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  1. OK What are you appealing against? I took my lovely LEA to SENDIST twice last year.
  2. I am getting seriously sick of such blatantly irresponsible journalism, how are these muppets allowed to get the ir facts so insultingly wrong???
  3. L is 12, he has ASD, Dyspraxia, he is on Risperidal/Risperidone. He has hed tummy troubles since he was little, but we always put it down to him not knowing when he was full, but recently he has also started getting really severe heartburn several times a week as well as bouts of dihorrea (sp?) At his usual paediatricians appointment I mentioned this and they have put him on Ranitidine meds for 3 months (they then want him off them for a month to see what happens) But as well as having his annual blood test (due to being on Risperidal) they are screening for Coeliacs disease, if the blood test is positive they will need to do some sort of biopsy of his intestines. They also said either way they may need to look for other conditions including ulcers.
  4. I voted yes, but it was a real battle involving SENDIST twice and he only got it last November aged nearly 12 years old.
  5. They have included a form with the following 5 questions... 1. In what areas do you feel that L has made the most progress over the past year (Please give details of achievement in and out of lessons) 2. Have you noticed any changes in L's general attitude/motivation over the past year? 3. Are there any aspects of L's progress that are causing particular concern at the moment? 4. Are you being sufficiently informed about L's learning, behaviour and other activities at school? 5.Is there any way that the school could help Luke to become more independent? I have to send it back to the school by May 11th (Next Friday)
  6. L was only statemented in November last year and is in year 7 in secondary school (he only started in November after being home educated for a term) We got the letter this morning and the review is May 21st, apparently they have invited a representative from my LEA and I am worried it will probably be a particular person who has treated us very badly after we had to take them to SENDIST twice. L is making progress but we know he does need the statement kept in place.
  7. I have a 3rd attempt booked fairly soon and really need to make sure my nerves do not spoil it for me again once I am in the test so any advice would be great!
  8. That is so unprofessional!! As for the LEA specialists not agreeing with the report, hmmm, what a suprise when agreeing with it would mean they need to help a child and spend money eh? Have you requested statutory assessment?
  9. Hi LKS L is doing well, he is actually saying he is enjoying school for the first time since he was 6 years old!!! He is finding the whole social side very confusing and I have some concerns there, but the school thmeselves are so good, we had his first parents eve the other week and out of the 14 teachers we had to see only 2 were not aware of his ASD and statement and the SENCO got right onto that when we mentioned this to him. The teachers were all very honest and did not try to pretend everything was fine etc as had happened in primary school. Col, I have just insisted that my middle ds be seen in his primary school by the E.P and because they know how they let L down they have asked her to come in to discuss him with them end of this month, which although is not enough is at least a start (he's 9 and is in year 5) Other than that I always thought once you request statutory assesment they HAVE TO call the E.P in.
  10. They were trying that for L too, when the school we wanted (mainstream with excellent rep for SEN) first said no despite the then proposed statement. They agreed in the end but the LEA had already approached THAT school and had a date for it to go to their admissions panel despite us already saying no to it!
  11. My petition closes today, please take a look and sign if you agree http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/SENDISTPowers/
  12. Deep breaths hun. I agree IPSEA are great help and the sooner you get ontot hem the better as they tend to be very busy. Other than that go through all the evidence you have of your childs needs again (unfortunately there is a lot of going through things again and again) Make notes of majot points, gather as much evidence as posible. When you recieve the copy of the LEAs case statement you will need to go through it all making notes of points they are wrong about and anything you disagree with and put together your points from them. At the hearing you will need to make a closing argument (this was somerthing I was not made aware of and was a bit of a shock) You will be fine, its amazing no matter how nervous/scared you are, when you get in that room you will find the strength to fight for your child and as it is your child not the LEAs there is nothing like a parents love and passion, they have nothing to compare
  13. Thank you everyone for signing, the SENDIST one ends TODAY (As I made mistake with dates when I started it sorry) But the Autism training petition goes on till July. Please spread the word.
  14. Don't be put off by them saying you might not get one, theres always a chance you might. Also you will have the right of appeal if they do say no anyway.
  15. Well it was a long evening but amazing to speak to competent, caring and most of all honest teachers. Heres a run down... I.C.T.(Information, communication, technology); This was the first teacher we saw, he was the one we were least impressed with, he said he knew NOTHING about Lukes autism or his statement and was going on aobut Luke not achieveing what he should be at his age in his lesson and how if it carried on it would be this big worry. (We later spoke to the SENCO who was not happy with this and will be talking to him) ART ; This teacher was lovely, she was very encouraging and positive aobut Luke and was clearly aware of his difficulties, she said he was getting an average of 6/10 in lessons. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION ; He was lovely too (Also V young and good looking) He was also very aware of Luke and had clearly read up his statement, he mentioned concerns about Lukes handwriting (as they all did) which of course also having Dyspraxia is always a concern. He said he deliberately gives Luke less to write when he can. P.E ; He was aware too, he said he felt Luke was finding things like getting changed in the busy changing room a problem as he does back away from intergration with the other boys. He is trying to gently encourage this as at the moment Luke is having to leave the lesson early to get chNGED ALONE. FRENCH; This teacher absolutely adores Luke, she kept calling him a total sweetie and said he was a credit to us She said he always tries his best. SCIENCE ; She was another fan of Luke, she was aware of his difficulties although did not totally understand that just because he relates well to adults does not mean he finds social interaction with other children easy. She said he found the sexual education/reproduction topic very confusing and tended to shy away from it. He got a Level 4C in assessment which is brilliant for him. Science is one of his faves (as is art) MATHS ; This was one we were concerned aobut as he has had issues with the teacher. But She said he is a bright lad who does seem to understand everything in maths, he is in a mixed ability group untill the end of year 7 assessments. She went on aobut his writing alot but does now realise he needs support with it. ENGLISH ; Another brilliant teacher who was amazingly aware of Lukes needs, he has the LSA sitting next to him every lesson and she is actually a trained English teacher herself which is so good. She said Luke needs encouraging to read stories and non factual books (he only reads sports books/papers) She loved him and said he looked like me. DRAMA ; This was the only other teacher who was NOT aware of Lukes conditions and statement. She said he needed to work on using differnet tones of voice and on assessing other peoples performances this of course is a major part of his autism (does not understand peoples tones and does not realise his own) She was pleased with him otherwise, she said he does cry when scared in class (a few teacher said this and we told them what a great sign it actually was that he was able to show this in school after the way he bottled it all up in primary school and self harmed after school) He is currently scoring Level 2 high. HISTORY ; Another teacher who adored him, said Luke has a lot of understanding when answering questions verbally but does not write enough or include infor in his work. Was aware of statement etc GEOGRAPHY ; I was very impressed with this teachers understanding of Luke as an individual. She was very concerned about how stressed/obsessive he gets about things. She loved him too She was aware of statement etc. MUSIC ; I had been looking forward to this teacher as Luke always says how funny he is. He was lovely, he was fully aware of Luke and had read up on him more than once. He felt Luke could do better than he was and that he wanted to sit him somewhere else in class but was concerned how making changes wouls affect Luke. He also suggested us getting Luke a memory stick so he could download the work for him and he could take it home and be a step ahead. He was very aware of handling him the right way for him and asked our advice on things (as did several teachers) He also made us realise how perfect the school would be for Daniel too when he hopefully starts September 2008
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