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    Hi, my Son is about to leave his school this July. The social worker has put out my Sons needs and a few people have come back saying they can meet his needs (called SEWIC). I've seen some of the providers but the one I want is pricy but will meet his needs. I'm still waiting and am very anxious, my Son is anxious as he doesn't know what happens after school comes to an end. Anyone going through this or any feedback?
  2. Thank you for your comments I do appreciate it also the PM's.. Had a huge MDT meeting yesterday with fifteen experts from all areas.. Something threw me, I was told that if my 16 year old says he wants to come home he can even if he's at a residential school hundreds of miles away. How is that possible? He's not severe can make simple choices but not life changing ones due to his LD ASD etc. Is this right?
  3. I could do a day placement but we need the full package, it's highly unlikely a place as a resident would become available. I'm not prepared to do a four week "trial" where we'd be left with nothing as it would be unfair to him and he's already showing signs of stress and high anxiety (controlling people and setting rules and not sleeping). I do trust the social worker and the school have done this in the past to people I know, my confidence in this place is non existent. I need a placement where they don't let him down in the short time he has left until he reaches 19.
  4. My son is 16 and has always been a poor sleeper. I find a nighttime routine works (most of the time), warm bubbly bath, then a favourite programme put on the TV while he lies under a blanker, a warm milky drink, then when the programme finishes up to bed. Use a nightlight, make sure the room hasn't got toys everywhere which would overstimulate him, I painted my sons room green, has a lamp and a blackout blind. Also is he worn out in the day? Plus don't let him nap... We do give my son melatonin (10mg) to help him sleep which you could ask for from CAHMS as the Dr might not do it.
  5. Hi, I haven't been on here in a while but was wondering if anyone could help. My son was due to go to a placement ten miles from here and have the residential side also. He has been put into wrong schools where he's had terrible experiences which involved me removing him both times. This time the school he should have been in became an option (5th time lucky). At the last minute they dropped the residential part for another child (emergency local boy), they then put a four week trial basis on my son which could end any time. This was very distressing as my son is coming up to 17 years old and would leave at 19. We had an emergency meeting with social services etc and the funding is there for a residential school but it would be out of county and could be miles away. It's been put out to tender quickly as my son has been out of school for over a month and is becoming more distressed and controlling every aspect of his surroundings and having loads of meltdowns. Has anyone been through this and can say what residential schools which are worth looking at? My son is middle functioning ASD fully verbal, ADHD,Tourette's, SID, can have Attaxia moments. This is the last chance to get him up to par as he's never had the right input (placed in an EBD school and placed in an ASD school who put him in a low functioning class which isolated him with no education going on). He's very bright, craves friends, needs stability, help with washing etc which he's previous schools have never met these needs.
  6. I appreciate all the input and It's great to have people out there who will listen, we have a second assessment clinic next month (this will be the 2nd time) as his meds just don't do anything. Maybe she can shed some more light on this, I know things will be a little better when he is back at school next week from the easter holidays (his terms are 5 weeks on 1-2 weeks off).
  7. Thanks Baddad he has the PC in the front room and the monitor on the wall so we can see what he is up to. He isn't too interested in the TV either, it's all from his previous school the sexual behaviour. He has all these sexual behaviours whizzing around his body and doesn't know what to do with them. I'll look into the training definatley! He does get obsessed by the other pupils as they are fascinating to him as he is no where near that level. He is "higher" functioning I suppose not high functioning. I can't move him from this school as he didn't have one for a year and this is the only one around and he'll be 16 in December. Plus my mum called the police about Toby's behaviour today about last Sunday and Monday's incident and they came over in a POLICE VAN! Now they have done a welfare check and it's in their records and I have the neighbours texting and ringing etc too.. I could die of shame, how interfering can you get
  8. They are aware of his behaviour in school and they have the time out rooms etc, we have nothing like that. Plus his meds are awful, he has changed them as his twitches were causing him not to sleep so his ADHD is awful and he is hyper 24/7. He knows about violence from his previous school as they placed him in an EBD school where he was constantly beaten up and was sexually abused until we took him out 2 years ago. He's had the "You punch me and I'll do it back", it doesn't work and I don't condone violence. We have these "experts" who sit there talking the talk and do nothing, we have asked for restraint lessons and they won't give it to us, so we get bitten, punched, kicked and scrammed. His sexual behaviour got worse after what happened to him, plus a lot of them at his old school had porn on their mobiles. It was a nightmare time as the LEA placed him there and we couldn't get him out, until he got abused and they let us, funny that! I just want to know what's the best way to handle the violence and the sexual behaviour?
  9. I haven't been on this forum for a while, my son now goes to a private ASD school and is doing well. His other pupils are very low functioning and he is the only high functioning one there, but there isn't anything out there for him :-/.. Recently we have been so worn down with his violence, he is a big lad now and I have scars on my hands from where he has attacked me, also my husband and last week he hurt his grandmother and she needed her wounds dressed. We have asked my social worker for a "spell" residental in his school for 2-3 months to try to get him into good behaviours. She is dragging her feet over this and hasn't even applied for funding yet, she is pushing for full time but I don't want that. I'm just so down and depressed over his meltdowns over stupid things like, asking him not to hurt the cat, or stop sucking your sisters arm. Also the sexual aspect is awful, he goes for your skin on your arm and tried to suck it, he also mimics sex towards you when you are bending over. I've tried to put an alarm on his sisters bedroom too.. Is anyone going through the same things? Any suggestions? We are even thinking of calling the police when he gets so violent as it's getting harder to restrain him, my husband has to as he's too strong for me.
  10. I think he thinks it's what his class "does".. He's just started this school and is feeling his feet. He has got a few certificates for "Making friends" etc.. even as I type it I think *eeek*. If I say about this in front of him he'll tell them as he eavesdrops a lot and repeats. I thought I'd ask on here and see what people thought. He is immature for his age but I don't want him stuck at a primary school age.
  11. T has a new school and has started full time this week. I'm very happy about this but something is niggling at me..He is more higher funtioning and fully verbal and you can have very intelligent conversations with him. He also does his own programs on the PC and his reading is of his age too.. When T had a tutor he did experiments and made things etc but they were "age appropriate". He's settling in well but he's been coming home with "Mother's day" cards and Easter cards he has made himself, and a paper flower. I know this is lovely but I feel uncomfortable as he will be fifteen at the end of the year. Also when he made a Christmas List for Father Christmas I cringed a bit, I don't want to keep him as a small boy. I was talking to his dad about this and this was the work he did at The his first special school, and when he went to Playgroup. He never did anything like this in his former High school or Primary. I know T has problems but I feel he is doing "babyish" things when he should be doing things nearer to his age. For example his sisters who are 10 and 11 wouldn't do things like this, and would think it was funny. I was wondering what you thought. Do you think I'm being over sensitive?
  12. We do this too as T is 14 and stripping in front of all the women is a bit embarrassing, especially when T is staring at them too
  13. Cariad


    T has Tourettes amongst other things. He sniffs, throat clears and swears, the "hitting the car window" is my favourite. It's hard work when bunched up with all the other SN he has. We try to ignore it, my dad had it as he would blurt out strange sentences/words when in public.
  14. T is now 14 and we are in hormone hell! He keeps asking his sister (11) to poke her tongue out and is really aroused by it and wants to touch it *cringe*.. I do tell him to stop and he goes off the deep end and gets so angry. Also another favourite is looking at his sisters bottoms, if they are bending over and a bit of flesh is on display he'll be there in a flash. Skin is another one, the tops of arms.. I've had a discussion with him as has his tutor about it being inappropriate etc, he still does this a lot. I'm thinking of putting a lock on their door at night as he just comes over all dreamy and has an odd look on his face. Is anyone going through this or has, any way on how to stop this?
  15. T won't wear coats at all.. we now have a selection of hoodies and a couple of jackets which he'll wear.
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