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  1. Thank you very much!! I have never been to Morrison's, but there is one 10 mins away, I'll have a look.
  2. I also had my son tested by Sunderland University and after removing gluten from his diet I noticed he seems happier and talks more. His tummy is not as big either.
  3. They changed the ingredients, I am so mad! It was the only GF pasta my son ate because it didn't become glue like some others. They have changed the ingredients to just corn and rice - it looks bright yellow and turns chewy. Why?? I wanna cry. Which GF pasta do you use?
  4. bid ~ I know that he can't change and I don't expect him to. But we were becoming strangers and it could not go on. I know he is an intelligent adult, that's why I married him, and no I am not patronising him, I am only trying to save my marriage by getting him to accept what he is so we can move on. The last week has been great, he's finally accepted his diagnosis, he says he feels liberated and now understands why he struggled so much as a child and why he is always so anxious etc. He won't stop thanking me, he says he is very fortunate to have a wife like me and now appreciates everything I do for him and our family. That in itself means a lot to me. We are reading books together and we will try the couseling and see what happens. Thanks everyone. Delyth - I am in North London N12. I'll have a look at that website, thank you!
  5. Thank you both for your comments. Yes, I told DH many times how I feel, he seems to understand when I talk to him, but nothing ever changes. I am fed up of asking for hugs or even for him to listen to me when I talk. I am emotionally deprivated and feel exhausted. I will call the psycologist to see if how she help us, otherwise I'll look into Relate. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
  6. DH has been diagnosed as AS. I suspected this for a long time and it's a weight off my shouders. DH's reaction was 'hmm..interesting'. That's it, he hasn't said anything since. That was a week ago. We are being offered relationship counseling at our local hospital. I am not sure if the phsycologist we'll be seeing is familiar with AS, I'll phone up to ask. Just so that you know, our marriage is not exactly a 'marriage'. We live like two individuals, lead separate lives in fact. I have my friends, he has his computer. I do everything for the family, make sure bills are paid, DYI, raise son, take decisions about everything, he just goes to work. As long as he can be at his computer, he is happy. We sleep in separate rooms (my choice). It's because am being resentful, I can't help it. When he's home, he is always at his computer and hardly ever talks to me. When we do talk, it's like a monologue on my side. I have a 5 yr old autistic son who takes all my energy. I am willing to try couseling to see if I can get through to my husband, but I am not very hopeful. Anyone else tried it successfully? If the consultant is not trained in dealing with AS, should I still go?
  7. {{Thanks Donna}}. I don't know my GP that well and I hate asking for stuff, but I may just have to suck it up and do it.
  8. It was the first time and he did great, I was very proud. However, when we got back to the changing room he started moaning because he could hear a baby crying in the background (he hates that), I reassured him that it would stop soon and started to get dressed. There was a woman next to us who obviously didn't like his moaning (it wasn't loud, just annoying), she offered him some raisins saying that maybe it would help. I said 'no, thanks', he is not hungry. She then proceeded: 'they are very healthy, you know'. I say 'I know but this is not the right time'. She then asks: 'what language is he speaking anyway?' I look at her and say 'err..English' she goes 'oh, it sounds more like Portuguese to me'. I explained that he doesn't speak very well. She goes 'how come, how old is he?' Ughhhh! I say '5, but he is autistic and still learning to speak'. There you go. That shut her up. She was actually very sweet after that and kept on telling me how gorgeous he was etc., but I am just fed up of people interfering. I get this all the time. I know that you understand.
  9. The application for my son was turned down, I got it 2 days ago. I am so disappointed. He gets higher rate for care component and low for mobility. I don't know what to do now.
  10. Thank You very much everyone, I have located a private clinic and will start saving up for a private assessment. baddad ~ no worries, I knew exactly what you meant
  11. Poor thing, what a horrible thing to happen. It happened to my husband a few years back too, but it was only �10 or so. I am glad to hear that the man that scammed the autistic girl got caught!!
  12. Thanks everyone for your input, it means a lot to me. Flora ~ may I ask you how much it costs to go private? I wouldn't know where to start, did you ask the NAS? BTW I went to the appointment with him and gave my input, I even tolod the pshychiatrist that I thought that DH ticked the wrong boxes in the questionnaire because I disagreed with most of them, but he said that the answers had to come from him? baddad ~ I totally appreciate what you are saying, but I promise you it is not all in my head. I had 4 different people asking me if DH is on the spectrum because he is very much like my son and another 3 asking me why is my DH so shy because 'he doesn't look at them in the eyes' their words, not mine. My son's Developmental Paeditrician also thinks that DH is on the ASD spectrum, but says she can't officially diagnose adults. My inlaws say that they never thought that DH would leave their home, never mind marry, because he was a very odd child....It's very frustrating! The phsychiatrist asked DH 'so, if you didnh't talk until age 4, how did you cope at nursery?' as if my DH could actually remember how he was at nursery (!!) he should have asked my MIL instead. Of course DH said he couldn't remember and as far as he knew he was ok other feeling anxious all the time. My MIL should have been there to answer those questions. As far as his adult life, I commented on the fact that he doesn't have (or maybe doesn't show) empathy and I feel emotionally lonely. DH said that he does have empathy but doesn't show it because he is lazy and can't be bothered. That explains wht he did not check on me when I fell down the stairs, he says that if I am in pain I have to ask for help, if not he assumes I am ok. The phychiatrist said that because he said he HAS empathy but CHOOSES not to show it, it must be a relationship problem Anyway, I am actually looking forward to going to marriage counselling because I want to be able to understand him and viceversa. I love my husband and want to make my marriage work. I will go private if necessary, not sure how to go about it or whether I can afford it yet. Thanks for listening, it means the world to me.
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