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  1. What experiences do people have of getting support in college for socialising/peer mentoring at breaktimes ? My son is 18 and has just started, but is very anxious. He manages the work OK, but breaktimes are a nightmare, and he has already been "set-up" and called a nerd
  2. Hi, I had this issue with my son when he was about 14yrs after he nearly choked too. I used to mince up EVERYTHING and made no fuss whatsoever ! entire roast dinners were minced up as that was the only way he could eat. Gradualy, this were "less minced" and slowly he returned to normal. the fact that your daughter says she would like a bacon buttie is great, say thats great, and then mince it up for her, but don't stand and watch her eat it, leave her to it as tho it's a perfectly normal thing to do ! Good luck
  3. Many thanks Ian, do youknow of anyone in Scotland ? there appears to be a lack of expertise !
  4. Does anyone have any tips/strategies for a 13yr old with DSD who would dearly love to learn to read ?
  5. Hi You could get your parents to e-mail me at ann@lorntyglen.org.uk and then we can have a chat and see if we can organise something.
  6. Hi, The club is in Blairgowrie, so it could take you a while, but not impossible ! I run it every fornight on a Saturday afternoon. Age range is from 14yrs upwards. Feel free to pm me with more details if you feel you would be interested in coming along.
  7. Hi Justamum, At least he has something to do that he is enjoying. Feel free to get in touch anytime. Ann
  8. I moved to Perthshire in February, and have started a youth group for young people with Asperger syndrome or higher functioning autism. The group is run through common interest, assisted activities, and meets every fornight on a Saturday throughout the year. I ran a similar group in Buckinghamshire for 5 years, and am hoping to have the same success in Scotland. For further details please contact ann@lorntyglen.org.uk
  9. Yes, they have to sign a form, and there has to be a risk assessment done, and everybody, including you has everybody else's contact numbers in case of a problem. As long as thats done it should be OK Good luck
  10. My son had full time 1 - 2 - 1 support in school, and so he had the same for his work experience. The same TA went with him to his work experience placement, and as a result he managed very well. If your son has 1 - 2 - 1 in school on a statement, then he has the same rights as part of his work experience, otherwise he would be unable to access what the others in his peer group are accessing, and is therefore being treated "less favourably"
  11. no words can express adequately - we'll be watching Dr. Who God bless <'>
  12. My son sleeps too much ! He is aged 16yrs and falls asleep at school. After he has had a sleep, for about 20 minutes or so, he is bright and more willing to enagage. I have taken him to the doctor and he will have some blood tests on Monday. The best she could offer tho' was send him to bed at 9.00;pm !?!? It is referred to as somnolence, which is different to fatigue apparently. He goes to bed at 11.00pn and sleeps through till 7.00am, has a very good diet, all organic, chicken, veg, oats fruit etc. Does anyone else have this problem, and what has been the result ? Ann
  13. My son has just turned 16 and has full time support in his statement. Does anyone know how this is likely to transfer if we move to Scotland ?
  14. Hi Greenman, I run two groups in High Wycombe and Aylesbury, also two youth clubs. www.autismbucks.co.uk
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