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  1. Hello Kate, Im considering sending my daughter to Sexeys a state boarding school in Somerset, at present get the DLA and having read your comment wondered how you had got on with your research,

  2. Thank you baddad - my feelings too. I was quite angry at first when I saw what he said.
  3. He was at this moment talking about his Sherlock Holmes character in his forthcoming film. Taken from the interview: I note that it almost seems as if Downey's eye-rolling, somewhat callous Sherlock Holmes suffers from some form of Asperger's. "He's plagued by his acute functions and dysfunctions. He's very awkward socially," Ritchie says. "Of course, one of the blessings of autism is that it elevates your observation to a point beyond the prosaic." It is well reported that Guy Ritchie suffers from severe dyslexia
  4. "Of course, one of the blessings of autism is that it elevates your observation to a point beyond the prosaic." This is a quote from a recent interview Guy Ritchie gave. I just wondered what anyone else thought about what he said. Do you think he is right? For some reason I am uncomfortable with what he said. What does he know about autism? It seems to be the "in thing" for celebrity to relate to autism in some way. I noticed another report recently from the new actor in the Phantom I think that said the Phantom of the Opera was probably suffering from Aspergers.
  5. KateBall


    Some time ago I bought days of the week socks too for my ds. He lost one of Wednesday so we had to buy a whole complete set again and now we have spares. I wonder if we should start a web site for swapping. Has anyone got a spare Wednesday for me and a spare Thursday for Stella?
  6. Thanks all for comments - I expect I will end up buying it but it makes me so uncomfortable. Feel like I've been scammed.
  7. just seems like exploitation and emotional blackmail to me.
  8. My ds's class had to write poetry for a "competition" run by the publishers Forward Press Ltd under the title of YoungWriters. The best poems would get published in their book "Poetry Explorers - Somerset. Well they all wrote their poems and the publishers decided that all the poems were so good they would publish all of them from the whole class in their book. Now here's the catch they write and ask for £17.49 to buy a copy of the book when published showing your child's poem. Of course they are going to say that all the children's poems were good enough to be in the book - why would they restrict their market otherwise. I can't say my ds's poem is very good - I just can't. I just think we are all being sucked in and it feels awful as I have to decide whether to go along for it for the sake of my son seeing his poem in a book. I suppose its a small price to pay compared with how it might make him feel. What does anyone else think - ever come across this before?
  9. Brilliant - well done - but then I've always known you're brilliant.
  10. No they didn't - perhaps I ought to go back and ask.
  11. Ok so heres the thing. Was watching this in the Cinema today and it must have been close to the end when power goes. All of cinema screenings go dead. Had to leave. Now I don't know what happened. Can anyone pm me the ending (not post a reply in case it would spoil the end for anyone else) - I got to the bit where after the last question and the show had ended he was sitting on the station platform. What happens next????
  12. KateBall

    I Hear Voices

    Hate: Janet Street-Porter Like: Judy Dench Anthony Hopkins
  13. My dh is a bit like this too. Not so much all the time but is inconsistent - one minute he seems to get it but the next he is telling ds off for something that relates to his ASD or blaming the school about his behaviour. I just remind him its all part and parcel of his ASD. At least he doesn't deny it exists but he doesn't really understand it the way I think I have had to learn. The problem is that dh doesn't do as much reading up about it nor does he look at this forum. I wish he would understand more. I don't know what the answer is Hedders. It must be awful to have to stand up for your child to the one person you would hope would give you both support. Maybe you could give him books to read - or what about films about ASd. Actually that has helped a bit with me - I've got him to watch a film or TV prog about someone with ASD and he has recognised the same traits in our ds - he can't argue then. Denial is a terribly negative thing. Once you accept something you can get on and deal with it.
  14. Hi Esther - just read your post - have been away for a few days or so. All you say is very wise - I have come to this conclusion too. Thanks for taking the time - it has really helped me put things in perspective. I have spoken to my friend following Christmas and she has much to offer in terms of friendship - but no she doesn't "get it" or at least I don't think she does and so discussions around my ds will have to be off limits. I know she won't mind me telling her which I will do as and when the opportunity arises again (without making a big deal of it).
  15. I think you can ask Social Services for an assessment - and they will assess what help they think you need / they can offer (not sure that the two are the same!!). I'm sure others here have been through this process before and can tell you if its something worthwhile. I think this Christmas situation is more to do with your family making you feel uncomfortable. I know I have been the same in the past. I would go to family / friends gatherings with my ds - it would make him feel bad - then me because all I would get is others telling me how I should be treating him in regard to his perceived "bad behaviour". Now I am quite happy not to go. If they cant stop giving out advice and making me feel bad whats the point in going at all. Your sister shouldn't give you rubbish comments about "he's won". She has no clue to understanding and you know that. I find myself being more selfish these days and more protective towards ds. It's about confidence in your own ability and beliefs. Somehow you have to stop them otherwise they just keep going on thinking they know all the answers.
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