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      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   06/04/2017

      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   Depression and other mental health difficulties are common amongst people on the autistic spectrum and their carers.   People who are affected by general mental health difficulties are encouraged to receive and share information, support and advice with other forum members, though it is important to point out that this exchange of information is generally based on personal experience and opinions, and is not a substitute for professional medical help.   There is a list of sources of mental health support here: <a href="http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=18801" target="_blank">Mental Health Resources link</a>   People may experience a more serious crisis with their mental health and need urgent medical assistance and advice. However well intentioned, this is not an area of support that the forum can or should be attempting to offer and we would urge members who are feeling at risk of self-harm or suicide to contact either their own GP/health centre, or if out of hours contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or to call emergency services 999.   We want to reassure members that they have our full support in offering and seeking advice and information on general mental health issues. Members asking for information in order to help a person in their care are seeking to empower both themselves and those they represent, and we would naturally welcome any such dialogue on the forum.   However, any posts which are deemed to contain inference of personal intent to self-harm and/or suicide will be removed from the forum and that person will be contacted via the pm system with advice on where to seek appropriate help.   In addition to the post being removed, if a forum member is deemed to indicate an immediate risk to themselves, and are unable to be contacted via the pm system, the moderating team will take steps to ensure that person's safety. This may involve breaking previous confidentiality agreements and/or contacting the emergency services on that person's behalf.   Sometimes posts referring to self-harm do not indicate an immediate risk, but they may contain material which others find inappropriate or distressing. This type of post will also be removed from the public forum at the moderator's/administrator's discretion, considering the forum user base as a whole.   If any member receives a PM indicating an immediate risk and is not in a position (or does not want) to intervene, they should forward the PM to the moderating team, who will deal with the disclosure in accordance with the above guidelines.   We trust all members will appreciate the reasoning behind these guidelines, and our intention to urge any member struggling with suicidal feelings to seek and receive approproiate support from trained and experienced professional resources.   The forum guidelines have been updated to reflect the above.   Regards,   The mod/admin team


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  1. Advice please - TA troubles!

    Hi Mel, Sorry to hear you are having troubles with the TA. I myself am a part time TA and a RDI Program Consultant. If you are worried about 'rocking the boat', why dont you suggest that you have a meeting with your SENCO and TA to create a document that states the agreed way upon which to work with your child. It would also be an opportunity for you to express (in a non argumentative way) your childs personality and emotional states and how best works to deal with them (that way you could get to say how he has low self esteem etc). Elisa Think Autism
  2. Autism Parent Support Group London

    Thank you for your advice, having looked around there are some areas of London that do not have parent support groups up and running and I would like to fill the gap in these areas. I already do offer input (free) for existing parent support groups and would also like to run my own.
  3. Autism Parent Support Group London

    Yes I am intending on having different local groups around London for the reasons that you have said. The purpose of the group would be initially for parent support. But it will also be a place for parents to learn more about ASD and relevant matters and to exchange information with others. I am a professional in the autism field; I come from a behavioural background and am currently a Relationship Development Intervention® Program Consultant (in training). The group is open to all and in particular for those who might be interested in learning about the core deficits of autism and how to build better relationships. I am also hoping that once established we will have guest speakers on occassions.
  4. Hello all, I would like to set up a monthly parent support group for parents who have a child on the spectrum in various areas of London. If you are interested then please email me at info@thinkautism.co.uk and state where you are located. Thanks Elisa Al Malah BSc (Hons) RDI Program Consultant (in training) **** Edited in line with forum rules & guidelines.
  5. ABA

    ABA focuses on compliance and acquisition of skills. It is a compensation program as it doesnt work on the core deficits of autism. In my opinion it doesnt help a child learn how to think for themselves, live in a dynamic world or have a better quality of life. There are so many different 'types' of ABA out there; the old style Lovaas type is probably the most strict type out there. It all depends on what your looking for really. Elisa **** edited in line with forum rules and guidelines
  6. Hi It might be a little late now but... Yes RDI - I am a consultant in training (in the UK) and will be fully certified in April. So its taken a while but its here in the UK and available (and really not that expensive). You can visit my site to learn more **** Edited in line with forum rules and guidelines Elisa Al Malah RDI Program Consultant
  7. Non Verbal ASD Children

    Putting a limit on when children have reached their deadline to achieve speech is a myth. Research shows that the brain is plastic, and always capable of learning new things and making new neuronal connections between synapses. This includes learning communication and language. Put your efforts into helping your child become an effective communicator and the speech may come. There is so much more to communication than just language and speech, most typical communication is 70% non verbal! There is more to it than hope, there's science! Elisa Al Malah RDI Program Consultant **** Edited in line with forum rules and guidelines