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  1. Thanks for your response. My problem isn't with lack of experience as luckily I have continued to work in voluntary roles throughout my life, including in the legal sector. I have been told I will need to highlight the reason why I havent been in full time paid employment sinse 1993 though! So somehow I need to make caring for a child with Aspergers into a CV style job description and I have no idea where to start with that. The CV is complete apart from that bit :-(
  2. Hiya, I used to be on here quite a lot but I haven't been around for some time so you will probably not remember me! My son has Asperger Syndrome and we've had a pretty rough ride, education, health, social services, family and anyone else who could let us down....did! In a huge way! He even missed 4.5 years of school altogether. ANYWAY!! He is now 19 years old, and due to start university in September....yes! He IS awesome.....yes! So am I! :-) (Keep fighting people, you WILL get there in the end, even if you're exhausted by then!) So for the last couple of years I have been studying Law! I am intending to work in Educational Law, so I can help families like ours in the future. I am currently looking for work experience. I received an email back from the solicitors that assisted us with our problems. I would really love to be based there!! The problem I have is trying to word my "experience" from the last 20 years so that it sounds positive rather than negative and relevant to Law. Somehow, since it's mine, I don't seem to be able to!! Can anyone help please?
  3. Isn't that the one where you have to shout "BOGIES" real loud if you win? Kathryn I think we'd stick to the original rules. My kids luckily have a vocabulary sufficient for the old game!!! I think if anyone would need to buy that version for their kids then they are probably the sort of person that wouldnt buy it anyway!
  4. He's staying at the Vets overnight because when I went to pick him up he got too excited in his "drunken" state and his blood pressure rose so the wound started pumping blood everywhere and I freaked Blood pumping out of most places I can handle but eyes is something else! He looks terrible (and so do I)! But they think it was all contained in his eye so fingers crossed that will be the end of it once he (and I) recovers! It's so quiet in my house.....I dont like it!!
  5. Its like officially spring......and a quiet relaxing day!! With hyper sugar fed children lol
  6. Thanks for all your kind words. It is a very hard time indeed! Its a nightmare trying to consider the kids feelings when you are distraught yourself! I found something out this week, if you take a flash photograph you can diagnose some eye problems such as Cancer's. This works in people as well as animals so is worth knowing! I took a photo of Zeus so that you can see for yourself As you can see the left eye has a large part that doesnt reflect the light as it should. Both eyes are very dark brown when looking at him without the light so you cant see anything at all when looking at him, yet its blatently obvious something is wrong from the picture. Edit, not sure why the pic isnt showing up! Go to this link http://i39.tinypic.com/vpgf91.jpg
  7. Lorry, He isnt insured as we use the PDSA. They are very good and I trust them 1000%. They never ever do anything unless they really have to. They spent 6 hours repairing his leg when he shattered his femur after running out in front of a car in 2006. He spent so long in there and had to go back so many times afterwards for Xrays etc that they all know him. I swear if there is any more when they put him under they will be the first ones to cry! Thanks Tally, I was wanting a nice picture taken of him anyway, we were all supposed to be going to a photo shoot next month I will have to try and find someone that will come & take some really nice ones of him before Tuesday. Its not gonna be easy though with it being Easter and all! He has the worst timing!! And I know he will probably be fine, they are remarkably resilient! It will be me I think, Every time someone said "Isnt he beautiful" yesterday I just started crying! Cant help thinking well he wont be next week What a horrible thing to feel! I should be glad I saw anything at all!
  8. I'm basically in shock!!! I was sat here minding my own business yesterday, chatting rubbish on facebook....when my beautiful Dobermann came over to have a cuddle. He put his head on my lap as usual. I noticed that his eye looked a little "misty" so googled it (trusty old google!) I got several links come up saying although it is probably nothing that with eyes you just need to call the vets straight away anyway. So I did. They gave me an appointment for the same day. So I went to the vets and sat in the waiting room chatting rubbish with the rest of the people waiting, feeling sorry for them all with all their ailments. We get called in, I tell the vet, he takes a look.....i'm expecting to be told he has conjunctivitus or something....the vet says "Oh no thats not good" They NEVER say bad stuff! Even when its bad!! They always sound positive! So obviously bad is bad.....how bad..... He shows me inside his eye.... He has a growth inside his actual eye, not on the eyelid or tear ducts, but the actual eye itself inside. Half of his eye is taken over by this growth. The vet starts telling me about benign stuff and malignant and etc etc, basically telling me that usually they would do a biopsy but as its inside the eye they would risk him going blind anyway, but as its growing so fast a biopsy isnt even necessary, its very worrying how fast its grown and they need to remove his eye!!! He had his jab's at the end of January and was checked over at the time & nothing was there, now he has a tumor the size of a 10p peice!! I cant beleive it! I walked in with a "healthy" dog and out with one that may be dying! WTH!!! Sorry if that didnt make any sense
  9. Bensmum, I cant collect him myself as the activity doesnt finish until 9 and he's almost an hour away. I have another child aged 8 and it is only me with them at home so I couldnt leave him in bed to collect Cameron. Suze if he had already shared a taxi it wouldnt be as stressful, he would have known all along what was going to happen and had a chance to adjust to it. In his previous school there was a minibus that collected about 7 of them (with an escort though) It does state in his statement that he cannot cope with change and needs as much notice and explanation as possible if anything is to change. After 4 years of attending the same school in a taxi alone they decide during his GCSE's to just put another boy in the taxi and take away his extra curricular activities (which are his motivation to even go to class!) Sally, my son is unfortunately on his final warning with the police because when he gets stressed out he is VERY violent. In December he almost killed me. If he was sharing a taxi with your son would you still think it best for me to have just let him go in the taxi stressed out? It isnt just my child i'm concerned about here. I have no way of contacting the other parent. The school wont give out those details and he is new in the school so i've not met her. I understand the legalities of it all and wish I hadnt had to keep him home. But no court would have fined me for keeping 2 boys safe. He is back at school now since I took him myself for a week and then managed to convince him that I will continue to fight them but he needs to stay strong. But he knows that all he has to do is kick off in the taxi and they will have to give him his own! I am trying really hard to show him that violence isnt the way to deal with situations and the LEA are basically teaching him it is! In the mean time he is so stressed out by the time he gets there that he is no longer attending classes! The LEA are responsible for his education and their actions are failing him. Our Social Worker has written expressing her concerns, his Psychiatrist has also written, I have written to our MP and forwarded the complaint to the Local Gov't Ombudsman but we are yet to get an answer.
  10. to help me out writing a letter? My son has been attending the same school for 3 years now. When we moved to another LEA area the new LEA decided he could share a taxi although he had originally had his own taxi. This caused a great deal of anxiety & problems especially since he was already struggling at school at the time and him and the other boy didnt get along. At an annual meeting (2008) transport was brought up and it was decided that he would have his own taxi but the LEA representative stated that it would have to be reviewed at a later date. We havent heard anything since and he has had his own taxi. He was also staying late every Monday and Wednesday evening for extra curricular activities. After half term he went back to school and was sharing with another pupil. No notice was given regarding this he just got in the taxi and someone else was there. Initially my son wasnt too bothered about it although I knew it wouldnt last long. Since he has been sharing he has had to stop his extra curricular activities, he gets shouted at if he isnt in the taxi straight away because someone else is waiting and if any changes need to be made they cant! Today things have come to ahead, apparently the school were trying to get the LEA to agree to allow him to stay as he would have done preiously but all the LEA said is that "if the other boy wants to stay we can change the taxi, otherwise no." After this my son actually had the other boy up by his throat. Apparently it was a "play fight" but I know it wouldnt have happened if the transport wasnt causing him agitation and I am really concerned about it escalating. Which I know it will!! I spoke to the transport services today and said that as far as I am concered my son was always supposed to have his own taxi until such time as it was agreed otherwise and that he will not be returning to school until things have been sorted out. They have told me to put my concerns in writing. Now I know what I want to say but when emotionally involved in something I find it very hard to get down on paper so to speak and am wondering if anyone would be able to take some time to help me out?
  11. I had a long hard battle getting my son any education, it was a few years back though so not sure if the provision has improved at all. We live in Bristol but on the outskirts in between Bath & Bristol. If you can get him into one of the Priory schools in Frome it is worth the battle. Although still nowhere near perfecton! Is it Farleigh or North Hill House? My son attends Farleigh as a day pupil
  12. My son is also on Respiradone but a lower does, 0.5mg twice a day. This has helped us no end! He isnt any different in himself......but he longer has "meltdowns", since being on it he has much more normal and easier to control moods. Good luck & thinking of you :-)
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