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  1. HI, No apologies for the later entry. It been interesting reading them all and on the other question I posted about left or right-handed Aspies. Andy Greenman
  2. It does seem there is again a pattern forming. From the postings it seem that most Aspies on the forum are talking very early and are late walkers! This strange because possible indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders are: * Does not babble, point, or make meaningful gestures by 1 year of age * Does not speak one word by 16 months * Does not combine two words by 2 years * Does not respond to name * Appears to be deaf or 'wanders' Communication difficulties By age 3, typical children have passed predictable milestones on the path to learning language; one of the earliest is babbling. By the first birthday, a typical toddler says words, turns when he hears his name, points when he wants a toy, and when offered something distasteful, makes it clear that the answer is "no." Speech development in autism takes a different developmental path than in neurotypical children. Some autistics remain mute throughout their lives, while being fully literate and able to communicate in other ways ? images, sign language, and typing are far more natural to them. Some infants who later show signs of autism coo and babble during the first few months of life, but stop soon afterwards. Others may be delayed, developing language as late as the teenage years. Still, inability to speak does not mean that autistics are unintelligent or unaware. Once given appropriate accommodations, many will happily "talk" for hours, and can often be found in autism-focused chat rooms, discussion boards, or websites, or even using communication devices at autism-community social events such as Autreat. Those who do speak often use language in unusual ways, retaining features of earlier stages of language development for long periods or throughout their lives. Some speak only single words, while others repeat the same phrase over and over. Some repeat what they hear, a condition called echolalia. Sing-song repetitions in particular are a calming, joyous activity that many autistic adults engage in. Many autistics have a strong tonal sense, and can often understand spoken language better if it is sung to them. Some children may exhibit only slight delays in language, or even seem to have precocious language and unusually large vocabularies, but have great difficulty in sustaining typical conversations. The "give and take" of conversation is hard for them, although they often carry on a monologue on a favorite subject, giving no one else an opportunity to comment. When given the chance to interact with other autistics, they comfortably do so in "parallel monologue" ? taking turns expressing views and information. Just as neurotypicals are not designed to understand autistic body languages, vocal tones, or phraseology, autistics similarly have trouble with such things in neurotypicals. In particular, autistic language abilities tend to be highly literal; neurotypicals often inappropriately attribute hidden "meaning" to what autistics say or expect the autistic to sense such unstated meaning in their own words.
  3. Can I again thank everone for their comments. Which from reading seems to around 15months on average for walking and a bit more split for talking. With one or two trying to talk as little as 6months. Again very interesting finding! Andy Grenman..
  4. Q. Straw Poll - Were your Aspes Early walkers or Early Talkers? A. Both my AS son and my daughter, were both very late walkers ( nearly 18months) and both were trying to talk around 6 months. Andy Greenman
  5. Hiya Greenman. Welcome to the Board.

    Jomica (Sue)

  6. Hi spectrumlady, Thanks for the posting, how often do your groups meet? You are fairly close to us here in Ealing. Just a 20 minute run up the A40. I like High Wycombe, we often go to shows at the Swan! Are you near there? On your website you quote drama sessions, this is something that our AS son enjoys. Have you found this to be a useful tool, when working with children with AS? Andy Greenman
  7. It seems at first glance that a high percentage are left-handed, very interesting! What do others think? Andy Greenman
  8. Hi Mel, He's like me, I am left -handed. I write and paint left-handed and I do most other things right-handed. Andy Greenman
  9. Q. Straw Poll - Are your Aspes, left or right-handed? A. My son is Right-handed Andy Greenman
  10. Hi Millymoo, You say that your husband was diagnosed last week with Aspergers. Did your Husband have any problems, when he was at school as a youngster? The reason for asking is last years our son S was diagnosed with Aspergers and after talking to the AS Doctor I could see a lot more of me in my son. I myself could not read and write until I was about 10, I had a lot of trouble getting what was in my head down on paper, my hand writing was and still is very poor (that's why I love PC's so much, no writing by hand) and a few other things to boot. I did read in one of Tony Attwood's books that AS can run in families. Before looking at your child, I would look to your husband's family to see if there is any history of AS there. If there seems to be a link beween your inlaws and your husband, then I would maybe ask myself does anything tie in with my child. Then I would seach for the right help. As your child is so young you would have a head start. Our son was 11 when he finally got his diagnosed of Aspergers. I hope this is of some use. Andy Greenman
  11. I think you should learn a few choice German words so you can play them at their own game! You dumb German - Sie simplifizieren Deutsch shut up and go home - schlie�t ab und geht nach Hause If your mouth was any bigger you will trip over you chin - Wenn Ihr Mund irgendein gr��eres war, das Sie �ber Sie Kinn stolpern werden Joking apart - Sometimes it's better not to say anything - "As mud thrown is ground lost!" Enjoy your trip in Augest. Hope it's better than the last one. Andy Greenman
  12. Did you know that today is Middlesex Day - 16th May? So says Russell Grant an old friend from years back! Andy Greenman and Proud Middlesex Saxon! VIVA MIDDLESEX - MIDDLESEX FOR EVER!
  13. I'm in is it your round Zaman? Andy Greenman
  14. I think we all should meet up in London and all get blind drunk! God! That would't half let off some off the pressure! lol Joking apart we all need some down time away from the kids for a few hours. What I'd give to be in a pub somewhere tonight! Andy Greenman
  15. Hey Hev, We feel the same at present- it all seems as if your treadding water and not getting anywhere! My wife has been very upset the passed few days, if it's not our son's school it's him playing up! The whole house is nearly at breaking point. This is why I have been trying to find a support group in our area. Just so we can speak to someone who understands and cares, to help let off some of this pressure! Be assured you and your family are in our throughts at this time. Andy Greenman Middlesex.
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