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  1. you can try the boots off the self ones but the ones she is speaking of are better. I have some the reason for the price is they are made to fit the shape of your ear and you choose from three different filter levels depending on your need. the filter can also be changed so if you find once you get them it is not enough they will change the filter for free within so many days.
  2. the final choice has to be yours but i would recommend you do tell certainly some people at work like your manager and those you spend most time with. I know from personal experience it has made a big difference.
  3. hi and welcome I am from east sussex and have just been reading Social thinking at work: why should i care? I have found it very interesting and good. could a training session be arranged at work and or would some staff read something like donna williams? Though i have to say i know what you mean and have had this myself at work many times.
  4. it could be in relation to an sensory experience. maybe is sight is particularly sensitive and is refering to dust particles, shadows or changes in shades of colour or light
  5. i have not been agorphobic but have had mental health problems counselling and other forms of therapy. I am wondering if those you have had therapy with or will have therapy with have experience of working with those with ASD I have have found this and spending time with others who have ASD has made a big difference.
  6. hi and welcome. I would say nither. I am 31 have AS and the best thing for me has been meeting others who have AS at Autscape, having support from my family but also realising what is possible. he should grow up knowing he has autism and as he grows gaining a deeper understanding in relation to his changing level of ability and needs what this means and to meet others like him his age and older.
  7. welcome a good website to look if you think you may need specialist glasses for light sensitivity is by a specialist called Ian Jordan . he did my glasses and they have made so much difference
  8. hi I am charlotte I am 31 and was diagnosed with AS aged 25. I am at present living in essex where i am finishing my masters but will soon be returning to live with my parents in east sussex until i get a job.
  9. very much so. a very good book on the subject is by olga bogdashina Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism: Different Sensory Experiences - Different Perceptual Worlds
  10. charlotte


    the norfolk broads thing has something to do with the number of posts you have done or how long you have been a member, never really totally figured it out myself all i know is it changes and is nothing to do with location. hay that is nice that you are near. the good thing is you are getting him seen while he is still very young, i was not diagnosed till i was 25, but am finding it hard to believe in just over a month i will be a qualified speech therapist.
  11. welcome i am 31 year old female and was diagnosed aged 25 after recognising it myself. where are you going to be assessed?
  12. charlotte


    hi welcome i am living in colchester in essex at present in colchester where i am just finishing training to be a speech therapist
  13. welcome, i am charlotte and from sussex. where are you from
  14. it depends on what you want it for? if you are planning any sort of further education and need support whilst doing this you will need it. if get help at home or with daily living it could help fund this. for some it can help with support at work. but what about for you yourself? would it being official help you? it did me. you dont have to go back to the same dr. the other option is if you or family could afford it to get an assessment privately.
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