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  1. Glad to see you made some progress hope everything worked out well for your son.
  2. [quotim name=Miemployment post="341687" timestamp="1361611176]Are you working at the moment? What do you think of paid employment? Have youpoverty Hinkseyr ideal career yet? 1 No Im not work 2 I think paid employment is a fine theory but in practice holds no real value unless you are very well paid and can lift yourself out of the poverty trap thats set for the low paid that they cant work themselves out off. 3 No and never will.
  3. You didnt give many details referring to your sons situation physical and mental situation so its hard to help with an opinion without knowing more informative that could give a direction to the situation you are talking about.
  4. My diagnosis needed input from my mother about my childhood as well but if you have needs I cant see that its the only way to get treatment or they are letting you down and putting your health at risk. Have you contacted the general medical council on their failure to find out whats the matter with you. Maybe they could suggest something to you or at least look into why the kind of treatment you needs isnt available to you when you desperately need it.
  5. We certainly couldnt do a worse job could we you just have to look around you to see the destruction those in power create and they claim we have issues. If we could work together and they take notice of our needs and others a better place could be created it wouldnt be perfect but would be a start. We all know its never going to happen because those in power arnt interested in us or others in need. If they did they would find the will and the money to change things. At an instant they find money to fight a war but say they need to make savings in the NHS that saves lives. What better example do we need as to their priorities.
  6. Children definitely need rules the same as children not on the spectrum. Your in the best position to decide what these rules need to be and how to enforce them. The matress for rocking is a very good ideal and having that one place will be of comfort for him I can understand that but all other rules should be followed but constant moderation should be employed as severe stress and anxiets about a situation could instigate a meltdown that will not help the situation. I think your doing fine going by what you said.
  7. I enjoy doing what I feel like at the time I want to do it. Gives you a sense of freedom and control over your own actions.
  8. I think juliap says just about what I would have said if im honest. Being who you want to be is the most important thing in life in my opinion. Be happy do what you feel rights.
  9. I think there are so many portrayals of Aspergers characters that its difficult to get a correct individual that gives a perfect example. Then in real life every Aspie is different you wont find two identical people this adds to the accuracy of fictional charactors as not being portrayed as fact in films or tv shows to those that watch them and have little self knowledge of autism. I think that they do good in showing autistic people but the viewer needs to take it as an ideal of what autism is not take anything as fact. My favourite is Dr Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang as his complete missunderstandings mirror similiar instances in my life but thats just a personal favourite.
  10. Your clearly not alone in what your going through and even though there is as you said little you can do due to your responsibility its good to know there are others that understand and your not on your own and your not being ignored. This is where these forums come into their own purpose in giving support in a way that is difficult to find elsewhere.
  11. There is most certainly life beyond so called death, its related throughout history in many forms since written history began. The best evidence is today though when you experience for yourself these events which cant be denied through evidence. Im pleased to see this topic here and hope to talk to you all in more detail about experiences you have had and your beliefs on life after physical death.
  12. The point is that you cant change peoples minds only be yourself and try not to need others approval to except your condition. In the eyes of the law its a disability and to except your own individuality you need to see they have their point of view be it missguided or not willing to see what it is. You have to find what makes you feel peaceful in your own life I think getting people yo except us is some yearsaway yet.
  13. My bouts of depression are like that they can last a long time then lift a little for no apparent reason im on prescribed medication but they feel at least to have little or no effect they dont create a constant stable pattern of emotion even though ive been taking them for some time. I was wondering whether or not you have been diagnosed medication by your doctor.
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