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noise protection ear plugs???-boots?

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i suffer with sensory issues loud noises bother me cause me great stress and anxiety especially high pitched sounds like kids crying screaming shouting is painful to my ears which i know common situation with A.S!


just wondering should i bother....


has anyone heard of noise protection ear plugs from boots? anyone child/young adult tried them work successfully??

my pyschologist mentioned them last week in session this week she found out information she had on them as another client she supposed used them so expensive for what they are! just filter noise out


i have ipod but like all things doesn't drown out everything these plugs suupose to... cut out or reduce anxious environment noises such as kids crying screaming the price range is ruly shocking nearly fainted what they asking for lol for two types they want £88.00 and for another set want £164.50 pair don't come cheap to drown out background! not paying them prices pyschologist can forget it!


nearly laughed in her face that stupid money and can't afford it as on part time wage wouldn't want spend it on that! she said save up enquire more see whether have benefit reductions in place! sounded like good idea until price was mentioned nearly fainted!


do you think i should entertain the idea of buying them or enquiring further just feel waste of money when don't earn alot anyways! what you personal opinions /ideas on this?See more



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I use earplugs whenever I'm on my motorbike but I use the foam ones you'll find on the shelves of Boots which are about £5 for a set of four. I think the prices you've been told are for custom made plugs moulded to your ear. Don't bother - the £5 foam ones are just as good.


In my experience, Boots are the best ones. They do at least two different varieties, yellow ones and slightly larger flesh-coloured ones which for me are more effective. They are fully washable and last almost indefinitely. You have to roll them between thumb and forefinger to squash them and when properly inserted, they expand to create a very effective noise barrier. In fact, I wouldn't recommend them when your walking near traffic for safety reasons.

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You don't need to spend that much. Boots (and I'm sure other chemists ) sell several different cheaper kinds. I bought some for my daughter which are just a little cylinder of foam which fits snugly in the ear. They come in a box of 6 (3 pairs)I think, and they can be washed and reused. It was a while ago but they were less than a fiver, I remember. At that price you can afford to experiment with different kinds and see if you get on OK with them.


She found them quite comfortable to wear and they didn't block out all noise but were useful for reducing excessive noise, such as heavy traffic noise, high pitched screaming and barking, to a manageable level. Maybe they aren't as effective as the more expensive kind but I'm not sure it's a good idea anyway to block out all noise if you want to function normally in the world.


She doesn't need them any more but they were very helpful at the time. Even when she was becoming more tolerant of environmental noise it was comforting for her to be able to carry a pair around with her just in case.


K x

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you can try the boots off the self ones but the ones she is speaking of are better. I have some the reason for the price is they are made to fit the shape of your ear and you choose from three different filter levels depending on your need. the filter can also be changed so if you find once you get them it is not enough they will change the filter for free within so many days.

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I can't stand the feeling of the foam ones - which I've seen for a pound for 4 somewhere (can't remember where though - it was for a friend going to F1). I used to like the type I used to wear in factories that were like earphones - they even had wires hanging so you could take them out and they'd hang round your neck - dunno if they are available for purchase though... these days I only plug my ears if I have a migraine and then I really need something to block sound, then I use damp kitchen towel (as an alternative to cotton wool which I can't touch) in pretty much the same way as Adam describes how the foam ones fit, plus it can sized however you want - not attractive though so outside I just put up with the racket.

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