now i dont have as many problems as before i caught on. just probs with ignorant teachers.
  11. mel


    oh yeah, and i forgot to add........they still send the kids home at christmas and easter with lots of sweets and chocs. one rule for them and one for us!
  12. mel


    My sons school has completely banned crisps, cakes, biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks. apparently they won a healthy eating award last year. Well, congrats to them but my son comes home for his lunch now.
  13. mel

    now what do i do??

    Just spoke to his teacher. She claims that his only problem is that he is not willing to conform and obey the rules. she got a bit stuck for words when i pointed out that he behaves perfectly well in 1-2-1. i wonder if its not another case of lets brush it under the carpet and blame the parent. there seems to be a lot of that about. I have made yet another appt to see the head. im not feeling sorry fer meself now. im ******* angry. his clinical psych said he has asd. the ados assesment psych says he has asd. we cant get an official dx until communications says its asd but the school think he is just a badly behaved little boy. im beginning to wonder why the school wont accept his obvious problems and deal with them.
  14. mel

    now what do i do??

    Hi again. I posted a bit back about DS troubles at school (thanks everyone for your help on that one) but he is still getting progressively worse. I cant get him statemented til he has been put on band 2 funding and the head wont do that til he has a full diagnosis. ( we are about 2/3 through this...he has been unofficially diagnosed with autism, we just have one more psych to see, not til next year tho) since the end of half term i have really battled getting him to school. once there he is fine with 1-2-1 but as soon as he goes back to classroom he kicks off with a vengeance. when i was picking him up for lunch (he wont eat in school) the senco said that he was terrible today. he was hitting other children, refusing to do his work and he even threatened his teacher with a ruler. He is only 7, what is he gonna be like in a few years?? Trouble is, i feel useless. i took him back about half an hour ago and im just sat here in tears wishing i could do something for him. I have absolutely no idea what to do or where to go for help and advice (apart from here of course). anyone got any ideas??
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