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  1. hi how old is yr son ?? we r are having lots of probs with my 12yr old who has just started mainstream secondry school andhes not coping too well my son gets very violent towards me and can atack me for 2 and a half hrs at a time x hedosnt make freinds very easily and has become very down x i av always been against giving him antidepressants ..... he is on melatonin which he will only take wen he wants to but got so bad in the summer hols we decided to speak to the dr at camhs and he said mayb a very low dose of prozac wud lower his anxiety !!! so we r giving it a trial hes been on it 2 and a half weeks and avnt seen any change yet can take up2 6 weeks good luk with everything donna xx
  2. hi thanku so much for the advice x really apreciate it x i have been a member on here since 2006 , but havnt been arwnd for a while . Reece does communicate bless him , he just dosnt cope with changes in routines at all and dosnt make freinds very easily x hes always had a lot of behavioural problems , but hes getting alot bigger and stronger now and i physically cannot hold him anymore to stop him hurting me i av been in touch with autism ox there was nuthink they cud do to help .... and social services say we r not needy enuuf ...watever that is suposed to mean i do not know he has just gone up to secondry school which he is finding very hard to deal with he has just started on a very low dose of prozac 2 and a half weeks we just go rwnd and rwnd in circles as if u ring any of the agencys that mayb able to help as soon as u mention u r involved with camhs they say they cannot help camhs have been totally useless and we av had toput complaints in to them an Reece refuses to see the lady hes under as hes taken a dislike to her on the one occassion he met her!!! she was suposed to do six sessions with him over the summer hols about anger and how to manage it he refused to go the 1st week so never heard from her again i really dont know wat to do anymore
  3. dooday24


    Reece has just started on 2,5mls of prozac ,,, i was wondering if anyone elses kids r on it and if it helps.... and how long does it normally take to get in yr system x hes been on it about 2 and a half weeks thanku xx
  4. things have got really bad .... and am really fed up and emotional ,, we still get no help or suport with Reece x i love him so much ,, but whys it so hard at times his behaviour has got worse , he pinned me to the ground the other week and was biting me , ripping my hair our and pintching ect ect lasted for about 2 and ahalf hrs then he trashed the house ,,, i rang social services ,, who then took 4 hrs for a duty social worker to phone and then to b told there is nuthing they can do and everyone i av gone too for help or suport ,,, they all say well yr under camhs ,,, so we r not aloowed to help u grrr,, Reece refuses to see the woman from camhs as he took a dislike to her the one time he did see her ( but bcause he has just started on meds he has to stay with camhs i really dont know wat to do anymore ,,, feel on the verge of a nervous break down Reece has also just started at secondry school which is not goin too well either thanku all for listening Donna x
  5. im not sure if any of u will remember me !! as not been on here for a very very long time x i have 2 children reece who is 12( and just started mainstream secondry school ) and has autism and shannon who is 11 next month xx
  6. reece has trouble sleeping been put on melatonin really really helps love donna xx
  7. hi karen hope u r doing ok xxx
  8. hi kathryn hope u r doing ok xxx
  9. hi mel how u doing sorry not been around been really hectic wud love too hear from u

    love donna xxx

  10. hi everyone xx not sure how many of u will remember me ....... im all settled now in the new house with the children 2 guniea pigs a bunny a cat and a puppy lol finally removed reece from his old scool and hes now settled very well in the new one they r gr8 wish id done it earlier ,,,,,,,,,, hope everyone is doin well and hope too catch up with u all love donna xxx
  11. hi how u doing wud love too hear from u xxx

  12. boooooooooooooooooooo xxx

  13. hi nicky been a long time been really manic ere dunno where th time as gone xx hope u r ok xxx wud b gr8 to catch up xxx

  14. dooday24


    hi eveyone dont know if any of u remember me as been a long time since i was last here xx hope u are all doing ok xx was very weired wwen i logged in as everything has changed lol love donna x
  15. dooday24


    thanx nicky av misssssssssed u xxx r u ok xxx love donna xx <'> <'>
  16. dooday24


    sorry av not been around been really hectic here and av misssed everyone loads we av finally got a house in bicester .. YIPEEEEEEEEEE for people who dont remember me or dont know me ....... ive been waiting to b housed in bicester for 9 and a half yrs ... hows everyone doing xxxx love donna xxxx
  17. hi clare u r doin brilliantly bless yer xxx and connor is such a gr8 lad u shd b proud of wat u hav all acheived i know it hasnt been easy and hope i av been there wen u av needed me xxxxx so sorry to hear about yr mum bless her xxxxx send her my love u know where i am if u need me love u loads and loads love donna xxxxxxxxx
  18. hi hev glad u r bak on the forum so sorry to hear about nicks mum and gr8 news about steve u know wher i am if u wanna chat xxxxxxx also hi david nice to hear from u xxxxx im also here lol i avnt been around as been really hectic ere we still havnt got a house in bicester driving me batty also a bit stressful ere love donnaxxxx
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    WANT ONE...

    baddad i want one of those pleasssssssssse lol love donnaxxxx
  20. no i hadnt heard anything ........
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