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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=moQ9yV6fIKY seen their name on a couple of festival posters on the tube since your mentioning their playing Rockness. you going? and this http://www.nilerodge...ed-second-album
  2. and they're working on a new album with Chic's Nile Rodgers. seems they're set to return to their feel perfect roots!
  3. the two best films of the year so far and both a harrowing and sobering dissection of the male psyche
  4. jowls? ack, well least that explains the last ten years i spent in a light to no coma cool
  5. gonna sound odd but i dislike the English accent when it's something like an audio podcast and you've an absolute and only focus on voice ah cool, been meaning to improve the calibre and listen to more informative podcasts as opposed to the ones i'm currently which are mostly just dramatically enacted Craigslist ads!
  6. oh what like online dating and where they've suddenly jowls and type two diabetes? tasteless humour aside sounds like a neat idea and you can certainly count me in as interested. any other ideas you've for it? probably need to be on the weekend then if you're wanting people from outside London to attend too
  7. tough couple of weeks, slow reply. i'll reply to these separately instead of bunching them all up into one post and delayed gratification has always been something i've struggled with this is the problem with picking up conversations a fortnight later (just like like dates!). why have you been trying to disprove the diagnosis? i can't directly relate as i was diagnosed young but try to keep yourself busy or distracted as going over something in your head is a helpless task, find whenever i do have these internal debates that i'm just constantly flip flopping and achieving nothing. but if it is something that's troubling you talk about it with others, i'll listen if it'll be useful to you at all sometimes have trouble finding the line separating humour and despair any specific examples? as for me working on the logical, the physical, was the thing i could make clear progress with. like spend a little more on your appearance, not silly stuff where other people won't even notice or even if they do it'll be debatable whether they'll appreciate but simple things like every six months or so freshening up your wardrobe. the difference that having all the clothes you're wearing at any one moment being new and of a good fit makes, and then if you add in their being nice clothes and matching too. or getting your hair cut more often and maybe showing the barber or hairdresser a picture of yourself where it was of a good length and style. these little things which make a clear improvement, there's a satisfaction that comes with that. instead of looking at the whole picture and being overwhelmed maybe try focusing on aspects of yourself whether it's appearance, physical health, or intelligence and looking for things you're clearing doing wrong. the glaring issues, we've all them you're thinking too much about the long term and the theory of it all oh ok, i thought it was maybe the reverse and that the lack of options now afforded you was triggering anxiety have you thought about trying for a diagnosis for it? just it seems to me that with something like an eating disorder there could be clear benefit to getting an actual diagnosis for it so what's it your waiting for now and what's the timescale? who's the anger towards? if it's something you really are struggling with then bottling or repressing won't work. i found exercise to be an ok outlet for it well these groups i've been to they've been more informal, not run by or even affiliated with the NHS so come to think of it all the leaders to all the groups i've been to have been sufferers too. most of the people that attend these groups are just quietly trying to endure, if anything i've been the do gooder spouting happy crappy nonsense! "PUNK'D I'M YOUR SON" and her point of weakness and vulnerability being ok and not things that need hiding that whole dichotomy of short term solution but long term worsening and breaking out of that even at the cost of emotional and physical pain yeah is a work in progress for me too honestly at these groups i've found that while they're not all necessarily people i'd want to spend time with outside of the group that they're mostly flawed and good people that are just looking for a sympathetic ear and the relief of hearing from others with similar experiences and struggles i might've already asked but what caused the regression? was it something like your stopping the CBT? one thing i've been struck with when i've met gay couples is just how similar they are, both appearance and personality. little creepy on a a purely superficial first take but that equality between them and i think that equality leads to consistency and both those are such healthy foundations on which to build any sort of relationship
  8. and with something like Kill List which was so tense and taut from the very opening no wonder... those Hemsworth brothers are ridiculous
  9. audio podcasts are brilliant, typically listen to a couple a day and at any given time i'm usually working my way through the backlog of a podcast's sometimes hundreds of episodes. one problem though is finding podcasts, can be overwhelming when you go on to the iTunes store and there's so many and outside of its category and reviews not much information unless you start Googling them individually. also i find the iTunes store's suggestions and listings unhelpful as i don't listen to British podcasts or ones where they're just broadcast radio shows released in edited for download. used to listen to a lot of gaming podcasts from the big sites like 1up and IGN and even though i don't play many video games now there's still a couple like Giant Bombcast and The Geekbox that while being about games are relaxed and funny enough that are still listenable. so i've found myself in the situation of seeking out those with broader subjects, here's some i've found and i'd love to hear of any that you listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me (just over a hundred episodes) - three real life brothers get together once a week to offer advice to questions such as "Is it illegal for me to upload a picture of me with a sword to Facebook?" and "What does a hug feel like?" found on Yahoo Answers. the brothers are in their late twenties/early thirties and have that chemistry from having known each other their entire lives and being comedically off the charts that you'd normally only see on a sitcom or sharply written film http://www.maximumfu...-brother-and-me The Comedy Button (almost 30) - has its lineage due to a couple of the cast members that work for gaming sites in such podcasts as GFW Radio, The Gamespy Debriefings, The Geekbox, and Rebel FM (the last two which are still going strong). so things got kinda crazy back on The Gamespy Debriefings when to the calm of the two extremely nerdy games journalists was added three comedy writers. became less and less about games and more and more about getting drunk live on air with alcohol listeners had sent in and then (not that they needed to be drunk to) would talk about their worst sexual encounters. so fast forward a year and people have been fired, a Kickstarter project has been started, and now you've The Comedy Button which has four or the above five plus a new guy and all pretense of being a gaming podcast has long since gone and what's left is something disgusting but a guilty pleasure too http://www.geekbox.n.../comedy-button/ Uhh Yeah Dude (mid 200's) - a recent discovery, spectacularly good. two guys sorta doing the My Brother, My Brother, and Me thing but not tied into the whole only Yahoo Answers and answering user's questions. i'll close out this post with a video clip as my description really hasn't done them justice http://www.podcastal...hp?pod_id=20249 The Moth (hundreds?) - one i've been meaning to get to which is widely regarded as one of the best podcasts out there. what's it about? storytelling. every episode someone different on stage or in studio just talking, telling an anecdote. monologue at its best. the snag being their archives are bs. been running for over a decade and thousands of stories told but unless you go searching out torrents for meagre pickings then you'll be limited to the most recent handful or so. tragic that a couple of guys in their living room can host their podcast's backcatalogue no problem but something truly special such as this is lost http://www.prx.org/themoth This American Life (about 500) - most identical to the above apart from it being a product of the renowned National Public Radio and being easier to search out old episodes of http://www.thisameri.../radio-archives
  10. did a quick search, they seem a good fit for Iron Sky see it was more the overall tone of undefinable dread and constant unease that i found to be Kill List's bite
  11. understandable. as an aside in Last House on the Left it wasn't nearly to Irreversible's ten minute extent, had to see it as i'm a fan of Garret Dillahunt! I Spit on Your Grave (the remake) was a little much. low budget, nasty, and without any of the creative elements such as one half of Daft Punk or a handsome leading actor like the above two but it's done with a Hobo with a Shotgun (what's it about?) manic enthusiasm! but yeah maybe it could of done without the child stuff and the fusion of hardcore pornography and video nasty gore was unsettling see Martyrs was one that didn't sit well with me. oh hey let's induce beautification in a teenage girl by beating her every day to within an inch of her life. and there was me thinking looking up and to the right to be remembering something, not the last step before canonisation! did you see Kill List? ha! yeah anyways... Udo Kier hamming it up as per usual! what group, One Direction?
  12. it's a silly game i play with friends where on mention of a film whose plot is explained entirely in its title the other will reply "what's it about?". and after a while as with all these things i've become a bit abstract with it and started doing it with a wider range of films, started substituting the "what's it about?" for a wicked smile, and as above press ganging unwitting participants. you can call me Paul Armstrong MINDFREAK
  13. and this sent and even watching again now still sends chills up my spine
  14. maybe i'll drag someone along to it! and to think that before that he achieved the physical perfection of American Psycho and then after The Machinist he bulked up for Batman Begins. kinda related and kinda not, do an image search for "Alistair Overeem before and after" just i grew having the Tales of the Black Freighter story from the Watchmen comic being my idea of pirates so the Disneyfication of that setting didn't sit well with me easily one of the greatest films ever made i'll have to look the soundtracks up! yeah self directed and acted films have a habit of ending up like Tommy Wiseau's The Room it's part of a series? sounds interesting and as it's short i'll give it a download. yeah i like how you roll! see i never used to, i would only get my comedy fix from tv shows but i've seen enough good comedies that i'm now a convert. think the one that started it all off for me was The Hangover which i saw while drunk for i think the first time in this amazing screen. the sequel was good. this year? Project X, 21 Jump Street, and American Pie: Reunion are the ones that jump immediately to mind yes but long enough ago that about the extent of my memory is that of being mindful never to directly quote a girl that line of "you make me want to be a better person"... no no, you just failed to fall for my trap or maybe you fell for it too completely of my asking about films with self explanatory titles
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