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  1. Hi justine My son is 9 and has been for a sleepover with a friend who also has ASD, and is the same age. He's also been to us a couple of times and it's been fine. I would say that's it's not too young, as long as you know the family well enough. We are quite lucky, as we only live a few doors away from this friend, so it wouldn't be a massive problem if they couldn't cope. He has been for a sleepover with another friend who's NT, and he was fine there, too. I would suggest going with your instincts, because you won't be able to relax if you're not sure. How about inviting the other child for a sleepover at yours first, so then you can see how they get on? Nicky x
  2. Hello peppa Just wondered how it's all going? Nicky x
  3. How did the meeting go Peppa? x
  4. Hello again That seems very open to interpretation to me as well It should state clearly exactly what is going to be done, how often, and by whom. You're most certainly not being fussy!! Nicky x
  5. Wow you certainly have plenty of reports to go through! Good luck with it <'>
  6. Hello Peppa Do you have the report that was done for the Statutory Assessment (usually done by an Educational Psychologist)? My son's proposed statement was very vague as well, so I went through Ed Psych report and highlighted everything that I could use to back up my request that they make the statement more specific and detailed. It then came back again with the number of hours of 1:1 specified, and it was very specific about supervision during playtimes. I also quoted the SEN Code of Practice section 8.37 which states that: LEAs must make decisions about which actions and provision are appropriate for which pupils on an individual basis. This can only be done by a careful assessment of the pupils’ difficulties and consideration of the educational setting in which they may be educated. Provision should normally be quantified (e.g. in terms of hours of provision, staffing arrangements) although there will be cases where some flexibility should be retained in order to meet the changing special educational needs of the child concerned. It will always be necessary for LEAs to monitor, with the school or other setting, the child’s progress towards identified outcomes, however provision is described. LEAs must not, in any circumstances, have blanket policies not to quantify provision. Hope that helps Nicky x
  7. Hello Have you tried 'tangle toys' or 'fiddle toys'. I have a friend whose son has the same issues, and she has got him some of these There's a huge number of these kind of toys available from lots of different websites. It has made a big difference as he can put it in his mouth and chew to his heart's content! Hope that helps Nicky x
  8. Hi I've just had a look at the report from DSs interim review. It was just me, the class teacher, head of Unit and SENCO. It was held 6 months after he started at the unit, and was just to see how he was getting on. The main aim was to make sure that we were all happy and doing what was needed to support DS at school and home - nothing heavy or too formal. We've since had his annual review which was a more formal affair with lots of form-filling. Hope that helps Nicky x
  9. Sally that's fantasctic news :clap: :clap: :clap:
  10. Sally I'm keeping everything crossed
  11. Hi everyone This might be a bit cheeky, but here goes..... My son's ASD unit is finally being rebuilt after many years of campaigning by the parents and staff. The PTA (known as PACT) are taking part in Nat West Community Force. The idea is that people vote for a project, and those that get the most votes get a share of the money being given by Nat West. We are trying to raise some money to get some sensory equipment for the new building, and the money we could get from this initiative would go a long way to helping with that. If you would like to vote for us, the address is http://communityforce.natwest.com/project/3627 You just have to give them your email address to avoid duplicate voting, and it doesn't cost anything. Closing date October 24th at midday. Thanks for reading Nicky <'>
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    statement process

    Hello Marie Once you get the proposed statement, you then request any amendments you feel should be made, and name your preferred school. The process is explained in detail in the SEN code of practice which you can find here. Hoppe that helps Nicky <'>
  13. Everything crossed here
  14. NickyB


    Hello kerrie I think we might have already met on another forum. It's nice to see you on here too Nicky x
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