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  1. Lynden I have PM you as I live in the Harrow area. Sonia xx
  2. Where in London are you? I maybe of some help. Sonia x
  3. My son has had the same TA for 3 + years now. He moves to middle school in september so will change TA'S then. His present TA is great with a wealth of experience and training. She attended Early Bird Plus last July with my husband and I, with the support of the school. When Nathan got his statement in reception I was advised about have something concrete put into statement as follows: " Support provided by staff who are qualified/and or have experience in meeting the needs of pupils with autism". Experience and a commitment to learn is so important. If a TA is dedicated to learn then this can sometimes outway qualifications. Unfortunatley I do not believe there are alot of qualified TA's in ASD out there but more are emerging with the passion and dedication needed. Hope this helps, Sonia xxx
  4. sonia

    Annual Review

    Fiorelli We live in Greater London and my son's statement was reviewed 6 months as a first annual review and then yearly. He is also in year 3 and got his statement towards the end of reception. He has had 25 hrs from the beginning and this has not been reduced( I am known within our LEA for fighting hard!!!). He is in mainstream. Sonia x
  5. OPooh We are considering moving at the end of this school year and looking for some local knowledge on schools etc. My son is in Year 3, with ASD and a statement of 25 hrs/week and doing well in mainstream. Would be very thankful if you could share your experience and local knowledge. Sonia xx
  6. Dear all We are considering moving house. Does anyone live in Gloucestershire? Cheltenham, Churchdown,Innsworth area. Thanks Soniax
  7. Dear all My son has ASD,is currently in year 3 with 25hrs/week support. In my LEA my son has started KS2 in fisrt school and will move to middle school next september. He has achieved mostly level 2 in his SATS and is doing really well in mainstream. The LEA have requested that I inform them of which school I would like my son to attend next year so the school name can be amended on his statement. Has anyone any experience of transition to KS2 and has the support been dramatically cut? There is also a strong possiblility that we may move into different LEA by next september as my husband has started a new job. What is the legality about maintaining a statement if you move to another LEA? As my husband is in the RAF we may not have an address until nearer the time. Will the new LEA allow us to request a new school if they have the provision without our family having anew address? Many thanks Sonia xx
  8. sonia


    No charge I am sure. Put limited details on. Sonia x
  9. sonia


    Just thought I would let you know about this future event. ASD Conference-SACT ASD Date: 12/5/06 9.30-3.30 Harrow Teachers Centre keynote Speaker is Professor Rita Jordan parents/carers no charge professionals ?45 PM me if you would like further info. My husband and I are attending. The last one two years ago was very good. Sonia xx
  10. sonia

    Earlybird Plus

    Hi Debs My husband and I start the course on tuesday with my son's TA. The school have given their full support. Will let you know how it goes. Sonia xxx
  11. Hi For the past two years I have had fantastic support from the NAS. The Advocacy for education are great. My advisor basically rewrote my sons statement. Give them a ring they will help you. Sonia xx
  12. sonia

    Earlybird Plus

    Mothereve Would you mind if I printed a copy of your research project so my son's TA can read prior to early bird plus next week? Regards Sonia x
  13. sonia

    Earlybird Plus

    Has anyone attended Early Bird Plus?? My son is 7 with ASD and we are starting in May with the schools's full support! Sonia xx
  14. Hi My son has OT in his statement specified and quantified. We initially had a little discussion!!! with the LEA to get them to put it in our sons statement and quote some of what you have mentioned. Sonia xx
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