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  1. Sorry only just seen this and i had to reply, theres me thinking only T did this! T does this all the while and i still dont know how he does it, but i sure know how to fix it! Right click anywhere, the mouse does not work properly while its like this by the way and it can take a while to get the hang of it. Then go to graphic options then click rotation option its at the bottom of list, im guessing it will be on some number of degrees (i.e 90 or 180 degrees) u need to click on normal, the top option and its all ok again Bambi x
  2. I am really sorry to hear this tragic news Phasmid was a great help to me and i will always be grateful for that, he was a fantastic man who was always there to help others. Condolences to Mrs P, her children and immediate family. R.I.P Phasmid. Bambi x
  3. Awww hun <'> >< <'> >< I havent been about fro a long while but i can say that i too am going through the same cr*p as u. I have child protection on me now saying nothing is wrong with T and that its a Factitious Induced Illness. I feel like im having a nightmare but never waking up I have to say u are a great mum and dont EVER let anyone tell u any different! If we didnt care about our kids we would not be here on forums looking for support to help us help our kids, its criminal that so called professionals get away with doing this to us! Take care and ive sent u a pm <'> Bambi x
  4. They say for a child of 5 yrs and under it is not that strict regarding facial expression, so for the older ones i think they are quite strict as they dont like any teeth showing, a smile is fine but not an open mouth expression. I had Ts done last month and i coudnt get a booth one done (seat doesnt go high enough anyway!) so i went to a photography shop (lady at post office said it was adviseable given his difficulty) and they sit on a kids stool and look at a normal cam while the pic is taken by the worker in the shop (like us taking the pic of them ourselves really) and u get more than the standard 4 it was 8 for �3.99. Very relaxed and ideal for anyone having passport pics done, I said to T he cant open his mouth as he needs it for his passport and this is serious stuff, he looked ever so strait faced on it but hey it was perfect! The name of the shop was Janet Green, dunno if they are a nationwide shop but i hope this helps. Bambi x
  5. Under the data protection act u ARE allowed to see anything written about ur child and they have 40 days in which to provide u with this information (my solicitor told me this fact this morn in fact). I am in a similar situation regarding a meeting that was set up without my knowledge (involving professionals only) to discuss my son by social services, i will get the minutes to this meeting and i was told this fact also by the NAS yesterday. Good luck. Bambi x
  6. T has always been a terrible sleeper and he is now on risperidone which has helped loads but this last week his sleeping is erratic again and he is finding it hard to rest (he panics about not being able to sleep). Pleased u have got some peace this eve and at a nice early time! Bambi x
  7. Awww hev, so sorry about the situation u are in and hope all works out for the best <'> >< <'> >< <'> Bambi x
  8. Wow! well done Luke! a very proud moment indeed I leave the room if a spider is in it, i freak out! Bambi
  9. Awww <'> >< <'> >< <'> bless ya hun <'> I know, we all know the score! kinda hard here also at the mo and PMT isnt helping! Bambi x
  10. Tell me about it! Well i scanned it and sent a copy by email to my solicitors's secretary, he wasnt in the office today but she will show him in the morn, she advised that i dont do anything in regards to the letter content and not to worry. She didnt waist no time in mailing me back, i do have a lot of faith in my solicitor and he said he will throw the book at them if need be, he described Ts failings as a very sad story and this was in writing after we met for the first time. I have said all i can say and done all i can do, i leave it to him now and he also said if i wish when i get the report from Nottingham he will go through it and guide me with the that also, if i wish? I told him yes straightaway! If it hadnt come to this im sure i would of suffered a breakdown by now, even Ts Paed told me 'i strongly advise u to seek legal help' and that says it all. Bambi x
  11. Awww hun <'> >< <'> >< Hope things soon settle down for Steve bless him, a friend of mine has a son who used to fit 40-50 times a day and he has a rare epilepsy that even the doctors were baffled about it and through their own determination and strength found out what was wrong with their son(their own research books & internet). He was a young lad when he had to start wearing a crash helmet (5 yr old) as he would be VERY dangerous all day long (jump out of windows), it took them to meet a Russian doctor (he flew in from Russia) in London to get him diagnosed with this rare epilepsy. He was 7 yr old when he was dx. Now he is a 14 yr old lad and he is so calm its unreal, yes he is on medication but the fits are under control and his behaviour is LOADS better and such a pleasant, polite young lad. Your a great mum and never forget that hun, send Steve our best wishes <'> NEVER EVER give up the fight, if u have to seek legal advice to get anywhere then i strongly suggest u do it, i am at the moment and it takes the extra stresses away, having someone fight ur corner and deal with all the legal jargon that we get thrown at us is a godsend (i appreciate that not everyone can financially do that also, which makes it even harder for MANY of us) We dont need it and our disabled kids/adults have human rights! Bambi x
  12. Bambi

    We Lost our Tribunal

    Im so sorry u lost the tribunal <'> >< I do wonder what planet some of these 'powers that be' are on and no matter how hard i think/search i come up with NO UNDERSTANDING, IGNORANCE & CRIMINAL. I wont say anymore because i could rant for england about our pathetic system, if thats what they call a system that cares for our childrens individual educational needs! Bambi x
  13. Oh no! im so sorry this has happend <'> >< <'> >< It makes me so angry wiht how we have to battle like this and whats more hard is to see our kids suffer like this! The system makes me sick and words are hard to find to describe it Bambi x
  14. I too think a lot of what applies to T applies to my dad, my brother is his carer and we believe he has very ASD behaviour (he didnt speak until he was 8 and has very poor understanding). So many things about him are so much like T and he has a lot of medication for depression and bipolar yet he is undiagnosed with any sort of condition (age 65). We are in the process of finding out why dad is on such medication if he doesnt have a mental health condition (when we, his family know & see clearly that he has). All very frustrating but he had what i would call a siezure (hosp being vague) 2 weeks ago (my bro found him unconcious yet dad said next day he knew my bro was trying to wake him but dad couldnt move or speak) he satyed in overnight and then they just sent him off with all his medication (6 different types of meds a day!) and dad being dad cant even tell us what is wrong coz he doesnt know himself, he will just take what the docs give him no questions asked (his poor understanding). Bambi x
  15. Well as most of u know I have appealed about Ts refusal of a statement of special educational needs through SENDIST and i was informed that my appeal has been approved. This morning i recieve a letter from the special needs manager telling me this: Dear Miss ****** T & D.O.B We have recently recieved your appeal concerning T and it is a requirement for the authority to seek the views of the child we would appreciate it if you would contact us to make arrangements to obtain the pupils views. If you do not feel it is necessary to provide these views we will require a written explanation for this. Yours sincerely Mr *** ******* Special needs manager So as u can imagine this is the first time i have heard of this especially as T is so young (6 yr old) and not a teenager to be able to express himself in a better way. Anybody had experience of this when appealing an assessment of statement refusal?
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