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  1. Oh yes my son uses my sofa like a trampolene, even though we have a 14 foot one in the garden, it is not as much fun as bouncing of my sofas. I have given up trying to have a nice house as everything just gets wrecked and looks like a war zone....lol
  2. sharron

    Licking Stuff

    My 11 year old son does that he has always got something in his mouth. It gets quite embarressing when we are out and about. Not much help really. <'> <'>
  3. The lovely bones by alice seabold. i am really enjoying it.
  4. Thank you, my son does get 2 nights a month respite care which is fantastic and we can spend quality time with daughter, my son also stays to after school club once a week untill 5.30, so she has her friends around that night to play. she also does karate 2 nights a week and swimming so she does not miss out in some ways, it is just the qualty time just with the 2 of us.
  5. Thank you for your suggestions, i will have a look into them and try sort something out for her.
  6. Thank you karen, we was under camhs for a year but things were going well so she closed our file i will have to get in contact with them again and she if we can sort something out, I am also seeing my sons paediatrician on monday so hopefully he might be able to help.
  7. sharron


    I have not been on for 2 years for various reasons but i am back. I am married with 2 children my son 11 has asd and my daughter is 7.
  8. Hello I have not been on here for a long time i am having trouble with my 7 year old daughter she is wishing that she was dead she hates her life and she keeps wanting to runaway from home and i don't know what to do with her. My son is 11 has asd and is non verbal he keeps invading her private space which sets her of and really upsets her, i feel like i am stuck in the middle with the 2 of them, trying to do my best but it is frightening me how my dd is going of. My husband is no use as all he does is shout at both of them and wind them up all the more it feels like i have 3 kids. is there any advice you can give me thank you. sorry for ranting.
  9. we have a 11 month old border collie, she is very good with the kids, my son loves taking her out for walks with us.
  10. sharron


    my son is 10 and he has been using pecs for the past 5 yrs, he can make up quite long sentences and he communicates quite well using this system as well as the few words that he can say.
  11. I was in the same situation 3 years ago. I got a local councillor to help us and he spoke on our behalf at a special panel meeting at the council. our old house was far to small to meet my sons needs, it was also damp and in a rough area. we was rehomed 2 months later into a housing association house, in a nice area and much bigger.
  12. I have just got to get my daughter some navy blue trousers and then l am finished.
  13. Thank you she has managed to get one , she has just got to wait a couple of weeks for wheelchair services.
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