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  1. There's a programme on this Thurs at 9pm on C4. It's about one of the few state run schools which specialise in autism/aspergers and features the headmistress and some of the children. Not sure if I'll be able to watch it, but some of you may be made of sterner stuff!
  2. Thanks everyone. Looked at the inspiration which coincidentally a friend said her ed psych recommended for her son. Looks good.
  3. Thanks Karen. I've looked that up and looks useful, so I'll give that a go.
  4. Can anyone help with this? My son is 10 with AS and attends mainstream. Fine with maths, science, history, etc but has to use a laptop as handwriting painfully slow and illegible and his spelling and general English is well below his age. He understands things, but just cannot seem to translate his thoughts into words to put on paper, even when he knows the subject inside out. His teachers and I have tried SO many things to encourage and teach him, but I think we need more specialist help or I just don't see how he is going to get through secondary school. I get the feeling this is quite common with AS, so someone, somewhere, must have the expertise to help him develop some skills in this area. He could have gone to the grammar school if it were not for this (not that I would have sent him - I don't think it's the right place for him), but I would like him to be able to achieve at least some of his potential so he has more chance of an independent life when he leaves school. Would this be something an Educational Psychologist could help with? If anyone knows, I'd be grateful for the advice.
  5. Thank goodness for that Tez. Let's hope the next steps work out and he gets the support he needs. Good luck.
  6. I would agree with this one. He was supposed to be in a safe zone and it clearly was far from safe. I do know what you mean about not wanting to destroy the relationship with the school if it's a reasonably good one, but your son also needs to feel you are on his side if he is in the right and you believe he was, too. If it were me, I'd have far more chance of keeping a cool head whilst putting my views strongly if my son had not already been unfairly punished.
  7. Fel

    proposed statement

    You must be spitting! I agree with Carole. When I first read the list I thought - hang on these aren't about hisneeds - these are about him not being a hindrance or annoyance to others. Surely not the point?
  8. Fel

    Further education

    Can't help but just wanted to say how appalling I think it is. Poor child and poor Mum.
  9. Just thought I'd give an update. My son has now been for three sessions. It's hard to define whether it's improved any coordination, but I do really think his general mood has "lifted". He seems to be in a good mood the majority of the time and is quite cooperative about things that he previously dug his heels in and sulked with (like school work for instance). This morning he even said "this is such a happy life". Obviously I can't say whether it is or is not anything to do with the cranial work, it may just be coincidence. His swimming has improved (he got his 20m badge this morning) but again, this could have happened anyway.
  10. Hi Nellie, have you had a chance to read this yet? Approaching adolescence with my son and it's concerning me.
  11. Has she actually known any? I nearly spat my coffee out when I read this one!
  12. Fel

    Good News

    Bid, I was so busy being elated for you that I didn't think about the wrench you would also feel at him going. <'> Being a parent is so hard sometimes.
  13. Fel

    The Ombudsman

    Helen It's so frustrating to be dependent on others to get justice when you know what you know inside. You must feel like you've been winded. So sorry. Fel
  14. Fel


    No please!!!! This forum saves my sanity! Just my warped cockney sense of humour. In all seriousness Elefan this is the most professionally run, relevant, supportive forum there is out there. I've looked at many and haven't joined. Aserereht, I'm sure you'll find this forum a great help and will be able help others with your experiences, too.
  15. Fel


    No, she's just going to change it to Fforeggub!
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