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  1. Hello Does anyone here purposely control what interests/hobbies/pursuits they have? I have noticed a pattern with my interests. Most of the time I have to be exposed to the interest for quite a time before I start to become obsessed with it. If the pursuit is stopped for a while, or is replaced by something else, the obsession with the pursuit is rapidly lost. I want to swap my current obsession with one of my older ones. So even though i have no interest in the old pursuit I know that if i expose myself to it for a while it will become an obsession again. Does anyone have experience or advice on what I am doing? One thing I have learned is that there is nothing that cannot be loved if I am exposed to it for long enough. Therefore I can make myself obsessed with anything I want
  2. In this thread I was looking for people who are in a similar situation as me so that things in common could be discussed for the purpose of gaining knowledge and feeling less alone. As answers were posted in reply to my topic a disorder that I knew nothing about was mentioned in response to my question. As I did not know what this disorder was, I was compelled to ask what it was. If I had anticipated that asking this question may lead to a discussion that the thread was not created for then it may of been better for me to have googled the disorder thus avoiding the change of subject in the thread. I personally believe that the disorder could be relevant to the thread.
  3. unfortunately i don't have much of an understanding of it just from the title, from the title all I can assume is the personality of someone with bpd is different to most people. what are the symptoms of bpd? that would probably help me to understand what bpd is
  4. i am specifically thinking about schizophrenia and bipolar rather than depression
  5. i have not seemed to get worse as i get older and neither have the others in my family
  6. milking it means taking advantage in a dishonorable way, there is not even a slight clue that you have done that
  7. I have been trying to make real friends since I was born but I have never done it and I am now in my mid/late 20's Any tips? Do you have asperger's and real, good friends that you can ring any time and depend on?
  8. i am social in very small groups, the problem is that i am a little strange so people do not like to socialise with me
  9. at the moment i am not interested in anything, but last year i did enjoy shopping for stuff and playing a certain sport
  10. i would like to find medication that i can tolerate long term that has benefits
  11. i am alone all the time not by choice i do not like it and it is very sad for me
  12. i do not see any benefit to having as for me
  13. i am in my mid/late 20's and i am still socially weird
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