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  1. I did the parenting course before diagnosis. A- its great to meet parents in the same situation as you and B- it helps in geting the diagnosis. I sat in the course mainly aimed at kids with adhd saying but my lad doesnt do that for the whole 6 weeks. She then threw me off the course (nicely lol) and a week letter i got letters for him to go and see the specialist 6 weeks later he was diagnosed!!! Its a matter of course for them the cheapest option first before going for the expense of seeing the specialist,asd team etc. But as teenage years have hit us now some of the things i learnt at the courses has really helped. Moral give it a try it cant hurt. <'>
  2. rach04

    omg help

    Thanks everyone <'> I have spoken to the school this morning and we have agreed a professional wont help as he doesnt seem to recognize what he has done. So we are keeping in constant contact with anything that is said by him at home and school. I guess i just panicked lol. thankyou all again xx
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    omg help

    thanks both <'> I have told him what would have happened to his uncle, me and dad, us as a family if this had been taken seriously ie prison and us being separated. I also told him that if anything he learnt at this performance should happen to him then certainly go to the school but not to make up stories. School are now ringing me with progress reports and im to tell them if he says anything about school like last week he had an injection, Id had no letter about this and i was fuming turns out the girls had had the cervical cancer jab sunday he told his nan and grandad he was going drayton manor and they had a 2 hr chat about it etc monday night nan rings me and wants to ask him how he got on guess what he never or was ever going it was another class. When he was in his last week of primary he told school i was in LOndon that day being photographed for the sun for page 3 im a size 16 with boobs down to my knees his Lsa found it really amusing lol. They are just a few but im worried about what could come next
  4. rach04

    omg help

    First off sorry i haven't been around since ds1 has been a secondary sn school life had been sum what bliss after all that fighting. Right, Im at the end of my tether with him and i dont know where to turn. A few months ago his pastrol support teacher rang me and informed me that they were close to going to social services because j had got upset in class and told them that my dh had got drunk and smashed all the windows!! Which resulted in me having to go to the school and explaining that dh hadnt drank in 6 weeks and although yes he is a recovering alcoholic but this had never happened. Ok managed to persuade the school after many of MY tears and frustrations came out. Yesterday i get a phone call from the same teacher who said J had said the police had came to my house the night before and arrested his uncle for sexual abuse!!! He has one uncle my brother and he has prehaps visited me here twice in 9 years and he has NEVER stayed the night!! anyway j said that he was worried because his uncle shared his bed!!! Now it works out the he had a play thing at school about bullying in the home and this was one of the subjects. So I sat down with him and asked him what he thought sexual abuse was and he didnt know!! So i told him the best (if any) and worst case of sexual abuse and asked him why he had lied. He said he got upset with a lad at school and when the lsa asked him about why he was upset it "just came out" wtf. Now hes been banned from going football and computer but i cant work out what he gets out of it. He has a dx of dyspraxia,dyslexia and asd but through all my research of these i have never seen compulsive lying as part of these. Hes 13 now and although he has lied before but never this bad. MY mum said psychologist but he wouldnt understand why he was there and i dont think he would gain anything out of it. Please help thanks in advance
  5. cahms helped us as far as diagnosis went (i referred myself) but after support forget it
  6. i had massive problems with lumpy mash my saviour ROOSTER potatoes ok dearer than normal spuds but they are definetly the best thing for mash
  7. hi suzi You know all about j. List work very well for us, not for him but for me so i can break things down in to easier parts with timetables for him. As for his aggression it needs to be a there and then punishment i have been know to be found sitting on a pavement cause we are not going anywhere until you have done your time out and then go straight home. J has a goal for morning with a reward and afternoon and evening. I use visual rewards not stars etc as he is working to much to reach the goal even if its a reward for the whole day of good behaviour with stars itms and i change the rewards regually so he doesnt get bored. Im not saying its fool proof cause no kid is an angel but it gives him 3 goals to work for. Btw js bedtime reward is hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles so it doesnt have to be expensive but he LOVES that one lol
  8. rach04


    hi suzi great to see you here
  9. Our school was shut this week too and transport was stopped not just for the travelling bus but the h and s of children getting on and off the buses. I live in a back street that is still under 3 inches of snow and considering 70%of the pupils have some sort of mobility problems ie dyspraxia wheelchairs. If they just picked up the ones that they could there would have been 10 pupils in school for the staff that struggled to get into school cause they dont know how many are going, teacher /pupil ratios have to be high in a sn school and surelly its far better to close than risk anyones safety they dont take the decision lightly.
  10. My ds has always known bits but it has all come together this year as hes doing it at school. I have 3 kids and we have had the talk with them all but j seemed to not ignore it but not get it itms. I know with j even though we have had "the talk" that a book that didnt have the word sex on the cover would be better as he would get embarrassed hes 12 and my others are 6 and 8 and they are not at all embarrassed. Apart from the day ds1 teacher called me in giggling and then proceeded to tell me that when his se teacher said vagina j put his hand up and said "i know another word for that miss Bush" lol wasnt funny for me at the time.
  11. my ds cant tell the time so we use a digital clock as he knows that 5 come before 6 etc he still gets up at 4.30 am grrr but he knows that nobody needs to be awake before 7.00 as we have it all on his chart.
  12. What about you nearest MIND group i volunteered a few years ago and we used to run a drop in centre/coffee shop type thing thats during the day but some offices do run an out of hours service.
  13. i agree with the others our home computer (we only have the one) is in the main living room it is only used by the kids for homework and they are supervised for that. I would go and see someone too while its not unusual for a boy that age (my ds2 is 8) to be curious he would never look it up on the computer. Kids now adays have enough internet/computer usage at school where the restiction setting are ALOT higher. I would ban him from using the one at home unless it is homework related and then fully supervised.
  14. When i was going through the process of getting a statement it was helpful but yes confusing. It needs just a couple of pinned topics that we can just click and get what we are after.
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