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  1. Hi, I have recently been recommended, by an aspergers freind of mine, to get a chain blanket. For the uninitiated it is literally a blanket with chains in side. There are a number but one is http://sensorycalm.com.au/products/the-chain-weighted-blanket/. I am wondering if any others have tried these and could share experiences. JRL
  2. I am supprised no one has commented on the following program. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03wp5j4 It raises some really interesting issues. (searching the forum throws up nothing). JRL
  3. It would make sense if we collected information like this together on a wiki rather than leave them scattered around on separate posts.
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    Can anyone with experiece of claiming ESA tell me if you get paid during the assessment period? what if they find you fit for work do you then have to switch to JSA and do you get any money for the period when you were claiming the wrong benefit?
  5. What do you have to do to convince JobCenter plue or ATOS that your AS entitles you to ESA? Do you get paid ESA during the assessment phase? Do they take account of depression? Regards
  6. Possibly becase you have to wade though hordes of false friends until you find some true ones and then you will have a gem which will make you very happy and glad you tried. But it is hard and painful work.
  7. I have got a referal to a locally based counceling service following amongst other things my AS assessment. I am wondering of people could render some advise. The service in question has CT provison which I understand is helpful to AS people. However, they do not specalise in AS. This is a London based service. I am wondering if there is a more specalist service avaliable to AS suffers and how one goes about accessing it. The service in question has as its primary focus on treating anxiety and depression, which for sure are a part of AS but not the primary concern. IT is true that for all manner of reasons I have been through some very difficult times recently, some but by no means all have been discussed here, but, I am cautious that there is better or more targeted provision before embarking on this. Any other comments especially about experience of similiar services and with CBT would be very welcome!!!! Thanks JRL
  8. Facebook is a double edged sort. I totally empathise with you. I always think why was I not involved in that when I see them on facebook. But then I know I am an auspie and that is that. I have found reading the book Aspergers Syndrome & Social Relationships by Genevieve Edwards and Luke Beardon very good on this.
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    I think it has got us all by the balls and we rely on it. Just imagine the headlines if facebook went off line for a day. I like in a shared accomodation block with 5 others. Our internet went out for 4 days last month. Guess what we all ended up in the common room talking for once, then we got some wine out and had a really good chat. In one sense the internet is making us all less sociable!!!!!!! Perhaps a little over the top, but, we need to be very watchfull of this. The technology should not control us!
  10. So true and very rational, but, I find that my emotioal side tends to take over in these respects and then my analyitical side takes over. I recently found that a friend was not such a friend and my analytical side is still analysing this nearly 2 months latter. It still hurts, greatly!
  11. I find that for the few friends I have I do the same thing. I am constantly worrying that I am excluded or just a friend of convenience for them.
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    Some interesting comments. As you may have seen from other posts I have gone back to Uni. What I am finding is that the whole social circle and scene is now based on facebook. This covers everything from formal events through cheep nights out at the local clubs where you can get free entrance if you write on their wall to personal events by groups of friends are all being exclusively arranged on facebook. If your not on facebook this world is complitly unavailable to you. Worse still people now use the controls on facebook to selectivly invite people to events and so forth. Facebook may be good in the sense that you can see what others are up to but this can have a negatrive down side if you are not confident socially or are not in the groups that arrange the activities. The end result, in my opinion, is that all the disadvantages of the NT world are amplified by facebook. This in general tends to further exclude people who do not have social skills and make them even more isolated and alone. The only good point is that you can see what other are up to and then feel bad about the fact that you are not part of it or could not cope with it. On the other hand you may view the thing as a whole irrelevance to be ignored. What I think is concerning is that there is no notion and an over reliance on facebook for both informal and informal activities. This would seem to me to be completly to ignore any notion of inclusiveness and equality. Furthermore as far as I understand things facebook web standards do not comply with the W3C recomendations hence potentially excluding whole swathes of people who have visual or physical impairments. I do wonder why this has not been mentioned before and more vocally. I would be interested to hear what others think. Regards
  13. Where have you heard this and by whom. There is a bit of auspie in the quiet scandanavian character, and this applies as much to Norway and Finland where I have travelled extensiivly. And also people tend to be quite direct, another auspie characteristic. But that is also too much of a simplification. There is probably at least as much reliance on the things we are weak at here. I think that being reserved and quite is more acceptable, but, that does not imply that those people get on well, not does it perhaps imply that they are auspie. From what I understand people are very reliant on school friendships here which endure for life. This is not so diffrent from the UK. That makes them less intrested on new people or friendships. But a disco/nite club here is as non-auspie place as any one in the UK or else where. It would be interesting if you elaborated why you thought this was some kind of Auspie heven.
  14. I just wondered how good or bad auspies are at dance. I am completly hopless, I have never learnt of been taught, and I never understood how or why people dance at a disco. My dispraxia does not help of course, but, I just do not see the point or know what is an appropriate dance or not! I went with a friend to a night club the other night and people were giggeling about all over the place including making a simulated sex dance. What is all this for. Why would you want to do so. If you want to have sex go away and get of with it. Why pretnend and gesture on a dance floor. Almost certianly the dance floor is not a place for me. But I do wonder what others think. Again is this me or a common trait? best JRL
  15. hmmm.. You seem to have a hard time there. I am finding similiar things. I am a little supprised you had to attend lectures in Swedish, that is unusual for eurasmus. we have Erasmus students here and they attend lectures in English. Fortunatly my program is all in English. I do find there is a whole scale absence of process in Swedish life and I think that is reflected in your experience. Also much of the support is throgu the ESN (European Students Network). There was a small introduction event at my school but I missed it. There is much less a social focus than at british universities. I think it comes down to Sweden being a much less diverse and more conformist society. This means than in general things are assumed and unstated and culturally embeded. This causes problems for outsiders, whether that is people with disabilities like ours or foreigners. There is a similiar lack of support, but, I am pushing them to set up a autism support group.
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