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  1. What a wonderful family! You are all a credit to one another, very good stuff! I think credit should also go to the fab film maker! It deserves to be broadcast on telly!
  2. My son is completely non-verbal at age 5 (six this July), he does make sounds/loud noises but not words and I am too desperate to hear the word 'Mummy' from him....or any other words! At 2.5 years, I would say don't worry too much as lots of NT children don't talk until later on......don't give up hope! Lisa xx
  3. Thanks Suze! <'> Ellis is a real little lovely, and is the sunshine in my life as is his sister, he is just so lovable and a real character. I love watching him, his face is a picture of joy when he finds a new interest or comfort in something! The avatar pic was taken by his teacher and it just sums him up....beautiful, sweet, smiley and extremely cute! He expresses a lot through gesture and some of his facial expressions, but to hear him speak would be better than a huge lottery win....the icing on the cake! Lisa x
  4. My son Ellis will be six year old at the end of July and he is still Non-Verbal, it really tears me up but you get used to it, however his cuddles and smiles tell me that he loves me and that he knows I'm his Mummy .....I dream about his voice sometimes, and in my sleeping state he sounds either High Pitched and Angelic or like Barry White! Hopefully one day..............for your boy and for mine! Lisa xx
  5. My son is five and on renewal of DLA last year, it was reissued till July 2018, when he reaches 16 years!
  6. I remember watching a BBC docu about him about twenty years ago! He was a real eye opener to me...A Child Prodigy, he was somebody that I never forgot, he left such an impression and made me want to find out more about Autism.....and look how things turned out! There are some excellent videos on You Tube, one in which he is taken on a helicopter ride across Rome and then he totally from memory creates a five yard length picture of all the buildings, St. Peters Cathedral and The Coliseum in great accuracy! He was also non verbal and only spoke when his teacher realised how much he loved to draw and she hid his art equipment so he would try and communicate with her...he did, his first words were,"Pencil and Paper!"
  7. There is an interview coming up at 11am today on ITV1's This Morning! A Parent and Child talking about how strangers can be judgemental and how to cope!
  8. I am at the point now, that I don't get angry any more, but I will use the situation to highlight the commenters ignorance..... For example, a few weeks ago at El's regular hospital appointments ( that involves a blood test and other investigations due to his iron problem and eating issues), El was in his MB and I also had my three old daughter with me and as we approached the lift, a male looked at El, then at me and says, "Gosh, he's too old to be in a pram, you should make him walk, the lazy thing!"....so I just smiled sweetly and said, "Can you just come here and look at this?"....as I pointed at something on the rear of the MB... I then saw his eyes bulge and his skin turn a nice shade of barbie pink as he reads, " Provided by Wirral Wheelchair Centre, St. Catherines Hospital etc, etc!" He then said, " Oh er oooh, I should know better really shouldn't I?" to which I said, " And I should follow you back to the ward on which you are nursing on and report you to your manager for being rude, shouldn't I, but you're not worth it!" I felt empowered that day and hopefully taught the nosey male nurse a valuable lesson!
  9. I read that yesterday morning also.....and it just echoes what Ellis is like, mouthing EVERYTHING..... Very sad for all who loved the little girl and for her senseless loss of life.
  10. ellisisamazing


    Pearl, I am so sorry <'> I too, have not on here much recently, what with not much time and other stuff happening, I am here always if you need a shoulder, e-mail me, pm here or the other places I hide out in! I really don't know what to say except that I'm sorry and sad that this is happening to your Mum and you and your family, you are always in my thoughts..... Love to you all Lisa xx
  11. Me Too! I mean, confused by the term Pansexual! I like nice things to cook with though......sorry, bad joke!
  12. I used them a few times when I felt really stressed and peopled were casuing the meltdowns to worsen by staring and commenting! Now I just tell them to "please, stop staring. My son has Autism and he needs some space, thankyou!" Once though, I did get soooo angry that I ended up ranting, "The Special Needs show is over now, thanks for watching and goodbye!" I'm in the calm, don't give a stuff what you think phase now!
  13. Bumping due to the topic of Lyndens thread! Please leave your story here!
  14. I feel the same way as you do, Lynden.....Ellis also being non verbal means I am constantly trying to guess what the problems and upsets are about and nine times out of ten I have no idea and no way of finding out.....very upsetting as a Mum and I do feel terrible about the communication barrier..but it's one them things you just have to deal with isn't it....I'd do anything for Ellis to speak, I would love to hear his voice... One Day hopefully! For you and me both!
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