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    adams mum is right. most local health partnerships will have a board that meet once a month to discuss all psychological referrals. there they will decide who is best qualified to diagnose you. could be a psychiatrist or a psychologist. it reall will vary from area to area. for example i was sent to the learning disabilities clinical psychology department...i don't have a learning disability (it's as) but they were the best qualified in my area.
  2. I can do eye contact but i do find it difficult. I don't know why. It's easy with friends or people I trust. But usually if someone gives me eye contact i will instinctively not return it.
  3. I'm male with asd. I'm generally right handed...eat with my left though. But i'm left footed.
  4. Seems pretty common with ASDs. Even though i'm an adult i am still funny about clothes. Won't wear jumpers even when its freezing outside. Tend to prefer a limited wardrobe. When I was younger I was sensitve to the feel of materials like denim in particular...wont wear it at all and am wary of touching it. The smell of the clothes material can put me off too...especially leather and new clothes.
  5. Never go out on New Year. Went once when I was about 14 and it put me off. Too many people and I don't drink either. Have been watching the x files dvds all night...will stay up after midnight and watch tv. Don't get at all excited about New Year...times just rolls on regardless...dates don't mean much!
  6. Don't worry too much about the score. It might help point you in the right direction though. Anyway...it's sometimes hard to objectively test yourself. I'm sure I'm hard on myself sometimes and end up exaggerating a little here and there. Think the worms thing is about being interested in how things work...and a basic empathy test too I expect. The politics thing probably relates to 'being in a world of your own' and therefore not seeming interested in wider issues. Just guesses really.
  7. trd

    need a book

    Thanks for help. I have actually got that book; just reviewed it and I guess it does the job okay. Still seems like there needs to be a more adult based autism guide though...perhaps thats just me. Thanks again.
  8. trd

    need a book

    Hi As an adult recently as diagnosed i'm looking for a book to give to family and friends who are interested and want more info. Only problem is all books i read really focus on childhood. It would be a great help if there was a book more about as in adults. I know the childhood stuff is essential but it can be a barrier when showing people information that applies to me in books...they see the child bit and get confused i reckon. Any ideas?
  9. trd

    Bad day

    You're all very kind...feel a bit cheerier now. I do have some really good friends but the problem is i can't always get in touch with them as much as i'd like to...sometimes find it difficult to understand when someone is too busy to chat with me. Although I really like having friends i do find it an ENORMOUS pressure to maintain those friendships. I just hope they understand that too! Hope it's not asking too much. And it being xmas doesn't help when i'm on my own!
  10. trd

    Bad day

    Hi Just been diagnosed with as so am going through a bit of a 'coming to terms' period. 29 now and as meant nothing to me until 6 months ago (just thought I was odd). Anyway...perhaps because it's xmas I feel so left out of stuff. I only have about five friends and they are mostly work related and busy etc. Just wish i had the ability to make friends in the past. Seems like i am playing catch up all the time and missed out on a LOT of stuff in that department. Know i probably sound like i'm feeling sorry for myself but i do feel like an outsider. Just wondered if i was the only one?
  11. trd

    Just Diagnosed

    Most people I have told (even before diagnosis) don't seem to understand that it is a disability. There always seems to be a lot of suspicion about non-physical disabilities. I am hoping to get a bus pass as although I learnt to drive it absolutely terrifies me; haven't driven since i passed test. I use buses all the time. Is a bus pass a possibility? Anyone with similar experiences?
  12. trd

    Just Diagnosed

    Thanks for the welcome. I did pick up some DLA forms today...will fill them in shortly. I suppose I am worried if I will be covered by Disability Discrimination Act or not. Is there any reason why I wouldn't be? Who decides? If I have AS am I covered automatically or are there grey areas? Lots of stuff to take in at the moment.
  13. I found out yesterday that I officially have AS. I am now 29 and always thought I was a bit different...think I got really lucky and was diagnosed within 6 months of my first suspicions. Anyway.... I feel quite relieved now that I know but I just wondered if anyone knew what the next step is? I am in work but have had to take measures to restrict the amount of responsibility I have put on me...but my boss is very sceptical of AS (I work with PLD so he thinks he knows it all already!). What do I say to him now it's official? Also, and I know this is a stupid question, do I now have a disability? For some reason knowing this is really important to me as I can't find an answer anyhwere! Hope someone can help.
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